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Archívy Euromontagna

Coppa Silla, Cosenza, Celico-Montescuro

Coppa Silla - EHC/I


1. Mauro Nesti/ILola BMW 2000[T294-HU68]06:32,1001. gr. Gr.5+7
2. Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch F2 BMW[742-13]06:34,8001. gr. Gr.8+9
3. Domenico Scola/IMarch BMW[-]06:46,5002. gr. Gr.5+7
4. "Gianfranco"/IAbarth Osella[PA2-008]06:58,3003. gr. Gr.5+7
5. Savona/Chevron B23[-]07:00,9004. gr. Gr.5+7
6. Pasquale Barberio/IAbarth Osella 2000[-]07:01,1005. gr. Gr.5+7
7. Guy Baria/MCChevron Ford[-]07:07,1002. gr. Gr.8+9
8. Pietro Laureati/ILola T292[T292/HU41]07:09,2006. gr. Gr.5+7
9. Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham F2[BT40-20]07:29,2003. gr. Gr.8+9
10. Renato Arfé/IAMS 1600[-]07:32,0007. gr. Gr.5+7
11. Pasquale Anastasio/ILola T294[-]07:32,3008. gr. Gr.5+7
12. Vito Veninata/IChevron B23[-]07:35,5009. gr. Gr.5+7
13. Iacono/IChevron B21[-]07:36,40010. gr. Gr.5+7
14. Johann Abt/DAbarth 2000[-]07:38,00011. gr. Gr.5+7
15. Fichera/IGRD[-]07:42,90012. gr. Gr.5+7
16. Gigi Tommasi/IBrabham BT28[-]07:43,2004. gr. Gr.8+9
17. Bilotti/Abarth Osella[-]07:44,60013. gr. Gr.5+7
18. Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]07:45,6001. gr. Gr.2
19. Salvatore Barraco/IRenault Alpine 1800[-]07:46,6001. gr. Gr.4
20. Bruno Ottomano/IAlfa Romeo 33TT3[-]07:50,60014. gr. Gr.5+7
21. Vittorio Maione/IPorsche 908[-]07:53,80015. gr. Gr.5+7
22. Vittorio Bernasconi/IAMS 1300[-]07:54,80016. gr. Gr.5+7
23. "Jony"/Lola T294[-]07:57,80017. gr. Gr.5+7
24. "King"/IRenault Alpine 1800[-]07:58,3002. gr. Gr.4
25. Erasmo Bologna/ILancia Zagato[-]07:58,9003. gr. Gr.4
26. Paolo Gargamo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]08:01,3004. gr. Gr.4
27. Mario Grilli/IFiat 128 Coupe[-]08:11,7002. gr. Gr.2
28. Francesco Palumbo/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]08:12,2003. gr. Gr.2
29. Santo Famoso/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]08:14,2004. gr. Gr.2
30. Santo Nucera/IAbarth Osella[-]08:16,40018. gr. Gr.5+7
31. Angelo Castiglia/IReanult Alpine[-]08:17,6005. gr. Gr.4
32. Franco Cardona/IFiat 128[-]08:18,0005. gr. Gr.2
33. Salvatore Strano/IAMS 1000[-]08:19,40019. gr. Gr.5+7
34. Pasquale Fortuna/IAbarth Osella[-]08:21,00020. gr. Gr.5+7
35. Nicola Tisci/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]08:25,4006. gr. Gr.4
36. Francesco Misasi/IFiat 128[-]08:25,4006. gr. Gr.2
37. "Dik"/Abarth Osella[-]08:25,80021. gr. Gr.5+7
38. Pasquale Di Monaco/IBMW[-]08:27,9007. gr. Gr.2
39. M. Lauro/Lancia Zagato[-]08:29,6007. gr. Gr.4
