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Archívy Euromontagna


Havířov-Šenov - Semperit/

Výsledky všech vypsaných závodů tohoto víkendu:

1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov
1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov
1984-05-12 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Easter
1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov - FEMez
1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov - Semperit
1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Škoda
1984-05-13 Havířov-Šenov R5Elf


1. 1Sepp Manhalter/ABMW[-]1534:20,220--3. gr. 2
2. 6Rupert Hofmarcher/ABMW 528i[-]1534:22,160--- A
3. 8Georg Pacher/A[-]1534:23,970--- A
4. 32Otto Fieg/AVW Golf Gti[-]1534:25,800--- A
5. 40Peter Zuber/A[-]1534:30,250--- A
6. 2Klaus Gruber/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]1535:06,540--- A
7. 4Wolfgang Treml/AOpel Monza[-]1535:08,000--- A
8. 10Hans Fink/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]1535:25,390--- A
9. 34Richard Mühlberger/A[-]1535:41,080--- A
10. 52Klaus Platzer/AFord Escort Rsi[-]1535:48,810--- A
11. 37 Leciak/A[-]1535:51,940--- A
12. 31Franz Zechner/AFiat Ritmo Abarth[-]1536:08,100--- A
13. 51Reimar Plank/AVW Golf Gti[-]1536:17,230--- A
14. 59Hans Höfler/AFord Escort RS[-]1536:30,660--- A
15. 7Mercedes Stermitz/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]1536:37,390--- A
16. 61Peter Wieser/A[-]1443:06,400--- A
17. 35Friedrich Kern/AOpel Manta Gti[-]1434:31,690--- A
18. 62Peter Weiler/A[-]1434:33,200--- A
19. 75Peter Wolbank/AFiat 127 Sport[-]1435:35,080--- A


AB28Udo Schrettl/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]12----- A

Seznam přihlášených

1Sepp Manhalter/ABMW[-]2KL
2Klaus Gruber/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AKL
3Alexander Reiner/AJaguar XJS[-]AP
4Wolfgang Treml/AOpel Monza[-]AKL
5Helmut König/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AP
6Rupert Hofmarcher/ABMW 528i[-]AKL
7Mercedes Stermitz/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Team Marko RSMAKL
8Georg Pacher/A[-]AKL
9Alois Zauner/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AP
10Hans Fink/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AKL
11Hans Pondorfer/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AP
25Max Zottler/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AP
26Justin Winkler/AVW Golf Gti[-]AP
27Franz Zeh/AFiat Ritmo Steyer Abarth[-]AP
28Udo Schrettl/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AAB
29Walter Pondorfer/AFord Escort RS[-]AP
30Leopols Dittersdorfer/AAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AP
31Franz Zechner/AFiat Ritmo Abarth[-]AKL
32Otto Fieg/AVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
33Peter Wieser/A[-]AP
34Richard Mühlberger/A[-]AKL
35Friedrich Kern/AOpel Manta Gti[-]AKL
37 Leciak/A[-]AKL
40Peter Zuber/A[-]AKL
50Peter Zuber/AFiat Ritmo Steyer Abarth 130TC[-]AP
51Reimar Plank/AVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
52Klaus Platzer/AFord Escort Rsi[-]AKL
53Karl Benedikt/Honda Civic[-]AP
54Peter-Christian Vyskocil/AVW Golf Gti[-]AP
55Johann Pendl/ARenault Alpine[-]AP
56Helmut Kienzl/AFord Escort RS[-]AP
57Karl Heinz Schauperl/AVW Scirocco[-]AP
59Hans Höfler/AFord Escort RS[-]AKL
61Peter Wieser/A[-]AKL
62Peter Weiler/A[-]AKL
75Peter Wolbank/AFiat 127 Sport[-]AKL

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