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Euromontagna Archives

MČR+ÖM Ecce Homo Old Timers

Ecce Homo Historic/CZ

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1994-09-04 Ecce Homo Historic
1994-09-03 Ecce Homo Historic

Atandance: 20000
Lenght: 4.8 km


1. 123Alfred Stoitzner/AJaguar E-Type[-]05:10,21002:35,0401. gr. HA
2. 5Franz Sahl/AFord Escort BDA[-]05:11,57002:35,5902. gr. HA
3. 107Oskar Weissengruber/ABMW 2002[-]05:13,54002:36,5403. gr. HA
4. 117Wolfgang Kowarik/ABMW 3.0CSi[-]05:15,87002:37,9204. gr. HA
5. 122Wolfgang Schrauf/ADe Tomaso Pantera[NNRO5813/84]05:17,87002:38,5405. gr. HA
6. 140Michael Steffny/ABMW 2002[-]05:18,22002:38,8806. gr. HA
7. 41Johannes Kraft/ABMW 2002T[-]05:21,69002:40,0207. gr. HA
8. 100Jaroslav Prášek/CZDelfín[1841-4]05:38,50002:48,9208. gr. HA
9. 101Zdeněk Vondrák/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[1-01/1496]05:50,67002:51,9109. gr. HA
10. 154Christian Rosner/AFord Escort[-]05:53,06002:54,25010. gr. HA
11. 33František Čečil/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]05:54,10002:56,21011. gr. HA
12. 229Georg Rass/ARenault R12 Gordini[-]05:54,25002:56,88012. gr. HA
13. 156Alfons Nothdurfter/ASimca 1000 Rallye[-]05:56,57002:56,88013. gr. HA
14. 4Pavel Nejedlý/CZMorris Mini Cooper[-]06:01,84003:00,67014. gr. HA
15. 153Pavel Pajer/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]06:03,86003:00,95015. gr. HA
16. 114Zbyněk Ševčík/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]06:04,01002:57,22016. gr. HA
17. 152Walter Edelbock/AFord Escort[-]06:18,79002:57,81017. gr. HA
18. 119Jiří Novotný/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]06:18,99003:07,91018. gr. HA
19. 132Petr Voňka/CZMG Midget Mk.I[-]06:22,25003:09,43019. gr. HA
20. 151Wilhelm Gärtner/AFord Escort RS[-]06:23,33003:10,06020. gr. HA
21. 141Gerd Fischer/AFord Escort[-]06:23,58003:11,60021. gr. HA
22. 103Pavel Procházka/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]06:24,46003:10,11022. gr. HA
23. 80Jan Bláha/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]06:26,53003:12,85023. gr. HA
24. 158Jaroslav Ubl/CZMorris Mini Cooper[-]06:27,72003:13,56024. gr. HA
25. 120Jiří Kunc/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]06:30,86003:14,68025. gr. HA
26. 83Luboš Plachý/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]06:40,08003:19,40026. gr. HA
27. 162Jürgen Pachteu/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]06:42,50003:18,53027. gr. HA
28. 159Andreas Bruckner/AFiat 850 Special[-]06:44,13003:17,50028. gr. HA
29. 143Jindřich Indra/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]06:44,39003:20,98029. gr. HA
30. 145Jan Kieslich/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]06:44,49003:22,00030. gr. HA
31. 160Heinrich Taubländer/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]06:48,09003:23,28031. gr. HA
32. 104Ivan Kališ/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]06:48,93003:23,55032. gr. HA
33. 161Rudolf Enzberger/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]06:54,65003:24,76033. gr. HA
34. 1Branislav Sudjic/GBSunbeam[-]07:06,32003:31,63034. gr. HA
35. 149Miroslav Julinek/CZŠkoda Octavia TS[-]07:14,07003:36,97035. gr. HA
36. 118František Bauer/CZMG UVA Pohl[-]07:16,25003:37,70036. gr. HA
37. 147Richard Lasevič/CZWartburg 353.1[-]07:23,74003:40,64037. gr. HA
38. 155Helmut Kogler/AMorris Cooper S[-]07:28,26003:42,93038. gr. HA
39. 144František Foltýn/CZŠkoda Octavia Super[-]07:31,97003:45,94039. gr. HA
40. 163Günther Kremel/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]07:35,16003:47,52040. gr. HA

Did not classified

AB146Milan Kundis/SKŠkoda Octavia TS[-]0----- HA
AB164Ivan Horák/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]0----- HA


1Branislav Sudjic/GBSunbeam[-]HAKL
4Pavel Nejedlý/CZMorris Mini Cooper[-]HAKL
5Franz Sahl/AFord Escort BDA[-]HAKL
33František Čečil/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]HAKL
41Johannes Kraft/ABMW 2002T[-]HAKL
80Jan Bláha/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]HAKL
83Luboš Plachý/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]HAKL
100Jaroslav Prášek/CZDelfín[1841-4]HAKL
101Zdeněk Vondrák/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[1-01/1496]HAKL
103Pavel Procházka/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]HAKL
104Ivan Kališ/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]HAKL
107Oskar Weissengruber/ABMW 2002[-]HAKL
114Zbyněk Ševčík/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]HAKL
117Wolfgang Kowarik/ABMW 3.0CSi[-]HAKL
118František Bauer/CZMG UVA Pohl[-]HAKL
119Jiří Novotný/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]HAKL
120Jiří Kunc/CZBMW 1800Ti[-]HAKL
122Wolfgang Schrauf/ADe Tomaso Pantera[NNRO5813/84]HAKL
123Alfred Stoitzner/AJaguar E-Type[-]HAKL
132Petr Voňka/CZMG Midget Mk.I[-]HAKL
140Michael Steffny/ABMW 2002[-]HAKL
141Gerd Fischer/AFord Escort[-]HAKL
143Jindřich Indra/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]HAKL
144František Foltýn/CZŠkoda Octavia Super[-]HAKL
145Jan Kieslich/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]HAKL
146Milan Kundis/SKŠkoda Octavia TS[-]HAAB
147Richard Lasevič/CZWartburg 353.1[-]HAKL
149Miroslav Julinek/CZŠkoda Octavia TS[-]HAKL
151Wilhelm Gärtner/AFord Escort RS[-]HAKL
152Walter Edelbock/AFord Escort[-]HAKL
153Pavel Pajer/CZMTX 1-01 Škoda[-]HAKL
154Christian Rosner/AFord Escort[-]HAKL
155Helmut Kogler/AMorris Cooper S[-]HAKL
156Alfons Nothdurfter/ASimca 1000 Rallye[-]HAKL
158Jaroslav Ubl/CZMorris Mini Cooper[-]HAKL
159Andreas Bruckner/AFiat 850 Special[-]HAKL
160Heinrich Taubländer/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]HAKL
161Rudolf Enzberger/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]HAKL
162Jürgen Pachteu/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]HAKL
163Günther Kremel/ASteyr Puch 650TR[-]HAKL
164Ivan Horák/CZŠkoda 1000MB[-]HAAB
229Georg Rass/ARenault R12 Gordini[-]HAKL

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