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Euromontagna Archives

Course de Cote Limonest, Mont Verdun


Lenght: 2.675 km


1. Daniel Boccard/FMartini Mk69[-]02:52,464- DE
2. Fabien Frantz/FMartini Mk69[MK69-01]02:55,484- DE
3. Lionel Regal/FLola T91/50[-]02:57,396- DE
4. Bruno Bazaud/FMartini Mk69[-]02:57,873- DE
5. Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk69[-]02:59,989- DE
6. Stéphane Baudin/FDallara 392[-]03:01,788- DE
7. Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]03:02,2981. gr. CN
8. Bernard Chamberod/FNorma M11C[-]03:03,3831. gr. C3
9. Francis Dosieres/FLucchini P3-94M[P3-94M-Danti_]03:05,0152. gr. CN
10. Gérard Petit/FLucchini SP88[050-S288]03:05,5713. gr. CN
12. Alain Castellana/FNorma M14[-]03:06,9364. gr. CN
14. Bernard Degout/FTOJ[SC206-77-06]03:08,3252. gr. C3
17. Catherine Sinopoli/FOsella PA20S[-]03:09,6985. gr. CN
18. Marc Fanciullo/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-01/94]03:09,9146. gr. CN


Daniel Boccard/FMartini Mk69[-]DEKL
Catherine Sinopoli/FOsella PA20S[-]CNKL
Bernard Degout/FTOJ[SC206-77-06]C3KL
Alain Castellana/FNorma M14[-]CNKL
Gérard Petit/FLucchini SP88[050-S288]CNKL
Francis Dosieres/FLucchini P3-94M[P3-94M-Danti_]CNKL
Bernard Chamberod/FNorma M11C[-]C3KL
Cyrille Frantz/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-15]CNKL
Stéphane Baudin/FDallara 392[-]DEKL
Gérard Ducrocq/FMartini Mk69[-]DEKL
Bruno Bazaud/FMartini Mk69[-]DEKL
Lionel Regal/FLola T91/50[-]DEKL
Fabien Frantz/FMartini Mk69[MK69-01]DEKL
Marc Fanciullo/FOsella PA20S[PA20S-01/94]CNKL

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