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M ÈSSR a mezimárodní závody Havíøov-Šenov

Havíøov-Šenov, ÖM Formule 3+FF1.6+FF2.0/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1989-06-04 Havíøov-Šenov, ÖM Formule 3+FF1.6+FF2.0
1989-06-04 Havíøov-Šenov, Porsche Club Cup
1989-06-04 Havíøov-Šenov, Formule Mondial
1989-06-04 Havíøov-Šenov, Seat ibiza Cup
1989-06-04 Havíøov-Šenov, CSV B-1600

Lenght: 4.41 km
Last update: 2021-11-04
Results update: 2021-05-20


1. 70Walter Perfler/ARalt RT31[701-RT31]1626:50,92001:35,0101. gr. F3
2. 75Josef Neuhauser/AReynard[-]1626:52,460--2. gr. F3photo
3. 55Peter Honegger/CHReynard[-]1627:32,030--1. gr. FF2-0
4. 60Florian Mauhart/ASchmieder[-]1627:35,200--2. gr. FF2-0
5. 78Aberer Günther/AReynard[-]1627:45,650--3. gr. F3photo
6. 52Christian Eigl/AVan Diemen[-]1627:47,250--3. gr. FF2-0
7. 72Manfred Jurasz/AReynard[-]1627:47,960--4. gr. F3photo
8. 50Josef Renauer/AReynard[-]1628:14,690--4. gr. FF2-0
9. 1Hubert Stromberger/AVan Diemen[-]1628:16,890--1. gr. FF1-6
10. 62Matyas Szigetvari/HReynard[-]1628:31,440--5. gr. FF2-0
11. 2Helmut Kopp/AVan Diemen 88[-]1628:37,520--2. gr. FF1-6
12. 8Hannes Linther/AVan Diemen 88[-]1527:04,450--3. gr. FF1-6
13. 77Herbert Prügl/ARalt[-]1527:19,450--5. gr. F3
14. 3Patrick Vallant/AVan Diemen 89[-]1527:22,970--4. gr. FF1-6
15. 61Ernoe Richter/HReynard[-]1527:33,150--6. gr. FF2-0
16. 23Wolfgang Lackinger/AVan Diemen 84[-]1527:38,400--5. gr. FF1-6
17. 5Stephan Zwettler/AVan Diemen 87[-]1527:52,590--6. gr. FF1-6
18. 24Christian Schmugg/AVan Diemen 84[-]1528:29,690--7. gr. FF1-6
19. 21Peter Edehofer/AVan Diemen 84[-]1427:05,030--8. gr. FF1-6
20. 4Franz Wöss/AVan Diemen 87[-]1427:27,940--9. gr. FF1-6

Did not classified

AB68Herbert Ferstner/AVan Diemen[-]7----- FF2-0
AB54Jozef Reyländer/AReynard[-]5----- FF2-0
AB15Josef Walder/AVan Diemen 85[-]4----- FF1-6
AB67Oreste Fasolin/CHSwift 334[-]1----- FF2-0photo
AB9Josef Brandner/ASchmieder 88[-]0----- FF1-6
AB16Hans Innerlohinger/AMondiale 86[-]0----- FF1-6
AB17Hubert Perner/AVan Diemen 86[-]0----- FF1-6

Did not start

NS58Herbert Kerschbaumer/ASchmieder[-]0----- FF2-0

Qualification lap times

1. 75Josef Neuhauser/AReynard[-]01:36,210F3photo
2. 70Walter Perfler/ARalt RT31[701-RT31]01:38,270F3
3. 60Florian Mauhart/ASchmieder[-]01:40,680FF2-0
4. 78Aberer Günther/AReynard[-]01:40,900F3photo
5. 55Peter Honegger/CHReynard[-]01:41,720FF2-0
6. 72Manfred Jurasz/AReynard[-]01:42,140F3photo
7. 50Josef Renauer/AReynard[-]01:43,400FF2-0
8. 52Christian Eigl/AVan Diemen[-]01:43,620FF2-0
9. 77Herbert Prügl/ARalt[-]01:45,160F3
10. 54Jozef Reyländer/AReynard[-]01:46,350FF2-0
11. 61Ernoe Richter/HReynard[-]01:47,210FF2-0
12. 67Oreste Fasolin/CHSwift 334[-]01:53,290FF2-0photo
13. 62Matyas Szigetvari/HReynard[-]01:53,710FF2-0
14. 1Hubert Stromberger/AVan Diemen[-]01:54,390FF1-6
15. 15Josef Walder/AVan Diemen 85[-]01:55,210FF1-6
16. 2Helmut Kopp/AVan Diemen 88[-]01:55,710FF1-6
17. 8Hannes Linther/AVan Diemen 88[-]01:56,420FF1-6
18. 5Stephan Zwettler/AVan Diemen 87[-]01:56,610FF1-6
19. 68Herbert Ferstner/AVan Diemen[-]01:58,050FF2-0
20. 58Herbert Kerschbaumer/ASchmieder[-]01:58,470FF2-0
21. 17Hubert Perner/AVan Diemen 86[-]01:59,470FF1-6
22. 23Wolfgang Lackinger/AVan Diemen 84[-]01:59,730FF1-6
23. 3Patrick Vallant/AVan Diemen 89[-]02:00,700FF1-6
24. 16Hans Innerlohinger/AMondiale 86[-]02:00,870FF1-6
25. 24Christian Schmugg/AVan Diemen 84[-]02:01,300FF1-6
26. 4Franz Wöss/AVan Diemen 87[-]02:06,230FF1-6
27. 21Peter Edehofer/AVan Diemen 84[-]02:08,440FF1-6
28. 9Josef Brandner/ASchmieder 88[-]02:09,190FF1-6


