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Hockenheim - SCC/

Výsledky všech vypsaných závodů tohoto víkendu:

2006-07-09 Hockenheim - SCC
2006-07-08 Hockenheim - SCC

Lenght: 4.574 km


1. 2Wolfgang Payr/FPRC Ford V8[S2004/39]1118:57,78301:42,036-
2. 10Jeff Davies/GBJuno SS3-V6 - Jaguar[-]1118:57,95401:42,092-
3. 9Sabrina Hungerbühler/CHOsella BMW[-]1119:02,08601:41,783-
4. 11Neill Briggs/GBJuno SS3-V6 - Jaguar[-]1119:11,22301:41,845-
5. 31Pius Truffer/CHPRC BMW C3[S2003/36]1119:38,92501:45,403-
6. 5Adolf Gärtner/CHMartini Alfa V6[MK66-01]1119:55,60301:45,939-
7. 34Gerhard Münch/DNorma Honda CN[M20-2B-34/06]1119:58,73101:47,131-
8. 30Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC Honda CN[S2002-01]1120:03,96301:47,126-
9. 86Martin Brückl/APorsche[WPOZZZ99Z7S798134]1120:40,32101:50,811-
10. 85Sepp Strobl/APorsche[-]1019:08,95001:52,073-
11. 39Herbert Hunziker/CHRadical SR 3[-]1019:23,02601:53,525-
12. 82Kurt Peter/CHPorsche[-]1019:28,26001:54,848-
13. 37Rudi Hämmerle/APRC Opel C3[-]1020:19,34701:58,608-
14. 35Henry Uhlig/DPRC Opel C3[S2003/33]1020:21,31802:00,071-
15. 7Gerd Beisel/DNorma BMW V8[M2000-02]916:08,07601:42,499-


AB32Thomas Wolfert/DPRC Opel C3[S2000-AMS_]612:43,33801:58,197-
AB33Georg Hallau/DMRP Honda CN[_MRP-002]509:39,57001:53,105-
AB40Karl Heinz Matzinger/APRC Opel C3[S2003/30]407:21,35101:48,680-
AB1Tony Sinclair/GBJade Nissan V6[-]408:32,94701:45,485-


NS83Bernhard Peter/Porsche[-]0-----
NS81Otto Dragoun/APorsche[WPOZZZ99Z2S698055]0-----

Seznam přihlášených

1Tony Sinclair/GBJade Nissan V6[-]T. SinclairAB
2Wolfgang Payr/FPRC Ford V8[S2004/39]PRC - Sports Cars Team AustriaKL
5Adolf Gärtner/CHMartini Alfa V6[MK66-01]FRCKL
7Gerd Beisel/DNorma BMW V8[M2000-02]G. BeiselKL
9Sabrina Hungerbühler/CHOsella BMW[-]Scuderia MünchenKL
10Jeff Davies/GBJuno SS3-V6 - Jaguar[-]J. DaviesKL
11Neill Briggs/GBJuno SS3-V6 - Jaguar[-]N. BriggsKL
30Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC Honda CN[S2002-01]PRC - Sports Cars Team AustriaKL
31Pius Truffer/CHPRC BMW C3[S2003/36]PRC - Sports Cars Team AustriaKL
32Thomas Wolfert/DPRC Opel C3[S2000-AMS_]MOBI - Sport Jugendförderung e.V.AB
33Georg Hallau/DMRP Honda CN[_MRP-002]G. HallauAB
34Gerhard Münch/DNorma Honda CN[M20-2B-34/06]G. MünchKL
35Henry Uhlig/DPRC Opel C3[S2003/33]MOBI - Sport Jugendförderung e.V.KL
37Rudi Hämmerle/APRC Opel C3[-]PRC - Sports Cars Team AustriaKL
39Herbert Hunziker/CHRadical SR 3[-]H. HunzikerKL
40Karl Heinz Matzinger/APRC Opel C3[S2003/30]Team Hoffmann RacingAB
81Otto Dragoun/APorsche[WPOZZZ99Z2S698055]O. TragunNS
82Kurt Peter/CHPorsche[-]K. PeterKL
83Bernhard Peter/Porsche[-]B. PeterNS
85Sepp Strobl/APorsche[-]Brückl Motorsport Team B/E/MKL
86Martin Brückl/APorsche[WPOZZZ99Z7S798134]Brückl Motorsport TeamKL

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