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Euromontagna Archives

Corsa Al Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux - EHC/F

Lenght: 21.6 km


1. 43Hans Herrmann/DFiat-Abarth 2000 Sport[-]11:16,5001. gr. Gr.4
2. 44Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[906-011]11:16,8002. gr. Gr.4photo
3. Leo Cella/IFiat-Abarth 2000 sport[-]11:20,8003. gr. Gr.4
4. 57Heini Walter/CHFerrari 275LM[5905(250LM)-1964]11:25,6004. gr. Gr.4
5. 197Herbert Müller/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-005]11:34,0001. gr. Gr.3photo
6. Herbert Demetz/ASimca-Abarth 2000 GT[-]11:43,4002. gr. Gr.3
7. Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[904-082]11:43,7005. gr. Gr.4
8. Willy Mairesse/BFerrari GTO[-]12:05,2003. gr. Gr.3
9. Jean G. Rolland/FAlfa Romeo TZ Usine[-]12:05,4004. gr. Gr.3
10. Maxense Balas/FPorsche 904GTS[-]12:09,7006. gr. Gr.4
11. Philippe Vidal/Alpine A271 Renault[-]12:15,6001. gr. RaceCars
12. 125John Whitmore/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]12:24,6001. gr. Gr.2
13. Jean Clement/FPorsche 904[-]12:28,7005. gr. Gr.3
14. Henri Greder/FFord Mustang[-]12:37,8002. gr. Gr.2
15. Peter Procter/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]12:38,5003. gr. Gr.2
16. Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo TZ[-]12:39,6006. gr. Gr.3
17. Jo Siffert/CHLotus 25B Coventry-Climax[-]12:43,500- RaceCars
18. Hubert Hahne/DBMW 1800Ti[-]12:43,8004. gr. Gr.2
19. Martial Chevillon/FPorsche 904[-]12:52,8007. gr. Gr.3
20. F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Super TI[-]13:11,0005. gr. Gr.2
21. Freddy Kottulinsky/SBMW 1800Ti[-]13:20,2006. gr. Gr.2
22. Abramo Zanardelli/IPorsche 904GTS[-]13:22,3008. gr. Gr.3
23. Werner Ruefenacht/CHAbarth sport[-]13:24,3007. gr. Gr.4
24. Disdier/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]13:25,4009. gr. Gr.3
25. Achille Marzi/IFiat-Abarth 1000 berline Corsa[-]13:34,2007. gr. Gr.2
26. Silvain Garant/FFerrari 250GTO[3769GT]13:36,40010. gr. Gr.3
27. Moisset/FBMC Cooper S[-]13:40,4008. gr. Gr.2
28. René Trautmann/FLancia Flavia Zagato[-]13:40,7009. gr. Gr.2
29. Cohen/FFournier-Marcadier[-]13:54,2008. gr. Gr.4
30. Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari GTO[-]14:01,30011. gr. Gr.3
31. Nicole Roure/FLotus Elan coupé[-]14:08,70012. gr. Gr.3
32. Robert Neyret/F[-]14:12,60013. gr. Gr.3
