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Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux - EHC/F

Lenght: 21.6 km
Last update: 2008-01-01


1. 1Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[910-034]10:12,1001. gr. Pphoto
2. 2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[909-02]10:17,6002. gr. Pphoto
3. 3Hubert Hahne/DBMW Monti[T120_M]10:43,6003. gr. Pphoto
4. 61Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]11:02,7001. gr. S
5. 62Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]11:02,8002. gr. S
6. 64Pierre Maublanc/FAbarth 2000 OT spider[-]11:17,0003. gr. S
7. 14Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FPygmeé[F3-2-68]11:39,4001. gr. F3
8. 109Holger Zarges/DPorsche 911T[-]11:51,7001. gr. GT
9. 153Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2002TI Schnitzer[-]11:56,1001. gr. TW
10. 51Karl Federhofer/DAbarth 1300 OT[-]12:39,1004. gr. S
11. 145Guy Verrier/FAlfa Romeo GTA[-]12:39,3002. gr. TW
12. 40Peter Richardson/GBGinetta G12[-]13:15,1005. gr. S
13. 106Jérémy Richardson/GBPorsche 911S[-]13:26,4002. gr. GT
14. 7Claude Danse/FCooper[-]13:30,3001. gr. F1+F2
15. 56Paulette Delcros/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]13:35,2003. gr. GT
16. 136Franck Alesi/FRenault Gordini[-]13:42,8003. gr. TW
17. 108Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari GTB 4[-]13:44,6004. gr. GT
18. 53Jean du Beualieu/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]13:51,2006. gr. S
19. 29Claude Danse/FBrabham BMW[-]14:00,1001. gr. Gr.9
20. 186Bernard Palayer/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]14:07,6001. gr. Gr.1
21. 176Robert Grillerer/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]14:14,7002. gr. Gr.1
22. 195Guy Veyrier/FAlfa Romeo 1750[-]14:27,8004. gr. Gr.1
23. 185Marie-Pierre Palayer/FBMW 1600 Tl [-]14:27,8003. gr. Gr.1
24. 30Pierre Chapouan/FJefa[-]14:36,1002. gr. Gr.9
25. 28Georges Pouponnot/FLotus 18[-]14:49,9003. gr. Gr.9
26. 200Robert Neyret/FCitroën DS 21[-]15:07,5005. gr. Gr.1
27. 187Irene Sadron/FAlfa Romeo[-]15:09,3004. gr. TW
28. 127Raphael Marquet/FNSU 1000 L[-]15:14,8005. gr. TW
29. 135Marquerite Accarie/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]15:26,5006. gr. TW
30. 188Louis Martel/FAlfa Romeo 1600 GTV[-]15:37,7006. gr. Gr.1
31. 128Gaston Ferrier/FNSU 1000 TTS[-]16:06,1007. gr. TW
32. 16Tony Capdepon/FLotus Cosworth[-]17:08,1002. gr. F3
33. 26Michel Bayol/FBayol[-]18:14,6004. gr. Gr.9


ST Helmuth Leuze/DPorsche[-]0----- S

Qualification lap times

-1Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[910-034]10:20,300Pphoto
-2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[909-02]10:54,300Pphoto
-3Hubert Hahne/DBMW Monti[T120_M]10:59,100Pphoto


Helmuth Leuze/DPorsche[-]SST
1Gerhard Mitter/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[910-034]PorschewhitePKL
2Rolf Stommelen/DPorsche 910 Bergspyder[909-02]PorschewhitePKL
3Hubert Hahne/DBMW Monti[T120_M]BMWPKL
7Claude Danse/FCooper[-]F1+F2KL
14Jean-Pierre Hanrioud/FPygmeé[F3-2-68]F3KL
16Tony Capdepon/FLotus Cosworth[-]F3KL
26Michel Bayol/FBayol[-]Gr.9KL
28Georges Pouponnot/FLotus 18[-]Gr.9KL
29Claude Danse/FBrabham BMW[-]Gr.9KL
30Pierre Chapouan/FJefa[-]Gr.9KL
40Peter Richardson/GBGinetta G12[-]SKL
51Karl Federhofer/DAbarth 1300 OT[-]SKL
53Jean du Beualieu/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]SKL
56Paulette Delcros/FAlpine A 110 1300[-]GTKL
61Sepp Greger/DPorsche Carrera 6[906-127]SKL
62Ruedi Lins/APorsche Carrera 6[-]SKL
64Pierre Maublanc/FAbarth 2000 OT spider[-]SKL
106Jérémy Richardson/GBPorsche 911S[-]GTKL
108Karl Stewart Richardson/GBFerrari GTB 4[-]K.R.GTKL
109Holger Zarges/DPorsche 911T[-]GTKL
127Raphael Marquet/FNSU 1000 L[-]TWKL
128Gaston Ferrier/FNSU 1000 TTS[-]TWKL
135Marquerite Accarie/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]TWKL
136Franck Alesi/FRenault Gordini[-]TWKL
145Guy Verrier/FAlfa Romeo GTA[-]TWKL
153Ernst Furtmayr/DBMW 2002TI Schnitzer[-]TWKL
176Robert Grillerer/FRenault R 8 Gordini[-]Gr.1KL
185Marie-Pierre Palayer/FBMW 1600 Tl [-]Gr.1KL
186Bernard Palayer/FFord Cortina Lotus[-]Gr.1KL
187Irene Sadron/FAlfa Romeo[-]TWKL
188Louis Martel/FAlfa Romeo 1600 GTV[-]Gr.1KL
195Guy Veyrier/FAlfa Romeo 1750[-]Gr.1KL
200Robert Neyret/FCitroën DS 21[-]Gr.1KL

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