Jaroslav Vorel/CZF3[4-01/89]F3P
Ondrej Dobrota/SKF3[4-02_]F3P
Otto Vanaselija/SURaub[-]F3P
1Hubert Stromberger/AVan Diemen[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF1-6KL
2Helmut Kopp/AVan Diemen 88[-]Fritz Kopp Racing Team TirolFF1-6KL
3Patrick Vallant/AVan Diemen 89[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF1-6KL
4Franz Wöss/AVan Diemen 87[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6KL
5Stephan Zwettler/AVan Diemen 87[-]Viena Racing TeamFF1-6KL
6Wolfgang Griessner/AVan Diemen 87[-]Viena Racing TeamFF1-6P
7Richter Hans Egger/AVan Diemen 85[-]Viena Racing TeamFF1-6P
8Hannes Linther/AVan Diemen 88[-]Viena Racing TeamFF1-6KL
9Josef Brandner/ASchmieder 88[-]Viena Racing TeamFF1-6AB
10Manfred Fitzgerald/DVan Diemen 88[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF1-6P
14Kurt Brandstätter/AVan Diemen 85[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF1-6P
15Josef Walder/AVan Diemen 85[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF1-6AB
16Hans Innerlohinger/AMondiale 86[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF1-6AB
17Hubert Perner/AVan Diemen 86[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF1-6AB
18Herbert Forstner/APRS 85[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF1-6P
20Christian Gruber/DPRS 82[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF1-6P
21Peter Edehofer/AVan Diemen 84[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6KL
22Karl Ebner/AVan Diemen 84[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6P
23Wolfgang Lackinger/AVan Diemen 84[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6KL
24Christian Schmugg/AVan Diemen 84[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF1-6KL
25Helmut Paukner/A[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6P
26Robert Bures/AVan Diemen 84[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF1-6P
27Lorenz Wagner/ATiger 78[-]MSC AschauFF1-6P
50Josef Renauer/AReynard[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF2-0KL
51Jörg Rerkopf/AReynard[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF2-0P
52Christian Eigl/AVan Diemen[-]Neuburger Racing TeamFF2-0KL
53Peter Wieser/AMPH 02[-]Varta MotorsportFF2-0P
54Jozef Reyländer/AReynard[-]Varta MotorsportFF2-0AB
55Peter Honegger/CHReynard[-]Racing Driver ClubFF2-0KL
56Gerhard Hödlmoser/AVan Diemen[-]Team Gerhard HödlmoserFF2-0P
57Lothar Bialas/DReynard[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0P
58Herbert Kerschbaumer/ASchmieder[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0NS
59Fred Van Halen/DReynard[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0P
60Florian Mauhart/ASchmieder[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0KL
61Ernoe Richter/HReynard[-]Formarex AutosportFF2-0KL
62Matyas Szigetvari/HReynard[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0KL
63Joachim Ryschka/DVan Diemen[-]Formarex AutosportFF2-0P
67Oreste Fasolin/CHSwift 334[-]Freo MotorsportFF2-0AB
68Herbert Ferstner/AVan Diemen[-]Walter Lechner Racing SchoolFF2-0AB
70Walter Perfler/ARalt RT31[701-RT31]Formarex AutosportF3KL
71Mario Moser/ADallara[F388-042]Team Gerhard HödlmoserF3P
72Manfred Jurasz/AReynard[-]Viena Racing TeamF3KL
74Franz Binder/AReynard[-]Viena Racing TeamF3P
75Josef Neuhauser/AReynard[-]MSC AschauF3KL
76Josef Tarmann/ARalt RT3[-]Polizeisportverein WienF3P
77Herbert Prügl/ARalt[-]MSC RotteneggF3KL
78Aberer Günther/AReynard[-]F3KL

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