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Euromontagna Archives

37. Coppa Nissena

Coppa Nissena - CIVM/


1. 221Mauro Nesti/IOsella Cebora BMW[-]04:30,2401. gr. C3
2. 218Antonio Ritacca/IOsella PA6[-]04:37,0602. gr. C3
3. 216Antonio Iaria/IOsella PA10[-]04:37,6903. gr. C3
4. 219Gianpaolo Cereaolo/IOsella PA9/90[-]04:41,6504. gr. C3
5. 209Renzo Napione/ILucchini BMW[044-S288]04:59,8105. gr. C3
6. 211Carlo Scola/IOsella PA8[-]05:05,2206. gr. C3
7. 215Domenico Scola/IOsella PA9/90[-]05:05,7807. gr. C3
8. 197Emilio Scola/IOsella[-]05:09,4601. gr. CN
9. 207Santo Ferraro/IOsella[-]05:11,2208. gr. C3
10. 194Salvatore Giardina/IGisa[-]05:15,2102. gr. CN
11. 183Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta Martini[-]05:18,2001. gr. A
12. 202Antonio Fortuna/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]05:20,0903. gr. CN
13. 206Giuseppe D´Anca/IAMS[-]05:21,2409. gr. C3
14. 195Silvio Reda/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]05:27,2404. gr. CN
15. 119Giuseppe Brafa/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:27,8001. gr. N


183Germano Nataloni/ILancia Delta Martini[-]AKL
194Salvatore Giardina/IGisa[-]CNKL
195Silvio Reda/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]Cosenza CorseCNKL
197Emilio Scola/IOsella[-]AspromonteCNKL
202Antonio Fortuna/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[-]AspromonteCNKL
206Giuseppe D´Anca/IAMS[-]C3KL
207Santo Ferraro/IOsella[-]C3KL
209Renzo Napione/ILucchini BMW[044-S288]C3KL
211Carlo Scola/IOsella PA8[-]AspromonteC3KL
215Domenico Scola/IOsella PA9/90[-]AspromonteC3KL
216Antonio Iaria/IOsella PA10[-]Cosenza CorseC3KL
218Antonio Ritacca/IOsella PA6[-]Cosenza CorseC3KL
219Gianpaolo Cereaolo/IOsella PA9/90[-]C3KL
221Mauro Nesti/IOsella Cebora BMW[-]ValcamonicaC3KL

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