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Archívy Euromontagna

Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux - EHC/F

Atandance: 30000
Lenght: 21.6 km


1. Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FPygmée MDB 15[-]10:14,3001. gr. Gr.8+9
2. Pierre Maublanc/FAbarth 3000 prototype[-]10:32,9001. gr. Gr.5-7
3. Michel Roussin/FPygmee[-]10:34,5002. gr. Gr.8+9
4. Jean Louis Staiano/FTecno F2[-]10:37,8003. gr. Gr.8+9
5. Richard Daniel/Pygmée F2[-]10:38,6004. gr. Gr.8+9
6. Finkel/FLola T212[-]10:45,8002. gr. Gr.5-7
7. Jean Lapierre/FTecno F2[-]11:04,8001. gr. F-Gr.8+9
8. Walter Brun/CHBMW 2800CS[-]11:12,3001. gr. Gr.2
9. 155Ake Andersson/SPorsche 911S[-]11:19,9001. gr. Gr.4
10. Régis Pechaire/FMartini[-]11:26,5002. gr. F-Gr.8+9
11. Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911S[-]11:27,0002. gr. Gr.4
12. Jean G Bellin/FAbarth 236[-]11:33,8001. gr. F-Gr.5-7
13. Aimé Dirand/FBMW 2002Ti[-]11:41,8002. gr. Gr.2
14. Jean-Marie Porcier/FAbarth[-]11:45,4002. gr. F-Gr.5-7
15. Peter Stürtz/DAbarth[-]11:50,8003. gr. Gr.5-7
16. Georges Buzzi/Alpine A 110 1600[-]11:50,9003. gr. Gr.4
17. Georges Benoit/FBMW 2002Ti[-]11:54,4003. gr. Gr.2
18. Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 911S[-]11:54,6004. gr. Gr.4
19. Cache/FTecno F3[-]11:55,4003. gr. F-Gr.8+9
20. Martin/FTecno F3[-]11:56,6004. gr. F-Gr.8+9
21. 127Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]11:57,1005. gr. Gr.4
22. Rosso/Alpine A 110 1300[-]11:58,0001. gr. F-Gr.3+4
23. José Xiberras/FRenault prototype[-]12:05,0003. gr. F-Gr.5-7
24. Tel/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]12:06,5002. gr. F-Gr.3+4
25. Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 911T[-]12:09,1006. gr. Gr.4
26. Jean Benaba/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]12:09,2003. gr. F-Gr.3+4
27. Giovanni Rossi/FAGS Formule France[-]12:10,7005. gr. F-Gr.8+9
28. "Cyprien"/FAbarth 2000SP[-]12:12,3004. gr. Gr.5-7
29. Nello Cheli/FBMW 2002Ti[-]12:13,8001. gr. F-Gr.2
30. Bonizzoni/FSIB[-]12:14,1004. gr. F-Gr.5-7
31. Mouret/FSIB[-]12:18,3005. gr. F-Gr.5-7
32. Maxense Balas/FPorsche 911S[-]12:20,9001. gr. Gr.3
33. Martino/ILancia Fulvia HF[-]12:21,1007. gr. Gr.4
34. Papazian/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:27,2008. gr. Gr.4
35. Michel Moga/FFord Mustang 427[-]12:29,7001. gr. Gr.1
36. Alain Billard/Marcadier barquette[-]12:30,3006. gr. F-Gr.5-7
37. 222Jose Albertini/FCooper S[-]12:30,6002. gr. F-Gr.2
38. Anniek Girard/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]12:32,7004. gr. F-Gr.3+4
39. Franco Capietti/IMorris-Cooper S[-]12:35,3004. gr. Gr.2
40. Brandmeyer/FTecno F3[-]12:43,5006. gr. F-Gr.8+9
41. Tonino Piovano/IMorris-Cooper S[-]12:44,5005. gr. Gr.2
42. "Schuss"/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]12:45,1005. gr. F-Gr.3+4
43. Denis Borel/CHAlpine A 110 1600[-]12:46,7006. gr. F-Gr.3+4
44. Masante/Renault R 8 Gordini[-]12:54,0003. gr. F-Gr.2
45. Michel Billard/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]12:55,7002. gr. Gr.3
46. Hans Furian/AFord Mustang 428 GT[-]13:00,7006. gr. Gr.2
47. Vosahlo/FFord Mustang GT[-]13:01,6001. gr. F-Gr.1
48. Sanchez/FMorris-Cooper S[-]13:14,7004. gr. F-Gr.2
49. Rasera/FPorsche 911 S[-]13:15,0007. gr. F-Gr.3+4
50. Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 911S[-]13:16,5003. gr. Gr.3
51. Philippe Leclerc/FBMW 2002Ti[-]13:19,5005. gr. F-Gr.2
52. Claude Danse/FMatra MS8 F 2[-]13:19,9007. gr. F-Gr.8+9
53. M. Eynard/BMW 2002Ti[-]13:23,2002. gr. F-Gr.1
54. Pin/FMercedes 300 SEL (6300 cm3)[-]13:25,0006. gr. F-Gr.2
55. J. Pierre Sauget/FBMW 2002Ti[-]13:26,1002. gr. Gr.1
56. Gonnetant/FMEP X 2[-]13:32,4008. gr. F-Gr.8+9
57. Derdoudille/FPlymouth Cuda 440[-]13:35,9003. gr. Gr.1
58. Robert Augias/FBMW 2002Ti[-]13:46,0003. gr. F-Gr.1
59. Libert/FBMW 2002Ti[-]13:56,4004. gr. F-Gr.1
60. Marc Regal/FMEP X 2[-]14:07,6009. gr. F-Gr.8+9
61. Purin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:08,3005. gr. F-Gr.1
62. Bouly/FBMW 2002[-]14:09,5007. gr. F-Gr.2
63. Walter Lambert/FFord Capri[-]14:10,3006. gr. F-Gr.1
64. Colongin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:15,1007. gr. F-Gr.1
65. Di nicolas/FDatsun 1600 SSS[-]14:19,7008. gr. F-Gr.1
66. Bareyre/FMEP X 2[-]14:24,20010. gr. F-Gr.8+9
67. Ginouvier/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:32,5009. gr. F-Gr.1
68. Maurel/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]15:00,4008. gr. F-Gr.3+4
69. Castelnau/FCastelnau[-]15:13,90011. gr. F-Gr.8+9
70. J. Rey/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]15:28,0008. gr. F-Gr.2
71. Vittet/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]15:35,5009. gr. F-Gr.2
72. Marron/FSimca 1200 S[-]15:46,5009. gr. F-Gr.3+4
73. Gallo/INSU 1000 TTS[-]16:09,00010. gr. F-Gr.2
74. Micheline Boeuf/FNSU Targa 67 F[-]17:07,00010. gr. F-Gr.1
75. André Wicky/CHPorsche 910[910-007]17:34,5005. gr. Gr.5-7
76. Franck Alesi/FOpel Kadett Rallye[-]20:17,1004. gr. Gr.1
77. Pierre Chapouan/FJefa[-]20:55,10012. gr. F-Gr.8+9
78. Casteran/Renault R 8[-]32:47,20011. gr. F-Gr.2
79. Davin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]33:17,20011. gr. F-Gr.1

