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Rampa da Falperra/P

Last update: 2022-05-09
Race added: 2022-04-12
Photo update: 2022-05-13
Results update: 2022-05-09


1. 1Christian Merli/IOsella FA30[30-04/09-FA30]03:34,50501:47,0761. gr. E2-SSphoto
2. 14Petr Trnka/CZNorma M20 FC[M20FC-07/2019]03:40,88001:50,3671. gr. E2-SCphoto
3. 5Alexander Hin/DOsella FA30[30-0010/09-FA30]03:43,39601:51,2672. gr. E2-SSphoto
4. 11Joseba Lanzargorta Iraola/ENova NP 01[NP01-06/2021]03:43,75701:51,4682. gr. E2-SCphoto
5. 4MiloÜ BeneÜ/CZOsella FA30[30-008/09-FA30]03:45,73601:52,1263. gr. E2-SSphoto
6. 12Javier Garcia Villa/EBRC BR53[-]03:48,37501:54,0633. gr. E2-SCphoto
7. 9SÚbastien Petit/FNova NP 01[-]03:49,93701:53,6344. gr. E2-SCphoto
8. 6Michele Fattorini/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]04:05,26902:02,3834. gr. E2-SSphoto
9. 18Jose Correia/PNorma M20 FC[-]04:09,66802:04,6585. gr. E2-SCphoto
10. 19Gonzalo Caba˛as Fernandez-Capalle/ENova NP 03[-]04:14,33402:05,9106. gr. E2-SCphoto
11. 20Karl Schagerl/AVW Golf Rallye[-]04:14,67502:06,4451. gr. PF1photo
12. 29Igor Stefanovski/MKHyundai I30 TCR[-]04:32,41702:16,1211. gr. PF3photo
13. 21Domagoj PerekoviŔ/HRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]04:33,77302:16,7832. gr. PF1photo
14. 36Gabriela Correia/PMercedes AMG GT4[-]04:34,10302:16,9223. gr. PF1photo
15. 7Antonio Cardone/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]04:35,68502:17,5545. gr. E2-SSphoto
16. 26Tomislav Muhvic/CRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]04:35,73202:17,5941. gr. PF2photo
17. 27Vitor Pascoal/PPorsche 991 GT3 Cup[-]04:36,99902:17,4122. gr. PF2photo
18. 30Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]04:39,54102:17,5522. gr. PF3photo
19. 33Jose Liste Alonso/EGinetta G50 GT4[-]04:40,04202:19,4753. gr. PF3photo
20. 37Vasilije Jaksic/MEMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX RS[-]04:49,99402:24,5491. gr. PF4photo
21. 10Ferdinand Madrian/ANorma M20 FC[M20FC-005/2012]04:57,80502:21,0067. gr. E2-SCphoto
22. 42Maciej Serafin/PLRenault Clio Sport 2.0 16V[-]05:01,80402:30,8951. gr. PF5photo
23. 41Piotr Ilnicki/PLHonda Civic Performance[-]05:03,79602:31,1402. gr. PF5photo
24. 44Parcidio Summavielle/Renault Clio[-]05:05,42202:32,5103. gr. PF5photo
25. 38Ji°Ý OÜmera/CZVW Scirocco[-]05:14,59402:36,9412. gr. PF4photo
26. 40Janusz Grzyb/PLHonda Civic VII Type-R EP3[-]09:39,76502:49,2383. gr. PF4photo

Did not classified

AB15Gonzalo Nieto Diaz/PBRC BR53[-]0----- E2-SCphoto
AB22Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi RS5 DTM[-]0----- PF1photo


ST32Manuel Sousa/P[-]0----- photo
ST62 - Audi[-]0----- photo
ST61 - [-]0----- photo
ST55Luis Nunes/PŐkoda Fabia[-]0----- photo
ST54JosÚ Pires/PPorsche[-]0----- photo
ST53 - Nissan[-]0----- photo
ST51Carlos Vieira/PNova[NP03-02]0----- photo
ST50Cesar Alonso Rodriguez/Osella[-]0----- photo
ST49Antonio Rodrigues/P[-]0----- photo
ST48Pedro Salvador/POsella[-]0----- photo
ST47Nuno Guimaraes/P[-]0----- photo
ST46Joaquim Rino/P[-]0----- photo
ST45Sergio Nogueira/POsella[-]0----- photo
ST35Paulo Silva/PAudi[-]0----- photo
ST34Joaquim Teixeira/P[-]0----- photo
ST65JosÚ Carlos Pouca/PVW[-]0----- photo

