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Euromontagna Archives

Mezinárodní automobilové závody Havířov-Šenov

Havířov-Šenov, A2-1300 MEZ/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1977-05-22 Havířov-Šenov, A5-3000
1977-05-22 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Easter
1977-05-22 Havířov-Šenov, A2-1300 MEZ
1977-05-22 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Easter MEZ

Atandance: 20000
Lenght: 4.32 km
Photo update: 2021-10-25
Results update: 2021-06-14


1. 21Milan Žid/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]2037:01,800--- photo
2. 24Oldřich Brunclík/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]20----- photo
3. 29Oldřich Horsák/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]20----- photo
4. 64Vlastimil Tomášek/CZŠkoda 130RS[5037225]20----- photo
5. 27Vladislav Ondřejík/CZŠkoda 130RS[130RS-Ondrejik]20----- photo
6. 70Ladislav Bareš/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]20----- photo
7. 89Václav Bervid/CZFiat 128 MTE[-]19-----
8. 14Franz Maitz/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]19----- Alfasudphoto
9. 7Hans Dieter Kromer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]19----- Alfasudphoto
10. 83Bernd Zimmermann/DDRLada[-]18-----
11. 15Hans Wessely/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]18----- Alfasudphoto
12. 96Siegfried Sonntag/DDRWartburg[-]18----- photo
13. 85Manfred Günther/DDRWartburg[-]18-----

Did not classified

AB6J.G. Schiedlbauer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]10----- Alfasudphoto
AB37Miroslav Křístek/CZLada 1300 MTX[-]5----- photo
AB31Siegfried Stromberger/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]1----- Alfasudphoto
AB189Petr Bílek/CSZastava 101 MTE[Z-MTE2]0----- photo
AB26Dieter Tauchner/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]0----- Alfasudphoto


Petr Martinovský/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]P
1Ernst König/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
2Wolfgang Löffelmann/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
4Eduard Fribl/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
6J.G. Schiedlbauer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudAB
7Hans Dieter Kromer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudKL
11Josef Obermoser/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
14Franz Maitz/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudKL
15Hans Wessely/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudKL
16Josef Kail/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
17Karl Stefan Vilsecker/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
18Hans Fink/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
19Werner Ausserhofer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
20Hans Meier/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
21Milan Žid/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]KL
21Alois Müller/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
22Herbert Schenzel/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
23Hermann Kastner/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
24Oldřich Brunclík/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]KL
24Karl Wendlinger/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
26Dieter Tauchner/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudAB
27Vladislav Ondřejík/CZŠkoda 130RS[130RS-Ondrejik]KL
27Markus Höttinger/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
28Gottfried Bauer/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
29Oldřich Horsák/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]KL
29Anton Simon/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
30Ladislav Molnár/SKFiat 128[-]P
31Siegfried Stromberger/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudAB
32Günther Hähling/AAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti[-]AlfasudP
33Břetislav Enge/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]P
37Miroslav Křístek/CZLada 1300 MTX[-]AB
64Vlastimil Tomášek/CZŠkoda 130RS[5037225]KL
70Ladislav Bareš/CZŠkoda 130RS[-]KL
83Bernd Zimmermann/DDRLada[-]KL
85Manfred Günther/DDRWartburg[-]KL
87Lothar Thomas/DDRSkoda[-]P
88Peter Mücke/DDRZastava 101[-]P
89Václav Bervid/CZFiat 128 MTE[-]KL
92Saro Grasso/ILancia S[-]P
94Salamina Vanni/IAutobianchi 112[-]P
96Siegfried Sonntag/DDRWartburg[-]KL
189Petr Bílek/CSZastava 101 MTE[Z-MTE2]AB

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