33. Chianea Raymond/FFiat-Abarth 1000[-]14:13,00010. gr. Gr.2
34. Gabrielle Renault/FFord Cortina Lotus 125 E[-]14:13,30011. gr. Gr.2
35. Sacchi/IFerrari berlinette 250 GT[-]14:15,20014. gr. Gr.3
36. Reynaud/FAlpine A110[-]14:18,20015. gr. Gr.3
37. Pierre/FVolvo[-]14:20,30012. gr. Gr.2
38. Antonio Trenti/IFiat-Abarth 850 TC Corsa[-]14:20,90013. gr. Gr.2
39. Salvatore Calascibetta/IFiat-Abarth 850 TC Corsa[-]14:21,10014. gr. Gr.2
40. De Boissieu/FVolvo PV544[-]14:28,50015. gr. Gr.2
41. André Wicky/CHAlpine[-]14:30,10016. gr. Gr.3
42. Andreason/DBMC Cooper S[-]14:31,60016. gr. Gr.2
43. Orticer/FVolvo PV544[-]14:32,70017. gr. Gr.2
44. Wybo/FAlpine A110[-]14:37,00017. gr. Gr.3
45. Dionisi/FMorris-Cooper S[-]14:37,70018. gr. Gr.2
46. Maurin/FAlfa Romeo[-]14:38,30019. gr. Gr.2
47. Thomas/FAlpine A110[-]14:41,30018. gr. Gr.3
48. Lamoure/FMarcos Ford GT 1000[-]14:41,80019. gr. Gr.3
49. Claude/FAustin-Healey 3000 MK II[-]14:46,40020. gr. Gr.3
50. Benedetto/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:46,50020. gr. Gr.2
51. Jean Sage/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]14:50,70021. gr. Gr.2
52. Huriot/FFournier-Marcadier R 1130[-]14:52,9009. gr. Gr.4
53. Pugniet/FAustin-Cooper S[-]14:54,20022. gr. Gr.2
54. Peter Richardson/GBLotus Elite[-]15:03,20021. gr. Gr.3
55. Claude Danse/FFournier-Marcadier[-]15:04,10010. gr. Gr.4
56. H. Windler/CHBMC Morris-Cooper S[-]15:07,00023. gr. Gr.2
57. Chaix/FCD[-]15:08,20022. gr. Gr.3
58. Schand/GBJaguar E coupé[-]15:12,40023. gr. Gr.3
59. Guiraud/FPeugeot 404[-]15:13,30024. gr. Gr.2
60. Justamond/FBMC Cooper S[-]15:20,50025. gr. Gr.2
61. Berthold/DBMW 700S[-]15:30,70026. gr. Gr.2
62. Ripoteau/FAlpine A110[-]15:47,70024. gr. Gr.3
63. Jean Laroche/FBMW 700CS[-]15:53,30027. gr. Gr.2
64. Valdes/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]15:58,60025. gr. Gr.3
65. Cordonnier/FAlfa Romeo[-]16:04,40028. gr. Gr.2
66. Franck Alesi/FBMW 700S[-]16:07,70029. gr. Gr.2
67. Irene Sadron/FTriumph Spitfire[-]16:09,80026. gr. Gr.3
68. Lamisse/FBMW 700S[-]16:12,70030. gr. Gr.2
69. Allemand/FVolvo P 1800[-]16:14,60027. gr. Gr.3
70. Pierre Tramzall/CHBMW 700S[-]16:49,60031. gr. Gr.2
71. Broccolighi/FSimca SA[-]17:08,80032. gr. Gr.2
72. Marron/FSimca 356B[-]17:33,10033. gr. Gr.2
73. Regis/FNSU Prinz 67[-]17:33,20034. gr. Gr.2
74. Monteau/FPeugeot 404[-]18:43,10035. gr. Gr.2
75. Ferreri/FRenault 1090[-]19:01,70028. gr. Gr.3

