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M ČSSR a mezimárodní závody Havířov-Šenov

Havířov-Šenov, Porsche Club Cup/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1989-06-04 Havířov-Šenov, ÖM Formule 3+FF1.6+FF2.0
1989-06-04 Havířov-Šenov, Porsche Club Cup
1989-06-04 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Mondial
1989-06-04 Havířov-Šenov, Seat ibiza Cup
1989-06-04 Havířov-Šenov, CSV B-1600

Lenght: 4.41 km
Results update: 2021-05-20


1. 9Hans Peter Beck/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]1019:19,980---
2. 1Walter Steiner/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]019:35,970---
3. 2Jorg Gehrig/CHPorsche Turbo[-]019:37,530---
4. 13Michael Allewelt/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]019:48,160--- photo
5. 8Christian Capaul/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]019:58,240---
6. 10Karl Handle/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]020:09,150--- photo
7. 11Paul Ruegsegger/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]020:32,930---
8. 5Jarek Fristenski/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]020:34,980---
9. 7Roland Rau/CHPorsche 911 SC[-]021:07,280--- photo

Did not classified

AB15Karl Müller/CHPorsche 944 Turbo[-]0-----

Did not start

NS16Pius Müller/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]0----- photo

Qualification lap times

1. 9Hans Peter Beck/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]02:04,830
2. 10Karl Handle/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]02:19,590photo
3. 13Michael Allewelt/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]02:11,710photo
4. 1Walter Steiner/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]02:04,880
5. 2Jorg Gehrig/CHPorsche Turbo[-]02:12,800
6. 8Christian Capaul/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]02:06,160
7. 11Paul Ruegsegger/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]02:06,610
8. 5Jarek Fristenski/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]02:10,660
9. 7Roland Rau/CHPorsche 911 SC[-]02:13,220photo
11. 16Pius Müller/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]02:26,620photo


1Walter Steiner/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]KL
2Jorg Gehrig/CHPorsche Turbo[-]KL
3Hans Peter Willi/CHPorsche 928 S4[-]P
4Ruedi Mirer/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]P
5Jarek Fristenski/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]KL
6Bill Heilm/CHPorsche 944 Turbo S[-]P
7Roland Rau/CHPorsche 911 SC[-]KL
8Christian Capaul/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]KL
9Hans Peter Beck/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]KL
10Karl Handle/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]KL
11Paul Ruegsegger/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]KL
12Silvia Franci/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]P
13Michael Allewelt/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]KL
15Karl Müller/CHPorsche 944 Turbo[-]AB
16Pius Müller/CHPorsche 911 Carrera[-]NS
17Fredi Leupi/CHPorsche 911 Turbo[-]P

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