40. Giuseppe Romano/IAlfa Romeo GTAJ[-]08:29,7008. gr. Gr.2
41. Alfano/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]08:35,6009. gr. Gr.2
42. Saverio D´Emilio/IRenault Alpine[-]08:36,1008. gr. Gr.4
43. Dino/IAlfa Romeo Alfetta[-]08:38,90010. gr. Gr.2
44. Salvatore Mannino/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]08:39,20011. gr. Gr.2
45. Roberto Villa/IFiat Abarth 850[-]08:42,70012. gr. Gr.2
46. A. Di Giovanni/IAbarth[-]08:42,70022. gr. Gr.5+7
47. Giuseppe Ippolito D´Ippolito/IFiat Abarth 850[-]08:42,80013. gr. Gr.2
48. Sale/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]08:43,10014. gr. Gr.2
49. Sergio Perri/IFiat Giannini[-]08:43,70015. gr. Gr.2
50. Giuseppe Alduina/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]08:51,5009. gr. Gr.4
51. Vincenzo Lagana/IFiat Abarth 695[-]08:52,10016. gr. Gr.2
52. Battistiol/ICobra[-]08:52,60023. gr. Gr.5+7
53. Antonino Surace/IFiat 128[-]08:53,20017. gr. Gr.2
54. "Heart Mad"/IFiat Abarth 695[-]08:53,20018. gr. Gr.2
55. Comenga/IAbarth[-]08:57,20024. gr. Gr.5+7
56. Gaetano Coccia/IAbarth 1000[-]08:57,40025. gr. Gr.5+7
57. E. Perri/IFiat Abarth[-]09:00,30019. gr. Gr.2
58. Scala/Fiat Abarth[-]09:00,50020. gr. Gr.2
59. Massimo Manna/Fiat Abarth 1000[-]09:03,00010. gr. Gr.4
60. Antonio Condina/IFiat Abarth 850[-]09:05,80021. gr. Gr.2
61. Giacomo Di Maria/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]09:06,20011. gr. Gr.4
62. Armando Turano/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]09:06,40022. gr. Gr.2
63. Camiio De Luca/IFiat Abarth[-]09:11,80023. gr. Gr.2
64. Grandinetti/IFiat Abarth 850[-]09:15,60024. gr. Gr.2
65. Di Gregorio/IAbarth[-]09:18,10026. gr. Gr.5+7
66. D. Foti/IFiat Giannini[-]09:19,40025. gr. Gr.2
67. Riccardo Carafa/IFerrari Dino[-]09:26,70012. gr. Gr.4
68. Carmagnola/IFiat Giannini[-]09:28,50026. gr. Gr.2
69. Accadia/IFiat 128[-]09:32,30027. gr. Gr.2
70. De Ruggiero/ILancia Zagato[-]09:33,10013. gr. Gr.4
71. Savala/IFiat Giannini[-]09:36,80028. gr. Gr.2
72. Antonio Fortuna/IFiat 500[-]09:38,00029. gr. Gr.2
73. Della Mura/IFiat 500[-]09:38,20030. gr. Gr.2
74. Alessandro Marchese/IMini Morris[-]09:42,30031. gr. Gr.2
75. Liconti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]09:47,10032. gr. Gr.2
76. Carrota/IFiat Abarth 695[-]09:53,00033. gr. Gr.2
77. Ianno/IFiat 124[-]10:08,80014. gr. Gr.4
78. Claudio Callela/IFiat 500[-]10:10,70034. gr. Gr.2
79. Sessa/IFiat Giannini[-]10:14,10035. gr. Gr.2
80. Francesco Caruso/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]10:21,70036. gr. Gr.2

