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Euromontagna Archives

40. Wolsfelder AvD/EMSC Bergrennen, Eifel

Wolsfeld - DBM/D

Last update: 2008-01-01


1. 9Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES991]02:07,29301:03,636- CNphoto
2. 8Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-02/94]02:10,94201:04,824- photo
3. 2Bruno Ianniello/CHLancia Delta S4[-]02:11,10001:05,100- photo
4. 381Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935[DP935301/1989]02:12,21801:05,617- Hphoto
5. 7Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger[ES921]02:14,95301:07,070-
6. 11Bernd Simon/DDallara 397[-]02:16,93901:08,037-
7. 379Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta HF[-]02:17,63901:08,433- photo
8. 324Uli Thomas/DOpel Ascona[-]02:18,03301:08,706-
9. 6Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]02:18,40201:08,938- C3photo
10. 337Joe Nardin/AVW Golf[-]02:19,58701:09,400-
11. 377Christian Reuter/DBMW M3[-]02:20,118- photo
12. 360Frank Genbrock/DOpel Kadett[-]02:20,515- photo
13. 310Egidio Pisano/DVW Golf[-]02:21,337-
14. 352Timm Stahmer/DOpel Kadett C[-]02:21,456-
15. 326Siegfried Rost/DVW Golf[-]02:21,814-
16. 346Andre Schrörs/DTalbot Lotus 16V[-]02:23,230-
17. 5Gebhard Zeller/DPRC[S2000-Zeller]02:24,33701:12,010-
18. 19Rolf Köppel/DMartini F2[-]02:25,33401:12,518-
19. 1Gerhard Siebert/DURD 772[-]02:25,84401:12,827- C3
20. 3Uwe Kaufel/DPRC[M88-CN93]02:28,30701:13,956-


ST307Ralf Kroll/DVW[-]0----- photo
ST Markus Wüstefeld/DMercedes[-]0----- photo
ST Norbert Brenner/DMercedes[-]0----- photo
ST37 - [-]0----- photo


Markus Wüstefeld/DMercedes[-]ST
Norbert Brenner/DMercedes[-]ST
1Gerhard Siebert/DURD 772[-]C3KL
2Bruno Ianniello/CHLancia Delta S4[-]KL
3Uwe Kaufel/DPRC[M88-CN93]KL
5Gebhard Zeller/DPRC[S2000-Zeller]KL
6Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90[-]C3KL
7Pierre Andrea Meroz/DStenger[ES921]KL
8Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20S[PA20S-02/94]KL
9Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES991]CNKL
11Bernd Simon/DDallara 397[-]KL
19Rolf Köppel/DMartini F2[-]KL
37 - [-]ST
307Ralf Kroll/DVW[-]ST
310Egidio Pisano/DVW Golf[-]KL
324Uli Thomas/DOpel Ascona[-]KL
326Siegfried Rost/DVW Golf[-]KL
337Joe Nardin/AVW Golf[-]KL
346Andre Schrörs/DTalbot Lotus 16V[-]KL
352Timm Stahmer/DOpel Kadett C[-]KL
360Frank Genbrock/DOpel Kadett[-]KL
377Christian Reuter/DBMW M3[-]KL
379Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta HF[-]KL
381Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935[DP935301/1989]HKL

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