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Euromontagna Archives

XXVII Subida Internacional Al Monte Jaizkibel

Jaizkibel - EHC/E

Atandance: 25000
Last update: 2008-01-01


1. 59Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella PA9[PA9-154/86]04:59,94002:29,3301. gr. C3photo
2. 61Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298 Repsol[T298/HU102]05:01,48902:30,4502. gr. C3
3. 56Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-122]05:06,04002:32,4203. gr. C3
4. 60RŁdiger Faustmann/DFaust P 91/1 BMW[001/Faust/]05:06,04002:32,9904. gr. C3
5. 57Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9/90[PA9-125/84]05:14,41902:35,5205. gr. C3
6. 58Luca Pacini/IOsella PA12[PA12-02/87]05:19,17902:39,0806. gr. C3
7. 52Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-121/83]05:23,39002:41,1607. gr. C3
8. 48Javier Climent/ELola T298[T298/Spain]05:41,29902:49,0208. gr. C3
9. 44Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]05:47,72902:53,3901. gr. A
10. 46Otakar KrŠmskż/CZBMW Sport Evo[49501624/92]05:49,84002:54,3502. gr. A
11. 51Adriano Parlamento/IMarch Sport[75S-5]05:51,91902:52,5809. gr. C3
12. 42Francisco Gutierrez/ELancia Delta[-]05:53,71002:55,7503. gr. A
13. 39Xavier Riera/EBMW M3[-]05:55,16902:57,2304. gr. A
14. 43David Rodriguez/EBMW M3[-]05:56,57002:57,3905. gr. A
15. 45Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3 Sport Evo[49501605/91]05:57,20002:58,5006. gr. A
16. 20AntonŪn Charouz/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[98680/93]06:00,66903:00,3001. gr. N
17. 21Josef Kopeckż/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[WR199307/93]06:02,54903:00,3502. gr. N
18. 22Francisco Rastrollo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:13,48903:06,3301. gr. A1/2
19. 16Antonio Castro/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]06:17,22903:07,9503. gr. N
20. 26Fernando Navarrete/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:18,50003:08,2102. gr. A1/2
21. 14IÚigo Lilly/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]06:18,82003:09,1804. gr. N
22. 30Angel Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:19,61903:09,7303. gr. A1/2
23. 28Fernando Medina/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:25,34003:11,8604. gr. A1/2
24. 25Gregorio Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:28,72903:13,5205. gr. A1/2
25. 15Jesķs M. Santamaria/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]06:31,71003:09,0905. gr. N
26. 38Nati OrtuÚo Dabad/ANDBMW M3[-]06:32,22903:14,7307. gr. A
27. 10Aitor Barinaga/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]06:35,51003:10,6906. gr. N
28. 12Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]06:39,11903:18,4607. gr. N
29. 6Alfonso Loza/ERenault Clio 16 V[-]06:52,46003:25,4808. gr. N
30. 32Eduardo Garcia/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]06:57,85903:28,7706. gr. A1/2
31. 11Santiago Sanchez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:00,40003:27,5309. gr. N
32. 8Daniel Sordo/ECitroŽn ZX 16 V[-]07:05,29903:31,61010. gr. N
33. 37Josť Miguel Gabilondo/EOpel Kadett GSI 16 V[-]07:11,14003:33,0408. gr. A
34. 2Manuel Biain/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]07:14,78903:37,00011. gr. N
35. 1Manuel Gala/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]07:15,05903:37,48012. gr. N
36. 34Jesķs Arzallus/EOpel Corsa GSI[-]07:17,17903:37,7209. gr. A
37. 36IÚaki Luna/ECitroŽn AX GT[-]07:17,22903:36,86010. gr. A
38. 9Juan C. Santamaria/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]07:21,34903:38,52013. gr. N

Did not classified

AB54Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA12[PA12-03/87]0----- C3
AB23Josť Luis Carreira/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]0----- A1/2
AB19Janos Klink/HFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]0----- N
AB24Alfredo Del Aguila/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]0----- A1/2
AB27Joan Ollť/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]0----- A1/2
AB55Aitor Zabaleta/ELola T298 Lorica[T298/Spain]0----- C3
AB29Clemente Arroyo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]0----- A1/2
AB18TomŠö VavÝinec/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[98675/93]0----- N
AB49Renzo Napione/ILucchini Sport BMW[044-S288]0----- C3
AB33Antonio MuÚoz/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]0----- A1/2