Seznam přihlášených

E. Perri/IFiat Abarth[-]Gr.2KL
Camiio De Luca/IFiat Abarth[-]Gr.2KL
D. Foti/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.2KL
Carmagnola/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.2KL
Savala/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.2KL
Vincenzo Lagana/IFiat Abarth 695[-]Gr.2KL
"Heart Mad"/IFiat Abarth 695[-]Gr.2KL
Carrota/IFiat Abarth 695[-]Gr.2KL
Sergio Perri/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.2KL
Claudio Callela/IFiat 500[-]Gr.2KL
Salvatore Barraco/IRenault Alpine 1800[-]Gr.4KL
"King"/IRenault Alpine 1800[-]Gr.4KL
Ianno/IFiat 124[-]Gr.4KL
Riccardo Carafa/IFerrari Dino[-]Gr.4KL
Pasquale Di Monaco/IBMW[-]Gr.2KL
Dino/IAlfa Romeo Alfetta[-]Gr.2KL
Antonio Fortuna/IFiat 500[-]Gr.2KL
Della Mura/IFiat 500[-]Gr.2KL
Sessa/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.2KL
Roberto Villa/IFiat Abarth 850[-]Gr.2KL
Mario Grilli/IFiat 128 Coupe[-]Gr.2KL
Franco Cardona/IFiat 128[-]Gr.2KL
Salvatore Mannino/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.2KL
Accadia/IFiat 128[-]Gr.2KL
Liconti/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.2KL
Giuseppe Romano/IAlfa Romeo GTAJ[-]Gr.2KL
Alfano/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.2KL
Sale/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.2KL
Antonino Surace/IFiat 128[-]Gr.2KL
Francesco Misasi/IFiat 128[-]Gr.2KL
Giuseppe Ippolito D´Ippolito/IFiat Abarth 850[-]Gr.2KL
Scala/Fiat Abarth[-]Gr.2KL
Antonio Condina/IFiat Abarth 850[-]Gr.2KL
Grandinetti/IFiat Abarth 850[-]Gr.2KL
Francesco Palumbo/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.2KL
Santo Famoso/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.2KL
Armando Turano/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.2KL
Alessandro Marchese/IMini Morris[-]Gr.2KL
Giacomo Di Maria/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.4KL
Saverio D´Emilio/IRenault Alpine[-]Gr.4KL
Vito Veninata/IChevron B23[-]Gr.5+7KL
Johann Abt/DAbarth 2000[-]Gr.5+7KL
Salvatore Strano/IAMS 1000[-]Gr.5+7KL
A. Di Giovanni/IAbarth[-]Gr.5+7KL
Gaetano Coccia/IAbarth 1000[-]Gr.5+7KL
Vittorio Bernasconi/IAMS 1300[-]Gr.5+7KL
"Jony"/Lola T294[-]Gr.5+7KL
Pasquale Anastasio/ILola T294[-]Gr.5+7KL
Renato Arfé/IAMS 1600[-]Gr.5+7KL
Mauro Nesti/ILola BMW 2000[T294-HU68]Gr.5+7KL
Jimmy Robert Mieusset/FMarch F2 BMW[742-13]Gr.8+9KL
"Gianfranco"/IAbarth Osella[PA2-008]Gr.5+7KL
Domenico Scola/IMarch BMW[-]Gr.5+7KL
Savona/Chevron B23[-]Gr.5+7KL
Pasquale Barberio/IAbarth Osella 2000[-]Gr.5+7KL
Guy Baria/MCChevron Ford[-]Gr.8+9KL
Pietro Laureati/ILola T292[T292/HU41]Gr.5+7KL
Di Gregorio/IAbarth[-]Gr.5+7KL
Giuseppe Alduina/IFiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.4KL
Massimo Manna/Fiat Abarth 1000[-]Gr.4KL
Erasmo Bologna/ILancia Zagato[-]Gr.4KL
Angelo Castiglia/IReanult Alpine[-]Gr.4KL
M. Lauro/Lancia Zagato[-]Gr.4KL
De Ruggiero/ILancia Zagato[-]Gr.4KL
Paolo Gargamo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.4KL
Nicola Tisci/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.4KL
Gigi Tommasi/IBrabham BT28[-]Gr.8+9KL
Hans-Ruedi Wittwer/CHBrabham F2[BT40-20]Gr.8+9KL
Iacono/IChevron B21[-]Gr.5+7KL
Bilotti/Abarth Osella[-]Gr.5+7KL
Santo Nucera/IAbarth Osella[-]Gr.5+7KL
Pasquale Fortuna/IAbarth Osella[-]Gr.5+7KL
"Dik"/Abarth Osella[-]Gr.5+7KL
Bruno Ottomano/IAlfa Romeo 33TT3[-]Gr.5+7KL
Vittorio Maione/IPorsche 908[-]Gr.5+7KL
Helmut Mander/DOpel Kadett[-]Gr.2KL

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