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XVII Rampa da Falperra

Rampa da Falperra - EHC/P


1. 1Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9 Cebora[PA9-129/84]04:07,42102:03,9801. gr. C3
2. 4Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298[T298/Vilarino3]04:08,28302:03,8722. gr. C3
3. 8Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]04:36,42302:16,7323. gr. C3
4. 16Antonio Rodrigues/PFord Cosworth[-]04:39,91602:18,0401. gr. A
5. 28Jorge Petiz/PBMW M3[-]04:44,55702:22,1732. gr. A
6. 19Carlos Rodrigues/PFord Sierra RS[-]04:44,78202:22,3293. gr. A
7. 11Giovanni Rossi/FRenault 5 Maxi Turbo[RS1983025]04:44,92802:21,5421. gr. B
8. 24Wolfgang BŲhme/DBMW M3[2.006/87]04:46,96402:23,3184. gr. A
9. 75Adriano Barbosa/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:49,33302:24,6281. gr. N
10. 79Fernando Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:49,49602:24,7092. gr. N
11. 80Ni Amorim/OFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:51,02402:25,3313. gr. N
12. 27 Pequepe/PBMW M3[-]04:51,37202:23,8465. gr. A
13. 81Antonio Barros/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:57,06202:28,3214. gr. N
14. 78Fernando Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:57,19602:27,7445. gr. N
15. 83Araujo Pereira/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]04:58,90802:29,4236. gr. N
16. 20Manuel Mendes Fernandes/PBMW 635 CSi[-]05:01,13602:23,1796. gr. A
17. 82Antůnio Taveira/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:02,86302:30,5157. gr. N
18. 77ZoltŠn Barka/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:07,86802:33,5478. gr. N
19. 76Georg Eichelle/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:08,24002:32,6469. gr. N
20. 21Artur Moreira/PBMW 635 CSi[-]05:11,26902:35,3047. gr. A
21. 23Carlos Cabral/PBMW 635 CSi[-]05:12,91402:29,0538. gr. A
22. 74Mauriccio Ciccale/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]05:17,27002:38,00210. gr. N
23. 33Jose Carlos Macedo/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]05:18,62902:39,2549. gr. A
24. 22Cristina Santos/PBMW 635 CSi[-]05:19,33302:37,25810. gr. A
25. 32Helder Silva Valente/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]05:20,77602:39,95311. gr. A
26. 30Joao Paulo Almeida/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]05:22,18102:40,84812. gr. A
27. 31Gabriel Barros/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]05:22,75402:41,10913. gr. A
28. 39Rui Lages/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:24,26502:41,83914. gr. A
29. 38Rufino Fontes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:25,98902:42,65615. gr. A
30. 44Manuel de Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,13202:43,46416. gr. A
31. 40Mario Silva/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,20202:43,22017. gr. A
32. 41Joao Vasco/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,61202:43,55718. gr. A
33. 37Pedro Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:27,64302:43,00119. gr. A
34. 42Antonio Vasconcelos/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:28,77302:44,11920. gr. A
35. 65Luis de Barros/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:29,48902:44,64121. gr. A
36. 69Sande E. Castro/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:31,62702:44,58222. gr. A
37. 57Domingos Correia/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:32,21002:45,77323. gr. A
38. 45Luis Madeira Rodrigues/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:32,45202:45,96624. gr. A
39. 62Gonzalo Figueiredo/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:32,46902:46,02625. gr. A
40. 50Jose Zamith/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:33,56502:45,93426. gr. A
41. 14Laurent Missbauer/CHPorsche 911SC[WPO222912BS102366]05:35,24202:47,5252. gr. B
42. 56Helder Abrantes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]05:35,59102:47,57127. gr. A
43. 85Antonio Manuel/PRenault 11 Turbo[-]05:37,75202:48,67111. gr. N
44. 87Jose Antonio/ERenault 11 Turbo[-]05:41,34802:49,69312. gr. N

Did not classified

DQ2Herbert Stenger/DOsella BMW[ES861]0----- C3


1Mauro Nesti/IOsella PA9 Cebora[PA9-129/84]C3KL
2Herbert Stenger/DOsella BMW[ES861]Sachs Sporting TeamC3DQ
4Andres VilariÚo/ELola T298[T298/Vilarino3]R. A. C. V. NavarroC3KL
8Adriano Parlamento/IMarch[75S-5]C3KL
11Giovanni Rossi/FRenault 5 Maxi Turbo[RS1983025]BKL
14Laurent Missbauer/CHPorsche 911SC[WPO222912BS102366]Ecurie 13-EtoilesBKL
16Antonio Rodrigues/PFord Cosworth[-]AKL
19Carlos Rodrigues/PFord Sierra RS[-]AKL
20Manuel Mendes Fernandes/PBMW 635 CSi[-]Ideiatex Mustang R.AKL
21Artur Moreira/PBMW 635 CSi[-]AKL
22Cristina Santos/PBMW 635 CSi[-]Real Vinicola R. TeamAKL
23Carlos Cabral/PBMW 635 CSi[-]PeritosmarAKL
24Wolfgang BŲhme/DBMW M3[2.006/87]AKL
27 Pequepe/PBMW M3[-]Baviera CompeticaoAKL
28Jorge Petiz/PBMW M3[-]S. Conrado CompeticoeAKL
30Joao Paulo Almeida/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]Plasticos Caseiro R.AKL
31Gabriel Barros/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]Dias CostaAKL
32Helder Silva Valente/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]IophilAKL
33Jose Carlos Macedo/PRenault 5 GT Turbo[-]Stand BrochadoAKL
37Pedro Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Benjamin BarralAKL
38Rufino Fontes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Team LubritexAKL
39Rui Lages/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Team CAMAKL
40Mario Silva/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Auto ImpalaAKL
41Joao Vasco/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Correio Da Manha T.AKL
42Antonio Vasconcelos/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Team CAMAKL
44Manuel de Melo Breyner/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Correio Da Manha T.AKL
45Luis Madeira Rodrigues/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Correio Da Manha T.AKL
50Jose Zamith/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]Electro LimaAKL
56Helder Abrantes/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]AKL
57Domingos Correia/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]A. S. C. AutomoveisAKL
62Gonzalo Figueiredo/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]A. CastanheiraAKL
65Luis de Barros/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]EstorilautoAKL
69Sande E. Castro/PCitroŽn AX Sport[-]AKL
74Mauriccio Ciccale/IFord Sierra Cosworth[-]NKL
75Adriano Barbosa/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]Team CAMNKL
76Georg Eichelle/DFord Sierra Cosworth[-]MSC - O. E. V. ImavdNKL
77ZoltŠn Barka/HFord Sierra Cosworth[-]KŁlker SC BudapestNKL
78Fernando Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]NKL
79Fernando Peres/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]NKL
80Ni Amorim/OFord Sierra Cosworth[-]Team PromogrupoNKL
81Antonio Barros/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]JopilNKL
82Antůnio Taveira/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]NKL
83Araujo Pereira/PFord Sierra Cosworth[-]Kiss M.V. MotorsportNKL
85Antonio Manuel/PRenault 11 Turbo[-]NKL
87Jose Antonio/ERenault 11 Turbo[-]NKL

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