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Euromontagna Archives

Gassin - Golfe de Saint Tropez

Gassin - 2. Divize/F


1. Fabien Frantz/FMartini Mk69[MK69-01]02:06,700- DE
2. Gérald Antiochia/FMartini Mk69[-]02:07,410- DE
3. Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk69[-]02:10,010- DE
4. Stéphane Baudin/FDallara 392[-]02:11,760- DE
5. Alain Castellana/FNorma M14[-]02:11,9401. gr. CN
6. Arnold Wagner/DMartini Mk74[_MK74-Wagner]02:12,420- DE
7. Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]02:12,7502. gr. CN
8. Patrick Gasquet/FOsella PA9[-]02:14,3001. gr. C3
9. Bernadat/Reynard 89D[-]02:15,330- DE
10. Joseph La Spisa/FOsella PA9[-]02:15,5002. gr. C3
12. Rene Paulin/FProto RDB[-]02:18,6903. gr. C3
15. Luc Leonce/FLCG[-]02:21,3804. gr. C3
19. Jean Imbert/FNorma M16[-]02:23,4103. gr. CN
23. Jean-Francois Fabre/FMerlin Honda[-]02:27,0004. gr. CN
42. Jegu/ARC MF15[-]02:39,6005. gr. C3
45. Dominique Apertet/FARC MF16[-]02:40,4106. gr. C3


Fabien Frantz/FMartini Mk69[MK69-01]DEKL
Jegu/ARC MF15[-]C3KL
Jean-Francois Fabre/FMerlin Honda[-]CNKL
Jean Imbert/FNorma M16[-]CNKL
Luc Leonce/FLCG[-]C3KL
Rene Paulin/FProto RDB[-]C3KL
Joseph La Spisa/FOsella PA9[-]C3KL
Bernadat/Reynard 89D[-]DEKL
Patrick Gasquet/FOsella PA9[-]C3KL
Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]CNKL
Arnold Wagner/DMartini Mk74[_MK74-Wagner]DEKL
Alain Castellana/FNorma M14[-]CNKL
Stéphane Baudin/FDallara 392[-]DEKL
Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk69[-]DEKL
Gérald Antiochia/FMartini Mk69[-]DEKL
Dominique Apertet/FARC MF16[-]C3KL

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