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Archívy Euromontagna

Clubsport 2000 Championship

Oulton Park/GB


1. 72Mike Hyde/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1213:07,66001:03,9401. gr. R
2. 60Andrew Darby/GBAJD Clubsports[-]1213:07,96001:03,8701. gr. A
3. 2Richard Gilmour/GBMallock U2 18/25[-]1213:09,22001:04,3002. gr. A
4. 71Phil Abbott/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1213:20,36001:05,1202. gr. R
5. 37Sam Allpass/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1213:41,58001:06,5603. gr. R
6. 70Graham Adkins/GBRadical Clubsport[-]1213:43,11001:06,5404. gr. R
7. 11Colin Feyeraband/GBLola T90/90[-]1213:43,53001:05,3701. gr. B
8. 6Les Johnson/GBShrike P15[-]1213:50,86001:05,5002. gr. B
9. 8David Thompson/GBMallock Mk20B[-]1213:57,31001:06,2003. gr. A
10. 9Colin Cox/GBShrike P15[-]1214:04,92001:07,5904. gr. A
11. 76Mike Roberts/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1214:09,80001:07,1905. gr. R
12. 50Michael Ashley Brown/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1113:17,22001:10,2806. gr. R
13. 42Brian Casey/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]1113:17,47001:09,8407. gr. R
14. 55Rupert Crook/GBMallock Mk27SG[-]1113:28,75001:10,2105. gr. A
15. 75Paul Stevenson/GBRawlson SP2000[-]1014:15,88001:22,8003. gr. B


AB33Mike Fry/GBWEV[-]1113:06,90001:08,750- A
AB38John Woodward/GBTiga 87B[-]404:50,33001:06,350- A
AB44Geoff Gordon/GBShrike P15[-]101:21,20001:21,200- B

Seznam přihlášených

2Richard Gilmour/GBMallock U2 18/25[-]AKL
6Les Johnson/GBShrike P15[-]BKL
8David Thompson/GBMallock Mk20B[-]AKL
9Colin Cox/GBShrike P15[-]AKL
11Colin Feyeraband/GBLola T90/90[-]BKL
33Mike Fry/GBWEV[-]AAB
37Sam Allpass/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL
38John Woodward/GBTiga 87B[-]AAB
42Brian Casey/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL
44Geoff Gordon/GBShrike P15[-]BAB
50Michael Ashley Brown/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL
55Rupert Crook/GBMallock Mk27SG[-]AKL
60Andrew Darby/GBAJD Clubsports[-]AKL
70Graham Adkins/GBRadical Clubsport[-]RKL
71Phil Abbott/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL
72Mike Hyde/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL
75Paul Stevenson/GBRawlson SP2000[-]BKL
76Mike Roberts/GBRadical Clubsports 1100[-]RKL

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