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Archívy Euromontagna

34. Coppa Bruno Carotti

Rieti - EHC/I

Lenght: 15.1 km
Last update: 2008-01-01


1. Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-65/99]05:37,9701. gr. CN
2. Franz Tschager/ILucchini BMW[132-P1-98]05:41,4702. gr. CN
3. 282Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-44/97]05:46,5503. gr. CNphoto
4. 277Mirco Savoldi/ILucchini P1-98 BMW[136-P1-98]05:48,9804. gr. CNphoto
5. Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]05:51,3105. gr. CN
6. 274Mauro Nesti/IBreda BMW[BRP4-001]05:59,9806. gr. CNphoto
7. "Ricky"/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]06:01,1907. gr. CN
8. Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-27/96]06:01,2008. gr. CN
9. Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-40/97]06:05,0409. gr. CN
10. 435Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-50/98]06:12,85010. gr. CNphoto
11. Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]06:24,34011. gr. CN
12. 246Renzo Maggiani/IOsella PA20S Alfa Romeo[PA20S-53/98]06:25,98012. gr. CNphoto
13. Nico Giorico/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[067-SP90]06:39,47013. gr. CN
14. Fabio Danti/ISkoda Octavia Wagon[-]06:43,0201. gr. SS
15. Alessandro Novi/IBogani Alfa Romeo[-]06:47,12014. gr. CN
16. Vito Radicci/ILucchini Sport[-]06:53,14015. gr. CN
17. Oronzo Pezzolla/ISkoda Octavia Turbo[-]06:53,1402. gr. SS
18. Armando Mangini/IOsella Alfa Romeo[PA20S-25/96]06:57,65016. gr. CN
19. Giovanni Mezzasalma/IOsella PA20S Alfa Romeo[-]07:03,80017. gr. CN
20. Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]07:11,1501. gr. N
21. Antonio Giordano/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]07:11,61018. gr. CN
22. Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]07:12,5301. gr. A
23. Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF[-]07:13,3202. gr. A
24. Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort Cosworth[94222/92]07:16,7302. gr. N
25. Attilio Salvatori/ILancia Delta HF[-]07:17,7503. gr. A
26. Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[80782/92]07:29,0903. gr. N
27. Walter Russo/IRenault Clio Williams[-]07:31,9904. gr. N
28. Lino Vardanega/ICitroen AX GTi[-]07:32,1404. gr. A
29. Raimondo Saldi/IOpel Astra GSi[-]07:33,8695. gr. N
30. Gianni Marchiol/IHonda Integra[-]07:36,2296. gr. N
31. Fabrizio Torbi/IRenault Clio Williams[-]07:40,2797. gr. N
32. Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 145TS[-]07:41,2705. gr. A
33. Paolo Angelini/IOpel Astra GSi[-]07:42,5898. gr. N
34. Francesco Loiacono/IHonda Civic VTi[-]07:48,5109. gr. N
35. Dubravko Čikor/HRBMW M3[_M3NK2]07:48,54010. gr. N
36. Michele Calabretto/IOpel Astra[-]07:52,40911. gr. N
37. Alvaro Salvatori/IRenault Clio Williams[-]07:54,6006. gr. A
38. Leo Bajardo/IOpel Astra[-]07:57,6107. gr. A
39. Alberto Ciferri/IRenault Clio Williams[-]07:57,78912. gr. N
40. Antonio Forti/IRenault Clio Williams[-]08:00,93913. gr. N
41. Rocco Di Fulvio/IOpel Astra GSi[-]08:01,590- A
42. Giovanni Palmisano/IOsella PA20S[-]08:01,65019. gr. CN
43. Roberto Brenti/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:03,38014. gr. N
44. Rainer Krug/DBMW 325i[-]08:03,4308. gr. A
45. Radim Freiberg/CZRenault Clio Williams[-]--9. gr. A
46. Gianluca Benedetti/IOpel Astra GSi[-]08:04,36915. gr. N
47. Renzo Ingrassia/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:04,68016. gr. N
48. Enrico Palumbo/IVW GTi[-]08:04,770- A
49. Alessandro Luciani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:06,32917. gr. N
50. Vincenzo Pangrazi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:06,57918. gr. N
51. Gioacchino Bongiovanni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:06,78919. gr. N
52. Massimo Campogiani/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:11,320- A
53. Domenico Palazzo/IHonda Civic VTi[-]08:12,630- A
54. Claudio Palma/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:13,19920. gr. N
55. Gianluca Fanali/IFiat Uno Turbo[-]08:13,300- A
56. Maurizio Nenna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:16,02921. gr. N
57. Roberto Chiavaroli/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:16,83922. gr. N
58. Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:17,140- A
59. Alfio Bonaccorsi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:21,04923. gr. N
60. Edoardo Rossi/IRenault Clio 16V[-]08:21,360- A
61. Benito Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:23,09924. gr. N
62. Lucca Scappa/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]08:23,73025. gr. N
63. Mariano Minore/IBMW 325 Coupe[-]08:24,04026. gr. N
64. Renzo Pellegrini/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]08:26,81027. gr. N
65. Brandi S. Bertuccelli/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]08:27,980- A
66. Pasquale S. Della Rocca/IOpel Corsa GSi[-]08:30,330- A
67. Achile Gigliarelli/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:34,64928. gr. N
68. Sergio Tosti/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:35,78929. gr. N
69. Tomaso Collela/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:42,24930. gr. N
70. Emanuela Boni/IOpel Astra GSi[-]08:44,790- A
71. Serafino Moretti/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]08:46,29931. gr. N
72. Gianluigi Carelli/IAlfa Romeo 33QV[-]08:46,44032. gr. N
73. Paolo Lelli/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]08:54,810- A
74. Bruno Grifoni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]09:06,539- A
75. Alessandro Di Marco/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]09:09,639- A
76. Giovanni/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]09:10,209- A
77. Gianluca Fanali/IFiat Uno Turbo[-]09:13,300- A
78. Emanuele Finestauri/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]10:10,529- A
79. Gianni Angelini/IFiat Cinquecento[-]10:11,650- A