Did not start

NS23Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII[-]0----- PF2photo

Qualification lap times

-1Christian Merli/IOsella FA30[30-04/09-FA30]01:50,228E2-SSphoto
-14Petr Trnka/CZNorma M20 FC[M20FC-07/2019]01:54,333E2-SCphoto
-11Joseba Lanzargorta Iraola/ENova NP 01[NP01-06/2021]01:55,134E2-SCphoto
-5Alexander Hin/DOsella FA30[30-0010/09-FA30]01:55,271E2-SSphoto
-4MiloÜ BeneÜ/CZOsella FA30[30-008/09-FA30]01:55,722E2-SSphoto
-9SÚbastien Petit/FNova NP 01[-]01:55,867E2-SCphoto
-12Javier Garcia Villa/EBRC BR53[-]01:56,513E2-SCphoto
-6Michele Fattorini/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]02:03,224E2-SSphoto
-15Gonzalo Nieto Diaz/PBRC BR53[-]02:03,780E2-SCphoto
-18Jose Correia/PNorma M20 FC[-]02:07,484E2-SCphoto
-20Karl Schagerl/AVW Golf Rallye[-]02:07,635PF1photo
-19Gonzalo Caba˛as Fernandez-Capalle/ENova NP 03[-]02:12,156E2-SCphoto
-22Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi RS5 DTM[-]02:15,452PF1photo
-27Vitor Pascoal/PPorsche 991 GT3 Cup[-]02:17,938PF2photo
-7Antonio Cardone/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]02:18,487E2-SSphoto
-29Igor Stefanovski/MKHyundai I30 TCR[-]02:18,521PF3photo
-30Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]02:19,613PF3photo
-36Gabriela Correia/PMercedes AMG GT4[-]02:19,990PF1photo
-10Ferdinand Madrian/ANorma M20 FC[M20FC-005/2012]02:20,937E2-SCphoto
-26Tomislav Muhvic/CRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]02:22,010PF2photo
-33Jose Liste Alonso/EGinetta G50 GT4[-]02:22,199PF3photo
-21Domagoj PerekoviŔ/HRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]02:23,360PF1photo
-23Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII[-]02:23,552PF2photo
-37Vasilije Jaksic/MEMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX RS[-]02:25,772PF4photo
-42Maciej Serafin/PLRenault Clio Sport 2.0 16V[-]02:32,176PF5photo
-41Piotr Ilnicki/PLHonda Civic Performance[-]02:33,714PF5photo
-44Parcidio Summavielle/Renault Clio[-]02:34,723PF5photo
-38Ji°Ý OÜmera/CZVW Scirocco[-]02:40,152PF4photo
-40Janusz Grzyb/PLHonda Civic VII Type-R EP3[-]02:47,325PF4photo


1Christian Merli/IOsella FA30[30-04/09-FA30]E2-SSKL
4MiloÜ BeneÜ/CZOsella FA30[30-008/09-FA30]E2-SSKL
5Alexander Hin/DOsella FA30[30-0010/09-FA30]E2-SSKL
6Michele Fattorini/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]E2-SSKL
7Antonio Cardone/IWolf GB08 Thunder[-]E2-SSKL
9SÚbastien Petit/FNova NP 01[-]E2-SCKL
10Ferdinand Madrian/ANorma M20 FC[M20FC-005/2012]E2-SCKL
11Joseba Lanzargorta Iraola/ENova NP 01[NP01-06/2021]E2-SCKL
12Javier Garcia Villa/EBRC BR53[-]E2-SCKL
14Petr Trnka/CZNorma M20 FC[M20FC-07/2019]E2-SCKL
15Gonzalo Nieto Diaz/PBRC BR53[-]E2-SCAB
18Jose Correia/PNorma M20 FC[-]E2-SCKL
19Gonzalo Caba˛as Fernandez-Capalle/ENova NP 03[-]E2-SCKL
20Karl Schagerl/AVW Golf Rallye[-]PF1KL
21Domagoj PerekoviŔ/HRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]PF1KL
22Jose Antonio Lopez Fombona/EAudi RS5 DTM[-]PF1AB
23Christian Schweiger/AMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII[-]PF2NS
26Tomislav Muhvic/CRMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]PF2KL
27Vitor Pascoal/PPorsche 991 GT3 Cup[-]PF2KL
29Igor Stefanovski/MKHyundai I30 TCR[-]PF3KL
30Antonio Migliuolo/IMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX[-]PF3KL
32Manuel Sousa/P[-]ST
33Jose Liste Alonso/EGinetta G50 GT4[-]PF3KL
34Joaquim Teixeira/P[-]ST
35Paulo Silva/PAudi[-]ST
36Gabriela Correia/PMercedes AMG GT4[-]PF1KL
37Vasilije Jaksic/MEMitsubishi Lancer Evo IX RS[-]PF4KL
38Ji°Ý OÜmera/CZVW Scirocco[-]PF4KL
40Janusz Grzyb/PLHonda Civic VII Type-R EP3[-]PF4KL
41Piotr Ilnicki/PLHonda Civic Performance[-]PF5KL
42Maciej Serafin/PLRenault Clio Sport 2.0 16V[-]PF5KL
44Parcidio Summavielle/Renault Clio[-]PF5KL
45Sergio Nogueira/POsella[-]ST
46Joaquim Rino/P[-]ST
47Nuno Guimaraes/P[-]ST
48Pedro Salvador/POsella[-]ST
49Antonio Rodrigues/P[-]ST
50Cesar Alonso Rodriguez/Osella[-]ST
51Carlos Vieira/PNova[NP03-02]ST
53 - Nissan[-]ST
54JosÚ Pires/PPorsche[-]ST
55Luis Nunes/PŐkoda Fabia[-]ST
61 - [-]ST
62 - Audi[-]ST
65JosÚ Carlos Pouca/PVW[-]ST

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