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Archívy Euromontagna

16. Salita della Sila

Coppa Sila - CIVM/I

Výsledky všech vypsaných závodů tohoto víkendu:

2002-04-21 Coppa Sila
2002-04-21 Coppa Sila - CIVM


1. 159Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]06:08,6101. gr. SCH
2. 171Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]06:27,1302. gr. SCH
3. 172Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]06:28,9303. gr. SCH
4. 94Pasquele Iannuzzi/IPeugeot 309 Rally[-]06:31,1301. gr. N
5. 104Gabriele Spacco/IRenault Clio Williams[-]06:32,4902. gr. N
6. 88Luigi Pedretti/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]06:34,4603. gr. N
7. 98Michele Calabretto/IOpel Astra Gsi[-]06:34,6004. gr. N
8. 139Fabio Coscarella/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]06:35,2001. gr. A
9. 89Emanuele Sposetti/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]06:35,4305. gr. N
10. 101Salvatore D´Amico/IOpel Astra OPC[-]06:36,5806. gr. N
11. 93Michele Buiatti/IHonda Civic Vti[-]06:38,7307. gr. N
12. 81Andrea Arnone/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:41,7508. gr. N
13. 79Gianluca Rodino/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:42,2009. gr. N
14. 112Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]06:42,59010. gr. N
15. 129Armin Hafner/IHonda Civic V Tec[-]06:44,1602. gr. A
16. 84Massimo Cimbali/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]06:44,99011. gr. N
17. 156Francesco Bevacqua/IRenault 5 Gtt[-]06:45,1904. gr. SCH
18. 83Giovanni Dolce/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]06:46,00012. gr. N
19. 108Gabriella Pedroni/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]06:47,55013. gr. N
20. 153Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]06:47,9805. gr. SCH
48. 173Valeria Pulvirenti/IG.R.S.[-]08:25,1401. gr. CN


NS174Agostino Lembo/ISymbol[-]0----- CN
NS194Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20/S[-]0----- CN
NS193Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]0----- CN
NS191Fabrizio Vittorini/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]0----- CN
NS189Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]0----- CN
NS188Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-62/99]0----- CN
NS187Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]0----- CN
NS185Salvatore Giardina/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]0----- CN
NS183Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]0----- CN
NS182Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]0----- CN
NS181Salvatore Macri/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]0----- CN
NS179Silvano Brandi/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]0----- CN
NS177Antonino Loddo/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]0----- CN
NS176Rosario Vittoria/IGisa Renault[-]0----- CN
NS175Ivan Batacchi/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[033-SN86]0----- CN
NS195Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]0----- CN

Výsledky tréninku

-189Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]05:22,940CN
-195Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]05:23,270CN
-188Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-62/99]05:25,370CN
-193Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:26,320CN
-187Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]05:34,100CN
-191Fabrizio Vittorini/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:37,140CN
-194Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20/S[-]05:38,330CN
-177Antonino Loddo/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]05:41,530CN
-185Salvatore Giardina/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]05:45,690CN
-183Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]05:50,840CN
-181Salvatore Macri/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]05:53,860CN
-182Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]05:56,710CN
-179Silvano Brandi/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]06:17,870CN
-175Ivan Batacchi/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[033-SN86]06:24,630CN
-174Agostino Lembo/ISymbol[-]06:40,540CN
-176Rosario Vittoria/IGisa Renault[-]06:59,620CN
-173Valeria Pulvirenti/IG.R.S.[-]07:17,880CN

Seznam přihlášených

79Gianluca Rodino/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]NKL
81Andrea Arnone/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]NKL
83Giovanni Dolce/IPeugeot 205 Rally[-]NKL
84Massimo Cimbali/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]NKL
88Luigi Pedretti/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]NKL
89Emanuele Sposetti/IPeugeot 106 Rally[-]NKL
93Michele Buiatti/IHonda Civic Vti[-]NKL
94Pasquele Iannuzzi/IPeugeot 309 Rally[-]NKL
98Michele Calabretto/IOpel Astra Gsi[-]NKL
101Salvatore D´Amico/IOpel Astra OPC[-]NKL
104Gabriele Spacco/IRenault Clio Williams[-]NKL
108Gabriella Pedroni/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]NKL
112Roberto Chiavaroli/IFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]NKL
129Armin Hafner/IHonda Civic V Tec[-]AKL
139Fabio Coscarella/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]AKL
153Alessandro Gabrielli/IAudi A4 ST[-]SCHKL
156Francesco Bevacqua/IRenault 5 Gtt[-]SCHKL
159Fulvio Giuliani/ILancia Delta HF Evo[-]SCHKL
171Marco Gramenzi/IAlfa Romeo 155 ITC[-]SCHKL
172Leonardo Isolani/IFerrari 360 Modena Challenge[-]SCHKL
173Valeria Pulvirenti/IG.R.S.[-]SPORT CARS RACINGCNKL
174Agostino Lembo/ISymbol[-]FATA MORGANACNNS
175Ivan Batacchi/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[033-SN86]PROJECT RACINGCNNS
176Rosario Vittoria/IGisa Renault[-]GISA R.BIANCAVILLACNNS
177Antonino Loddo/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]GISA R.BIANCAVILLACNNS
179Silvano Brandi/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]SPORT CARS RACINGCNNS
181Salvatore Macri/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]COSENZA CORSECNNS
182Pietro Angelo Ballatori/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[085-SP291]PLANET AUTOSPORTCNNS
183Marino Ramella/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]CNNS
185Salvatore Giardina/IGisa Alfa Romeo[-]GISA R.BIANCAVILLACNNS
187Carmelo Scaramozzino/IBreda Alfa Romeo[BRP4-002]COSENZA CORSECNNS
188Giovanni Cassibba/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-62/99]SOUTH RACINGCNNS
189Simone Faggioli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-76/00]VILLORBA CORSECNNS
191Fabrizio Vittorini/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]VILLORBA CORSECNNS
193Rosario Iaquinta/IOsella PA20/S BMW[-]VILLORBA CORSECNNS
194Emilio Scola/IOsella PA20/S[-]VILLORBA CORSECNNS
195Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20/S BMW[PA20S-79/00]SPORT CARS RACINGCNNS

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