Qualification lap times

-59Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella PA9[PA9-154/86]02:30,530C3photo
-61Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298 Repsol[T298/HU102]02:31,980C3
-60RŁdiger Faustmann/DFaust P 91/1 BMW[001/Faust/]02:34,310C3
-55Aitor Zabaleta/ELola T298 Lorica[T298/Spain]02:34,460C3
-56Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-122]02:35,170C3
-58Luca Pacini/IOsella PA12[PA12-02/87]02:42,220C3
-54Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA12[PA12-03/87]02:43,040C3
-52Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-121/83]02:44,150C3
-57Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9/90[PA9-125/84]02:47,270C3
-51Adriano Parlamento/IMarch Sport[75S-5]02:55,000C3
-48Javier Climent/ELola T298[T298/Spain]02:55,540C3
-49Renzo Napione/ILucchini Sport BMW[044-S288]02:55,770C3
-44Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]02:55,880A
-42Francisco Gutierrez/ELancia Delta[-]02:56,250A
-46Otakar KrŠmskż/CZBMW Sport Evo[49501624/92]02:56,920A
-39Xavier Riera/EBMW M3[-]02:59,670A
-43David Rodriguez/EBMW M3[-]02:59,860A
-20AntonŪn Charouz/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[98680/93]03:00,900N
-45Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3 Sport Evo[49501605/91]03:02,250A
-21Josef Kopeckż/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[WR199307/93]03:02,830N
-22Francisco Rastrollo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:08,600A1/2
-14IÚigo Lilly/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]03:09,140N
-16Antonio Castro/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]03:10,170N
-18TomŠö VavÝinec/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[98675/93]03:10,420N
-26Fernando Navarrete/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:10,570A1/2
-15Jesķs M. Santamaria/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]03:10,870N
-30Angel Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:11,840A1/2
-10Aitor Barinaga/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]03:13,080N
-28Fernando Medina/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:13,187A1/2
-19Janos Klink/HFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]03:13,660N
-27Joan Ollť/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:14,070A1/2
-24Alfredo Del Aguila/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:14,240A1/2
-25Gregorio Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:16,650A1/2
-29Clemente Arroyo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:19,420A1/2
-38Nati OrtuÚo Dabad/ANDBMW M3[-]03:19,630A
-12Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]03:22,010N
-6Alfonso Loza/ERenault Clio 16 V[-]03:27,170N
-32Eduardo Garcia/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:30,170A1/2
-23Josť Luis Carreira/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:30,210A1/2
-11Santiago Sanchez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]03:32,070N
-8Daniel Sordo/ECitroŽn ZX 16 V[-]03:35,080N
-37Josť Miguel Gabilondo/EOpel Kadett GSI 16 V[-]03:35,620A
-1Manuel Gala/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:37,680N
-34Jesķs Arzallus/EOpel Corsa GSI[-]03:39,050A
-36IÚaki Luna/ECitroŽn AX GT[-]03:40,240A
-2Manuel Biain/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]03:41,650N
-33Antonio MuÚoz/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]03:49,290A1/2
-9Juan C. Santamaria/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]03:51,260N


1Manuel Gala/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Escuderia BengalaNKL
2Manuel Biain/EPeugeot 205 Rallye[-]Escuderia TineoNKL
6Alfonso Loza/ERenault Clio 16 V[-]NKL
8Daniel Sordo/ECitroŽn ZX 16 V[-]De Sordo CompeticionNKL
9Juan C. Santamaria/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]SavannaNKL
10Aitor Barinaga/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]R. P. M. V.NKL
11Santiago Sanchez/ERenault 5 GT Turbo[-]P. M. Diez X HoraNKL
12Michel Lamiscarre/FBMW M3[-]NKL
14IÚigo Lilly/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]Real Automovil ClubNKL
15Jesķs M. Santamaria/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]R. P. M. V.NKL
16Antonio Castro/EFord Sierra Cosworth[-]SavannaNKL
18TomŠö VavÝinec/CZFord Sierra Cosworth[98675/93]Castrol RacingNAB
19Janos Klink/HFord Escort RS Cosworth[-]NAB
20AntonŪn Charouz/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[98680/93]Czech National TeamNKL
21Josef Kopeckż/CZFord Escort RS Cosworth[WR199307/93]B+B Leasing CompanyNKL
22Francisco Rastrollo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]P. M. Diez X HoraA1/2KL
23Josť Luis Carreira/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]A1/2AB
24Alfredo Del Aguila/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]SavannaA1/2AB
25Gregorio Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]SavannaA1/2KL
26Fernando Navarrete/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Esc. Cicuito TajoA1/2KL
27Joan Ollť/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Gamace MC CompeticionA1/2AB
28Fernando Medina/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]A1/2KL
29Clemente Arroyo/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Al Margem SportA1/2AB
30Angel Castro/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]SavannaA1/2KL
32Eduardo Garcia/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Escuderia EibarA1/2KL
33Antonio MuÚoz/ECitroŽn AX Sport[-]Esc. Circuito TajoA1/2AB
34Jesķs Arzallus/EOpel Corsa GSI[-]Real Automovil ClubAKL
36IÚaki Luna/ECitroŽn AX GT[-]Real Automovil ClubAKL
37Josť Miguel Gabilondo/EOpel Kadett GSI 16 V[-]AKL
38Nati OrtuÚo Dabad/ANDBMW M3[-]T. M. T.AKL
39Xavier Riera/EBMW M3[-]Central Hispano 20AKL
42Francisco Gutierrez/ELancia Delta[-]Equipo Nacional Mont.AKL
43David Rodriguez/EBMW M3[-]AKL
44Francis Dosieres/FBMW M3[-]AKL
45Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW M3 Sport Evo[49501605/91]Hungaria BiztositoAKL
46Otakar KrŠmskż/CZBMW Sport Evo[49501624/92]ACR-FASAKL
48Javier Climent/ELola T298[T298/Spain]C3KL
49Renzo Napione/ILucchini Sport BMW[044-S288]Fire Motor SportC3AB
51Adriano Parlamento/IMarch Sport[75S-5]C3KL
52Joan Casanovas Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-121/83]T. M. T.C3KL
54Franco Cinelli/IOsella PA12[PA12-03/87]Germans Cars RacingC3AB
55Aitor Zabaleta/ELola T298 Lorica[T298/Spain]C3AB
56Joan Dabad Vinyes/ANDOsella PA9 BMW[PA9-122]T. M. T.C3KL
57Giulio Regosa/IOsella PA9/90[PA9-125/84]C3KL
58Luca Pacini/IOsella PA12[PA12-02/87]Germans Cars RacingC3KL
59Francisco Pancho Egozkue/EOsella PA9[PA9-154/86]Equipo Nacional Mont.C3KL
60RŁdiger Faustmann/DFaust P 91/1 BMW[001/Faust/]MSC StraubingC3KL
61Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298 Repsol[T298/HU102]Real Automovil ClubC3KL

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