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ArchÝvy Euromontagna

XV. Subida a la Manzaneda



1. 29Andres Vilari˛o/EOsella BMW[-]01:40,9701. gr. C3
2. 25Victor Gutierrez Abraham/EMartini Mk 37[-]01:47,8991. gr. E
3. JosÚ Luis Santos/EOsella BMW[-]01:47,9902. gr. C3
4. JosÚ Ramon Fernandez/EOsella BMW[-]01:48,0503. gr. C3
5. Bernardo J. Cardin/ELancia Delta HF[-]01:54,8891. gr. A
6. Antonio Herrero Hidalgo/EFord Escort[-]01:56,5701. gr. N
7. Alberto Hevia/ECitr÷en AX Sport[-]01:57,6491. gr. S
8. Daniel Sordo/EFord Escort[-]02:00,7292. gr. N
9. JosÚ Garcia Pose/ERenault Clio[-]02:00,7502. gr. A
10. A. Del Cueto/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]02:08,8693. gr. N
11. J. O. Martinez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]02:09,3694. gr. N
12. Alberto Del Montes/ECitr÷en AX[-]02:09,8603. gr. A
13. Roberto Cuervo Mendez/EPeugeot 309[-]02:13,3205. gr. N
14. JosÚ Maria Magdaleno/ERenault Clio[-]02:14,5896. gr. N
15. Jordi Garcia/ESuzuki Swift[-]02:21,6794. gr. A
16. B. Martinez/ECitr÷en AX[-]02:22,8095. gr. A
17. J. M. Brun/ETalbot Horizon[-]02:26,9102. gr. S
18. J. C. Fernandez/ERenault R 4 TL[-]02:47,9906. gr. A

DalÜÝ (Klasifikovßni)

KL Juan Bautista/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]002:19,500---
KL Jorge Lopez/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]002:23,529---
KL E. E. Fanjul/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]002:24,279---
KL Isidro Cuello/ECitr÷en AX Sport[-]002:25,139---

Seznam p°ihlßÜenřch

Roberto Cuervo Mendez/EPeugeot 309[-]NKL
JosÚ Maria Magdaleno/ERenault Clio[-]NKL
Jordi Garcia/ESuzuki Swift[-]AKL
B. Martinez/ECitr÷en AX[-]AKL
J. M. Brun/ETalbot Horizon[-]SKL
J. C. Fernandez/ERenault R 4 TL[-]AKL
Juan Bautista/EPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]KL
Jorge Lopez/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]KL
E. E. Fanjul/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]KL
Alberto Del Montes/ECitr÷en AX[-]AKL
J. O. Martinez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]NKL
JosÚ Luis Santos/EOsella BMW[-]C3KL
JosÚ Ramon Fernandez/EOsella BMW[-]C3KL
Bernardo J. Cardin/ELancia Delta HF[-]AKL
Antonio Herrero Hidalgo/EFord Escort[-]NKL
Alberto Hevia/ECitr÷en AX Sport[-]SKL
Daniel Sordo/EFord Escort[-]NKL
JosÚ Garcia Pose/ERenault Clio[-]AKL
A. Del Cueto/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]NKL
25Victor Gutierrez Abraham/EMartini Mk 37[-]whiteEKL
29Andres Vilari˛o/EOsella BMW[-]blueC3KL

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