Seznam pøihlášených

Pierre Chapouan/FJefa[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Jean Benaba/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Rosso/Alpine A 110 1300[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Pin/FMercedes 300 SEL (6300 cm3)[-]F-Gr.2KL
Bouly/FBMW 2002[-]F-Gr.2KL
Philippe Leclerc/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.2KL
Nello Cheli/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.2KL
Casteran/Renault R 8[-]F-Gr.2KL
Gallo/INSU 1000 TTS[-]F-Gr.2KL
Vittet/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
J. Rey/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
Sanchez/FMorris-Cooper S[-]F-Gr.2KL
Masante/Renault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.2KL
Walter Lambert/FFord Capri[-]F-Gr.1KL
Vosahlo/FFord Mustang GT[-]F-Gr.1KL
Di nicolas/FDatsun 1600 SSS[-]F-Gr.1KL
Libert/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
Robert Augias/FBMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
"Schuss"/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Maurel/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Marron/FSimca 1200 S[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Claude Danse/FMatra MS8 F 2[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Brandmeyer/FTecno F3[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Giovanni Rossi/FAGS Formule France[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Martin/FTecno F3[-]green,yellowF-Gr.8+9KL
Cache/FTecno F3[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Bareyre/FMEP X 2[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Marc Regal/FMEP X 2[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Gonnetant/FMEP X 2[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Jean-Marie Porcier/FAbarth[-]F-Gr.5-7KL
Alain Billard/Marcadier barquette[-]F-Gr.5-7KL
José Xiberras/FRenault prototype[-]F-Gr.5-7KL
Rasera/FPorsche 911 S[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Denis Borel/CHAlpine A 110 1600[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Tel/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
M. Eynard/BMW 2002Ti[-]F-Gr.1KL
Davin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.1KL
J. Pierre Sauget/FBMW 2002Ti[-]Gr.1KL
Tonino Piovano/IMorris-Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Franco Capietti/IMorris-Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Georges Benoit/FBMW 2002Ti[-]Gr.2KL
Aimé Dirand/FBMW 2002Ti[-]whiteGr.2KL
Jean G Bellin/FAbarth 236[-]F-Gr.5-7KL
Anniek Girard/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]F-Gr.3+4KL
Michel Moga/FFord Mustang 427[-]Gr.1KL
Maxense Balas/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3KL
Régis Pechaire/FMartini[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Walter Brun/CHBMW 2800CS[-]Gr.2KL
Jean Lapierre/FTecno F2[-]F-Gr.8+9KL
Finkel/FLola T212[-]Gr.5-7KL
Richard Daniel/Pygmée F2[-]Gr.8+9KL
Jean Louis Staiano/FTecno F2[-]Gr.8+9KL
Michel Roussin/FPygmee[-]Gr.8+9KL
Pierre Maublanc/FAbarth 3000 prototype[-]Gr.5-7KL
Franck Alesi/FOpel Kadett Rallye[-]Gr.1KL
Hans Furian/AFord Mustang 428 GT[-]Gr.2KL
Derdoudille/FPlymouth Cuda 440[-]Gr.1KL
Micheline Boeuf/FNSU Targa 67 F[-]F-Gr.1KL
Ginouvier/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.1KL
Colongin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.1KL
Purin/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]F-Gr.1KL
André Wicky/CHPorsche 910[910-007]Gr.5-7KL
"Cyprien"/FAbarth 2000SP[-]Gr.5-7KL
Peter Stürtz/DAbarth[-]Gr.5-7KL
Jacques Alméras/FPorsche 911S[-]Gr.3KL
Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 911T[-]Gr.4KL
Georges Buzzi/Alpine A 110 1600[-]Gr.4KL
Martino/ILancia Fulvia HF[-]Gr.4KL
Papazian/FAlpine A 110 1600[-]Gr.4KL
Michel Billard/FAlpine A 110 1600 S[-]Gr.3KL
Sepp Greger/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4KL
Wilhelm Bartels/DPorsche 911S[-]Gr.4KL
Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FPygmée MDB 15[-]Gr.8+9KL
127Jean Ortelli/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]blueGr.4KL
155Ake Andersson/SPorsche 911S[-]redGr.4KL
222Jose Albertini/FCooper S[-]greenF-Gr.2KL

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