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Archívy Euromontagna

29. Homburger ADAC Bergrennen, Saarland

Homburg - DBM/D


1. 16Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20[PA20S-02/94]02:24,85001:11,722-
2. 15Herbert Leibach/DUWR[Debora-UWR-1_]02:28,52101:14,019- CN
3. 17Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger[ES921]02:28,73901:13,966-
4. 400Georg Plasa/DBMW 320[-]02:31,93801:15,937- FS
5. 20Michal Gräfling/DReynard F3[-]02:33,40601:16,331-
6. 21Bernd Simon/DDallara F3[-]02:33,43701:16,284-
7. 399Reto Meisel/CHMercedes 190 Evo[-]02:34,88501:17,391-
8. 10Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]02:39,22801:19,299- C3
9. 379Norbert Handa/DMercedes 190 Evo III.[-]02:42,56901:21,148-
10. 7Uwe Wolpert/DUWR[Debora-UWR-2_]02:43,37501:21,119-
11. 390Holger Hovemann/DOpel Kadett[-]02:43,477-
12. 360Frank Genbrock/DOpel Kadett[-]02:43,493-
13. 3Mario Stulla/DEK 85 Prototyp[EK-85]02:43,87901:21,595-
14. 377Christian Reuter/DBMW M3[-]02:44,424-
15. 337Joe Nardin/AVW Golf[-]02:44,502-


AB18Herbert Stenger/DStenger BMW[ES991]0----- CN

Seznam přihlášených

3Mario Stulla/DEK 85 Prototyp[EK-85]KL
7Uwe Wolpert/DUWR[Debora-UWR-2_]KL
10Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]C3KL
15Herbert Leibach/DUWR[Debora-UWR-1_]CNKL
16Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20[PA20S-02/94]KL
17Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger[ES921]KL
18Herbert Stenger/DStenger BMW[ES991]CNAB
20Michal Gräfling/DReynard F3[-]KL
21Bernd Simon/DDallara F3[-]KL
337Joe Nardin/AVW Golf[-]KL
360Frank Genbrock/DOpel Kadett[-]KL
377Christian Reuter/DBMW M3[-]KL
379Norbert Handa/DMercedes 190 Evo III.[-]KL
390Holger Hovemann/DOpel Kadett[-]KL
399Reto Meisel/CHMercedes 190 Evo[-]KL
400Georg Plasa/DBMW 320[-]FSKL

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