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Euromontagna Archives

Mezinárodní závody Havířov-Šenov

Havířov-Šenov, Semperit Cup/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1986-05-11 Havířov, E International
1986-05-11 Havířov-Šenov, Semperit Cup
1986-05-11 Havířov-Šenov, PV1600
1986-05-11 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Škoda


1. 1Hans Reinisch/AMitsubishi Starion Turbo[-]1530:06,420---
2. 2Hans Jörg Haidacher/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]1530:08,340---
3. 3Rupert Hofmacher/ABMW 325[-]1530:26,170---
4. 5Wermar Eberharter/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]1530:40,130---
5. 9Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 635[-]1531:27,820---
6. 35Leopold Mitterhuber/AFord Escort RSi[-]1531:45,190---
7. 41Peter Weiler/AVW Golf GTi[-]1531:49,540---
8. 11Erich Fritsch/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]1531:51,420---
9. 12Alfred Hahnekamp/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]1532:01,400---
10. 32Reinhard Holzegger/AToyota Corolla[-]1430:29,000---
11. 33Mario Moser/AToyota Corolla[-]1431:01,700---
12. 14Franz Schöber/ABMW 320i[-]1431:17,290---
13. 13Stefan Reinnger/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]1432:19,590---
14. 52Andreas Knoth/AFiat 127 Sport[-]1331:03,380---

Did not start

NS51Manfred Gungal/AOpel Kadett 3 SR[-]0-----

Qualification lap times

1. 1Hans Reinisch/AMitsubishi Starion Turbo[-]02:00,300
2. 2Hans Jörg Haidacher/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]02:00,870
3. 3Rupert Hofmacher/ABMW 325[-]02:02,580
4. 5Wermar Eberharter/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]02:03,850
5. 13Stefan Reinnger/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]02:04,640
6. 9Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 635[-]02:05,560
7. 11Erich Fritsch/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]02:06,310
8. 12Alfred Hahnekamp/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]02:06,650
9. 35Leopold Mitterhuber/AFord Escort RSi[-]02:07,200
10. 41Peter Weiler/AVW Golf GTi[-]02:08,110
11. 32Reinhard Holzegger/AToyota Corolla[-]02:09,520
12. 14Franz Schöber/ABMW 320i[-]02:14,040
13. 33Mario Moser/AToyota Corolla[-]02:14,180
14. 51Manfred Gungal/AOpel Kadett 3 SR[-]02:16,850
15. 52Andreas Knoth/AFiat 127 Sport[-]02:17,590


1Hans Reinisch/AMitsubishi Starion Turbo[-]KL
2Hans Jörg Haidacher/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]KL
3Rupert Hofmacher/ABMW 325[-]KL
5Wermar Eberharter/AMercedes 190-2,3/6[-]KL
9Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 635[-]KL
11Erich Fritsch/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]KL
12Alfred Hahnekamp/ARenault 5 Alpine Turbo[-]KL
13Stefan Reinnger/ARenault 5 GT Turbo[-]KL
14Franz Schöber/ABMW 320i[-]KL
32Reinhard Holzegger/AToyota Corolla[-]KL
33Mario Moser/AToyota Corolla[-]KL
35Leopold Mitterhuber/AFord Escort RSi[-]KL
41Peter Weiler/AVW Golf GTi[-]KL
51Manfred Gungal/AOpel Kadett 3 SR[-]NS
52Andreas Knoth/AFiat 127 Sport[-]KL

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