Did not classified

AB Jo Schlesser/FCobra[-]0----- Gr.4


? Michel Weber/D[-]0-----
ST Hans Kühnis/CHAbarth[-]0----- GT
ST Annie Solibault/Ferrari[-]0-----

Qualification lap times

-57Heini Walter/CHFerrari 275LM[5905(250LM)-1964]11:38,900Gr.4
-44Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[906-011]11:41,300Gr.4photo
- Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[904-082]11:45,600Gr.4
-43Hans Herrmann/DFiat-Abarth 2000 Sport[-]11:49,800Gr.4
-197Herbert Müller/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-005]11:52,400Gr.3photo
- Leo Cella/IFiat-Abarth 2000 sport[-]11:59,800Gr.4
- Maxense Balas/FPorsche 904GTS[-]12:25,000Gr.4
-125John Whitmore/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]12:30,600Gr.2
- Hans Kühnis/CHAbarth[-]12:42,600GT
- Jo Siffert/CHLotus 25B Coventry-Climax[-]12:50,800RaceCars
- Annie Solibault/Ferrari[-]12:56,600
- Hubert Hahne/DBMW 1800Ti[-]12:56,800Gr.2


Annie Solibault/Ferrari[-]ST
Peter Richardson/GBLotus Elite[-]Gr.3KL
Robert Neyret/F[-]Gr.3KL
Nicole Roure/FLotus Elan coupé[-]Gr.3KL
Disdier/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]Gr.3KL
Lucien Bianchi/BAlfa Romeo TZ[-]Gr.3KL
Jean G. Rolland/FAlfa Romeo TZ Usine[-]Gr.3KL
Irene Sadron/FTriumph Spitfire[-]Gr.3KL
Ripoteau/FAlpine A110[-]Gr.3KL
Thomas/FAlpine A110[-]Gr.3KL
Wybo/FAlpine A110[-]Gr.3KL
André Wicky/CHAlpine[-]Gr.3KL
Reynaud/FAlpine A110[-]Gr.3KL
Ferreri/FRenault 1090[-]Gr.3KL
Lamoure/FMarcos Ford GT 1000[-]Gr.3KL
Maurin/FAlfa Romeo[-]Gr.2KL
Henri Greder/FFord Mustang[-]Gr.2KL
Valdes/FLotus Elan S 2 cabriolet[-]Gr.3KL
Herbert Demetz/ASimca-Abarth 2000 GT[-]Gr.3KL
Jean Clement/FPorsche 904[-]Gr.3KL
Hans Kühnis/CHAbarth[-]GTST
Jo Schlesser/FCobra[-]Gr.4AB
Philippe Vidal/Alpine A271 Renault[-]RaceCarsKL
Jo Siffert/CHLotus 25B Coventry-Climax[-]RaceCarsKL
Maxense Balas/FPorsche 904GTS[-]Gr.4KL
Claude Danse/FFournier-Marcadier[-]Gr.4KL
Huriot/FFournier-Marcadier R 1130[-]Gr.4KL
Werner Ruefenacht/CHAbarth sport[-]Gr.4KL
Schand/GBJaguar E coupé[-]Gr.3KL
Claude/FAustin-Healey 3000 MK II[-]Gr.3KL
Sacchi/IFerrari berlinette 250 GT[-]Gr.3KL
Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari GTO[-]Gr.3KL
Willy Mairesse/BFerrari GTO[-]Gr.3KL
Allemand/FVolvo P 1800[-]Gr.3KL
Abramo Zanardelli/IPorsche 904GTS[-]Gr.3KL
Martial Chevillon/FPorsche 904[-]Gr.3KL
Monteau/FPeugeot 404[-]Gr.2KL
Guiraud/FPeugeot 404[-]Gr.2KL
Broccolighi/FSimca SA[-]Gr.2KL
H. Windler/CHBMC Morris-Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Andreason/DBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Chianea Raymond/FFiat-Abarth 1000[-]Gr.2KL
Achille Marzi/IFiat-Abarth 1000 berline Corsa[-]Gr.2KL
Pierre Tramzall/CHBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Lamisse/FBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Franck Alesi/FBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Jean Laroche/FBMW 700CS[-]Gr.2KL
Berthold/DBMW 700S[-]Gr.2KL
Antonio Trenti/IFiat-Abarth 850 TC Corsa[-]Gr.2KL
Salvatore Calascibetta/IFiat-Abarth 850 TC Corsa[-]Gr.2KL
Silvain Garant/FFerrari 250GTO[3769GT]Gr.3KL
Anton Fischhaber/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[904-082]PorscheGr.4KL
Michel Weber/D[-]?
Leo Cella/IFiat-Abarth 2000 sport[-]Gr.4KL
Marron/FSimca 356B[-]Gr.2KL
Regis/FNSU Prinz 67[-]Gr.2KL
Moisset/FBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Orticer/FVolvo PV544[-]Gr.2KL
De Boissieu/FVolvo PV544[-]Gr.2KL
René Trautmann/FLancia Flavia Zagato[-]HF Squadra CorseGr.2KL
Freddy Kottulinsky/SBMW 1800Ti[-]Gr.2KL
Hubert Hahne/DBMW 1800Ti[-]Gr.2KL
Jean Sage/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]Gr.2KL
Gabrielle Renault/FFord Cortina Lotus 125 E[-]Gr.2KL
F. Masoero/FAlfa Romeo Super TI[-]Gr.2KL
Peter Procter/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]Alan Mann RacingGr.2KL
Dionisi/FMorris-Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Cordonnier/FAlfa Romeo[-]Gr.2KL
Justamond/FBMC Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Pugniet/FAustin-Cooper S[-]Gr.2KL
Benedetto/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]Gr.2KL
43Hans Herrmann/DFiat-Abarth 2000 Sport[-]AbarthGr.4KL
44Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 904 Prototype 6V Coupe[906-011]PorscheGr.4KL
57Heini Walter/CHFerrari 275LM[5905(250LM)-1964]Gr.4KL
125John Whitmore/GBFord Cortina Lotus[-]Alan Mann RacingGr.2KL
197Herbert Müller/CHPorsche 904GTS[904-005]PorscheGr.3KL

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