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Havíøov-Šenov, Renault Elf Cup/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1983-06-19 Havíøov-Šenov, A2-5+A
1983-06-18 Havíøov-Šenov, Renault Elf Cup
1983-06-19 Havíøov-Šenov, PMP Formule Easter
1983-06-18 Havíøov-Šenov, A Pohár
1983-06-18 Havíøov-Šenov, Formule Easter
1983-06-19 Havíøov-Šenov, Renault Elf Cup
1983-06-19 Havíøov-Šenov, PMP A Pohár

Lenght: 4.41 km
Race added: 2021-04-01
Photo update: 2022-04-04
Results update: 2021-06-04


1. 1Hans Pondorfer/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----1. gr. R5T
2. 2Hubert Haselsteiner/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----2. gr. R5Tphoto
3. 22Georg Koltay/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----3. gr. R5T
4. 15Georg Pacher/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----4. gr. R5T
5. 8Reinhard Patrias/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----5. gr. R5T
6. 3Robert Aschacher/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----6. gr. R5T
7. 5Eduard Kogler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----7. gr. R5T
8. 7Josef Seidler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----8. gr. R5T
9. 30Hans Weitgasser/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]15----1. gr. R5C
10. 32Robert Weitgasser/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]15----2. gr. R5C
11. 12Herbert Schöngrundner/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]15----9. gr. R5T
12. 31Peter Themessl/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]15----3. gr. R5Cphoto
13. 34Hans Reinisch/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]15----4. gr. R5C
14. 4Eduard Katz/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]14----10. gr. R5T


ST6Andreas Zaritz/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5T
ST11Theresia Melichart/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5Tphoto
ST17Josef Mach/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5T
ST18Walter Schweighofer/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5T
ST19Anton Köfler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5T
ST21Robert Verrenzia/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]0----- R5T
ST33Leopold Lechner/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]0----- R5C
ST39Georg Königsegger/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]0----- R5C


1Hans Pondorfer/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
2Hubert Haselsteiner/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
3Robert Aschacher/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
4Eduard Katz/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
5Eduard Kogler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
6Andreas Zaritz/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
7Josef Seidler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
8Reinhard Patrias/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
9Franz Stamminger/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TP
10Georg Prügger/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TP
11Theresia Melichart/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
12Herbert Schöngrundner/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
15Georg Pacher/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
16Wolfgang Fickl/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TP
17Josef Mach/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
18Walter Schweighofer/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
19Anton Köfler/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
20Oskar Vogl/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TP
21Robert Verrenzia/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TST
22Georg Koltay/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]R5TKL
30Hans Weitgasser/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CKL
31Peter Themessl/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CKL
32Robert Weitgasser/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CKL
33Leopold Lechner/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CST
34Hans Reinisch/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CKL
35Johann Reinisch/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP
36Francois Vetzer/FRenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP
37Otto Amhofer/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP
38Karl Wabnig/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP
39Georg Königsegger/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CST
40Hans Ortner/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP
42Kurt Pratscher/ARenault 5 Alpine Coupé[-]R5CP

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