Seznam přihlášených

Radim Freiberg/CZRenault Clio Williams[-]AKL
Lino Vardanega/ICitroen AX GTi[-]AKL
Emanuele Finestauri/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]AKL
Giovanni/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]AKL
Alessandro Di Marco/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]AKL
Bruno Grifoni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]AKL
Paolo Lelli/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]AKL
Gianni Angelini/IFiat Cinquecento[-]AKL
Renzo Pellegrini/IFord Escort Cosworth[-]NKL
Dubravko Čikor/HRBMW M3[_M3NK2]NKL
Tomáš Vavřinec/CZFord Escort Cosworth[80782/92]NKL
Peter Jureňa/SKFord Escort Cosworth[94222/92]NKL
Maurizio Iacoangeli/IBMW M3[-]NKL
Mariano Minore/IBMW 325 Coupe[-]NKL
Gianluca Benedetti/IOpel Astra GSi[-]NKL
Antonio Forti/IRenault Clio Williams[-]NKL
Alberto Ciferri/IRenault Clio Williams[-]NKL
Michele Calabretto/IOpel Astra[-]NKL
Massimo Campogiani/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]AKL
Domenico Palazzo/IHonda Civic VTi[-]AKL
Luigino Ciogli/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]AKL
Oronzo Pezzolla/ISkoda Octavia Turbo[-]SSKL
Fabio Danti/ISkoda Octavia Wagon[-]SSKL
Gianluca Fanali/IFiat Uno Turbo[-]AKL
Rainer Krug/DBMW 325i[-]AKL
Attilio Salvatori/ILancia Delta HF[-]AKL
Roberto Di Giuseppe/ILancia Delta HF[-]AKL
Niko Pulič/CRBMW M3[62646616/96]AKL
Gianluca Fanali/IFiat Uno Turbo[-]AKL
Emanuela Boni/IOpel Astra GSi[-]AKL
Brandi S. Bertuccelli/IAlfa Romeo 156TS[-]AKL
Edoardo Rossi/IRenault Clio 16V[-]AKL
Rocco Di Fulvio/IOpel Astra GSi[-]AKL
Enrico Palumbo/IVW GTi[-]AKL
Leo Bajardo/IOpel Astra[-]AKL
Alvaro Salvatori/IRenault Clio Williams[-]AKL
Amedeo Pancotti/IAlfa Romeo 145TS[-]AKL
Pasquale S. Della Rocca/IOpel Corsa GSi[-]AKL
Paolo Angelini/IOpel Astra GSi[-]NKL
Fabrizio Torbi/IRenault Clio Williams[-]NKL
Gianni Marchiol/IHonda Integra[-]NKL
Alessandro Luciani/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Renzo Ingrassia/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Vito Radicci/ILucchini Sport[-]CNKL
Giovanni Palmisano/IOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
Giovanni Mezzasalma/IOsella PA20S Alfa Romeo[-]CNKL
Armando Mangini/IOsella Alfa Romeo[PA20S-25/96]CNKL
Nico Giorico/ILucchini Alfa Romeo[067-SP90]CNKL
Antonio Giordano/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]CNKL
Alessandro Novi/IBogani Alfa Romeo[-]CNKL
Maurizio Roasio/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]CNKL
Renzo Napione/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-40/97]CNKL
Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-27/96]CNKL
"Ricky"/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]CNKL
Fabrizio Fattorini/IOsella PA20S BMW[-]CNKL
Franz Tschager/ILucchini BMW[132-P1-98]CNKL
Vincenzo Pangrazi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Gioacchino Bongiovanni/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Raimondo Saldi/IOpel Astra GSi[-]NKL
Walter Russo/IRenault Clio Williams[-]NKL
Gianluigi Carelli/IAlfa Romeo 33QV[-]NKL
Lucca Scappa/IAlfa Romeo 33[-]NKL
Roberto Brenti/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Francesco Loiacono/IHonda Civic VTi[-]NKL
Serafino Moretti/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Tomaso Collela/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Pasquale Irlando/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-65/99]CNKL
Sergio Tosti/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Achile Gigliarelli/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Benito Bianchi/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
Alfio Bonaccorsi/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Roberto Chiavaroli/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Claudio Palma/IPeugeot 106 Rallye[-]NKL
Maurizio Nenna/IPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]NKL
246Renzo Maggiani/IOsella PA20S Alfa Romeo[PA20S-53/98]CNKL
274Mauro Nesti/IBreda BMW[BRP4-001]CNKL
277Mirco Savoldi/ILucchini P1-98 BMW[136-P1-98]CNKL
282Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-44/97]CNKL
435Otakar Krámský/CZOsella PA20S BMW[PA20S-50/98]CNKL

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