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Dijon - SCC/

Výsledky všech vypsaných závodů tohoto víkendu:

2008-09-06 Dijon - SCC
2008-09-06 Dijon - SCC
2008-09-06 Dijon - SCC

Lenght: 3.81 km


1. 2Wolfgang Payr/FPRC BMW[_LM-WP2]1220:06,09601:38,798-
2. 36Thorsten Rüffer/DNorma Honda[-]1220:15,10901:38,607-
3. 3Peter Kormann/DPRC BMW[S2005/41]1220:17,49601:38,539-
4. 7Sabrina Hungerbühler/CHPRC BMW[-]1220:17,95201:38,555-
5. 44Darius Brazdzionis/LTRadical Honda[-]1220:20,34401:39,328-
6. 121Martin Dechent/DPorsche GT3[-]1220:27,57101:39,955-
7. 31Mirco Schultis/DPRC Honda[S2005/43]1220:28,75601:39,961-
8. 38Siegmar Pfeifer/APRC Honda[-]1220:39,03201:40,602-
9. 71Jürgen Bender/DPorsche GT3[WP0ZZZ99Z7S798084]1220:44,59301:41,222-
10. 42Christophe Baillet/FNorma Honda[M20-F-11/07]1220:47,00301:39,348-
11. 91Heinz Kehl/CHPorsche GT3[-]1221:05,83501:42,148-
12. 131Dieter Pladwig/CHPorsche 997 RSR[-]1120:33,26401:48,850-
13. 20Hubert Jouhsen/DPRC BMW[S2004/38]1120:42,19301:44,996-
14. 51Andy Feigenwinter/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]1120:47,23101:51,021-
15. 50Heinz Grau/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]1120:50,56201:51,191-
16. 53Beat Eggimann/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]1121:03,74501:51,978-
17. 5Gregor Fischer/CHPRC BMW[SC98_GF]1121:17,35001:49,554-
18. 75Jean-Louis Herberth/FCatherham CSR[-]1121:34,53401:54,034-
19. 52Kaspar Huggenberg/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]1121:43,39801:54,778-
20. 74Ruedi Jauslin/CHUltima[-]1121:53,93401:55,012-
21. 1Gerd Beisel/DNorma BMW[M20-F-GB_]1016:55,37201:40,176-
22. 55Rainer Suhr/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]1021:07,34201:55,822-


AB45Poulius Zivatkauskas/LTRadical Honda[-]712:22,34901:40,291-
AB72Robert Wallenborn/Porsche 997 Cup[-]610:55,58501:43,469-
AB19Bruno Kueng/CHPRC BMW[-]305:05,45101:40,206-
AB15Mitch Mittländer/DPRC BMW[-]204:27,64601:52,021-
AB4Adolf Gärtner/CHMartini Alfa Romeo[MK66-01]101:52,51201:52,512-
AB101Christian Pladwig/DPorsche GT3[-]101:53,88501:53,885-
AB39Georg Hallau/DMRP Honda[_MRP-002]102:09,28102:09,281-

Seznam přihlášených

1Gerd Beisel/DNorma BMW[M20-F-GB_]RWT RacingKL
2Wolfgang Payr/FPRC BMW[_LM-WP2]PRC Sports Car Racing AustriaKL
3Peter Kormann/DPRC BMW[S2005/41]KL
4Adolf Gärtner/CHMartini Alfa Romeo[MK66-01]AB
5Gregor Fischer/CHPRC BMW[SC98_GF]KL
7Sabrina Hungerbühler/CHPRC BMW[-]KL
15Mitch Mittländer/DPRC BMW[-]AB
18Mike Roberts/GBLola EX257[-]P
19Bruno Kueng/CHPRC BMW[-]Equipe BernoiseAB
20Hubert Jouhsen/DPRC BMW[S2004/38]PRC Sports Car Racing AustriaKL
30Gerhard Münch/DNorma Honda[M20-2B-34/06]RWT RacingP
31Mirco Schultis/DPRC Honda[S2005/43]KL
32Herbert Hunziker/CHNorma Honda[-]P
33Henry Uhlig/DNorma Honda[-]Mobi Racing BerlinP
36Thorsten Rüffer/DNorma Honda[-]KL
38Siegmar Pfeifer/APRC Honda[-]KL
39Georg Hallau/DMRP Honda[_MRP-002]Mobi Racing BerlinAB
42Christophe Baillet/FNorma Honda[M20-F-11/07]CAR CompetitionKL
44Darius Brazdzionis/LTRadical Honda[-]DA Speed Racing SLKL
45Poulius Zivatkauskas/LTRadical Honda[-]Speedracing FactoryAB
50Heinz Grau/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]SARKL
51Andy Feigenwinter/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]Ferrari SwitzerlandKL
52Kaspar Huggenberg/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]KL
53Beat Eggimann/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]SARKL
55Rainer Suhr/CHCrossle 9S Ford[-]Ecurie BasiliskKL
71Jürgen Bender/DPorsche GT3[WP0ZZZ99Z7S798084]Bender RacingKL
72Robert Wallenborn/Porsche 997 Cup[-]AB
74Ruedi Jauslin/CHUltima[-]KL
75Jean-Louis Herberth/FCatherham CSR[-]CAR CompetitionKL
91Heinz Kehl/CHPorsche GT3[-]FMT TeamKL
101Christian Pladwig/DPorsche GT3[-]CAT Race TeamAB
121Martin Dechent/DPorsche GT3[-]KL
131Dieter Pladwig/CHPorsche 997 RSR[-]CAT Race TeamKL

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