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Archívy Euromontagna

ADAC Bergrennen Mickhausen

Mickhausen - DBM Pokal/D


1. 5Martin jr. Krisam/DOsella PA20[PA20S-44/97]02:29,32300:47,138-
2. 6Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20 BMW[PA20S-02/94]02:29,32900:47,482-
3. 330Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935 DP II[DP935301/1989]02:33,82400:49,548-
4. 3Walter Forster/DPRC SC97 BMW[SC97/98-011]02:34,22600:49,110-
5. 348Georg Plasa/DBMW 320i 2.5[-]02:34,79800:49,830-
6. 60Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC Opel[-]02:37,01200:50,582-
7. 345Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta HF[-]02:38,470-
8. 14Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA9/90 BMW[PA9-119/83]02:39,935-
9. 26Thomas Rössler/DDallara Spiess[-]02:41,257-
10. 27Peter Rössler/DDallara Spiess[-]02:41,786-
11. 15Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90 BMW[-]02:42,271-
17. 59Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC[S2000-Stricker]02:51,335-
20. 13Uwe Wolpert/DUWR Seat[Debora-UWR-2_]02:53,540-
22. 8Gebhard Zeller/DPRC Opel[S2000-Zeller]02:53,799-
49. 10Peter Hartmann/DOsella PA21[PA21-11/01-S]---
67. 11Manfred Baumgartner/DMarch C92 BMW[-]---


AB16Alexander Hin/DReynard F3000[-]0-----


ST12Gerhard Siebert/DURD BMW[-]0-----

Seznam přihlášených

3Walter Forster/DPRC SC97 BMW[SC97/98-011]KL
5Martin jr. Krisam/DOsella PA20[PA20S-44/97]KL
6Uwe Lang/DOsella PA20 BMW[PA20S-02/94]KL
8Gebhard Zeller/DPRC Opel[S2000-Zeller]KL
10Peter Hartmann/DOsella PA21[PA21-11/01-S]KL
11Manfred Baumgartner/DMarch C92 BMW[-]KL
12Gerhard Siebert/DURD BMW[-]ST
13Uwe Wolpert/DUWR Seat[Debora-UWR-2_]KL
14Erich Öppinger/DOsella PA9/90 BMW[PA9-119/83]KL
15Georg Olbrich/DOsella PA9/90 BMW[-]KL
16Alexander Hin/DReynard F3000[-]AB
26Thomas Rössler/DDallara Spiess[-]KL
27Peter Rössler/DDallara Spiess[-]KL
59Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC[S2000-Stricker]KL
60Emanuel Pedrazza/APRC Opel[-]KL
330Herbert Stolz/APorsche 935 DP II[DP935301/1989]KL
345Norbert Handa/DLancia Delta HF[-]KL
348Georg Plasa/DBMW 320i 2.5[-]KL

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