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Euromontagna Archives


Havířov-Šenov, Formule E MEZ/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, ABNH ÖASC
1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Mondial
1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, CSV B-1600
1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, Formule E MEZ
1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, PLM Fiat 126P
1988-06-05 Havířov-Šenov, ÖM Formel Ford

Atandance: 10000
Lenght: 4.41 km
Last update: 2021-12-03
Photo update: 2021-12-03
Results update: 2021-05-20


1. 23Jaroslav Vorel/CZKDV 1600[-]15-----
2. 81Ulli Melkus/DDRMelkus[-]15----- photo
3. 115Walter Perfler/AVan Diemen RF88[-]15----- photo
4. 27Alois Curus/CZHM 02[1-04/Jílek]15-----
5. 15Bernhard Bauer/AVan Diemen RF85[-]15----- photo
6. 8Hannes Lintner/AVan Diemen RF88[-]15----- photo
7. 2Stephan Zwettler/AVan Diemen RF86[-]15----- photo
8. 4Christian Eigl/AVan Diemen RF85[-]15-----
9. 30Josef Krečmer/CZFM 1600[-]15----- photo
10. 32Adolf Fešárek/CZAvia HM87[-]15-----
11. 86Henryk Opitz/DDRMelkus[-]14-----
12. 10Manfred Jurasz/AVan Diemen RF87[-]14----- photo
13. 123Franz Wöss/AFF[-]14----- photo


ST28Jindřich Šafránek/CZKDV 3[-]10-----
ST11 - FF1600[-]10----- photo
ST22Václav Lím/CZAvia AE2M[-]9----- photo
ST99Dietmar Isensee/DDRMelkus[-]8-----
ST6Josef Walder/AVan Diemen RF85[-]2-----
ST5Jacek Szmidt/PLMTX 1-06[-]0----- photo
ST12Artur Skwarzynski/PLFE[-]0----- photo
ST94Hans Jürgen Vogel/DDRMelkus[-]0-----
ST89Jürgen Meissner/DDRMelkus[-]0-----
ST128Christian Krahler/ATiga[-]0-----
ST98 - Melkus[-]0-----
ST36Milan Kusý/CZMTX 1-07[-]0-----
ST29Jaroslav Kostelecký/CZMTX 1-06[-]0-----
ST24Miran Velkoborský/CSMTX 1-07[-]0----- photo

Did not start

NS1Paul Steindl/APRC F2 BMW[-]0-----


2Stephan Zwettler/AVan Diemen RF86[-]KL
4Christian Eigl/AVan Diemen RF85[-]KL
5Jacek Szmidt/PLMTX 1-06[-]ST
6Josef Walder/AVan Diemen RF85[-]ST
8Hannes Lintner/AVan Diemen RF88[-]KL
10Manfred Jurasz/AVan Diemen RF87[-]KL
11 - FF1600[-]ST
12Artur Skwarzynski/PLFE[-]ST
15Bernhard Bauer/AVan Diemen RF85[-]KL
22Václav Lím/CZAvia AE2M[-]ST
23Jaroslav Vorel/CZKDV 1600[-]KL
24Miran Velkoborský/CSMTX 1-07[-]ST
27Alois Curus/CZHM 02[1-04/Jílek]KL
28Jindřich Šafránek/CZKDV 3[-]ST
29Jaroslav Kostelecký/CZMTX 1-06[-]ST
30Josef Krečmer/CZFM 1600[-]KL
32Adolf Fešárek/CZAvia HM87[-]KL
36Milan Kusý/CZMTX 1-07[-]ST
37Vladimír Lednár/CZMTX 1-07[-]P
81Ulli Melkus/DDRMelkus[-]KL
86Henryk Opitz/DDRMelkus[-]KL
89Jürgen Meissner/DDRMelkus[-]ST
94Hans Jürgen Vogel/DDRMelkus[-]ST
98 - Melkus[-]ST
99Dietmar Isensee/DDRMelkus[-]ST
115Walter Perfler/AVan Diemen RF88[-]KL
123Franz Wöss/AFF[-]KL
128Christian Krahler/ATiga[-]ST

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