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Euromontagna Archives


Ampus - EHC/F

Lenght: 6.8 km


1. 5Marcel Tarrés/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]06:15,95003:07,2901. gr. E
2. 1Christian Debias/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]06:18,89003:09,4202. gr. E
3. 2Anne Baverey/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]06:23,80003:11,2803. gr. E
4. 32Mauro Nesti/IOsella[PA9-129/84]06:23,83003:11,8001. gr. Gr.6
5. 31Gerard Xiberras/FOsella[-]06:29,49003:13,9702. gr. Gr.6
6. 40Daniel Boccard/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]06:31,17003:13,6604. gr. E
7. 11Gerard Dilmann/FAGS BMW[-]06:36,13003:16,6005. gr. E
8. 3Robert Simonetti/FAGS BMW[-]06:37,04003:18,4306. gr. E
9. 30Henri Paul Magnan/FLola T298[T298/HU94]06:41,37003:20,0003. gr. Gr.6
10. 34Roberto Curatolo/IOsella[PA9-111/82]06:46,95003:20,4104. gr. Gr.6
11. 33Claudio Callela/ILola T298[T298/Italy]06:51,15003:24,4705. gr. Gr.6
12. 16Alain Ruggeri/FMartini[-]06:53,50003:25,0407. gr. E
13. 17Christian Bremond/FMartini[-]06:55,85003:27,1308. gr. E
14. 8Patrick Gasquet/FMartini MK39[-]06:58,15003:28,0409. gr. E
15. 4St. Quentin/FMaurer[-]06:58,51003:27,29010. gr. E
16. 24Alain Schick/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]06:58,71003:27,1206. gr. Gr.6
17. 36Alain Castellana/FLola T298[T298/France]06:59,06003:29,1007. gr. Gr.6
18. 57Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro[-]07:05,91003:31,4001. gr. B
19. 28Deszö Kiss/HOsella[PA3/5-019/027/1978]07:07,10003:29,8008. gr. Gr.6
20. 51Giovanni Rossi/FBMW M1[-]07:08,60003:33,2302. gr. B
21. 19Pascal Malateste/FMartini[-]07:12,22003:28,91011. gr. E
22. 50Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]07:12,63003:36,0503. gr. B
23. 9Alain Jegot/FChevron[-]07:15,18003:36,26012. gr. E
24. 22Philippe Bernadat/FMartini MK9[-]07:19,56003:39,54013. gr. E
25. 35Fredy Baer/CHOsella[PA9-105/81]07:19,90003:39,8009. gr. Gr.6
26. 39Rolf Köppel/DSauber Ford[C03.002]07:24,40003:32,95010. gr. Gr.6
27. 14Christian Barre/FRalt[-]07:31,48003:44,35014. gr. E
28. 52Guy Deybach/FPorsche 930 Turbo[-]07:33,42003:46,3604. gr. B
29. 53Nicolas Claude Bührer/CHPorsche 930 Turbo[660/82]07:34,43003:47,0305. gr. B
30. 77Francis Dosieres/FBMW 635 CSi[-]07:34,59003:46,9801. gr. A
31. 68Jean-Christian Duby/FFord RS 2000[-]07:35,28003:45,9006. gr. B
32. 23J. Charles Lovarco/FChevron[-]07:44,43003:52,10015. gr. E
33. 64Jacques Selmi/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]07:47,15003:52,1407. gr. B
34. 46Michel Bruynaud/FSib[-]07:48,76003:53,69011. gr. Gr.6
35. 43Patrick Gibelli/FGeri[-]07:50,57003:53,39012. gr. Gr.6
36. 79Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo GTV[-]07:53,29003:56,5902. gr. A
37. 83Gilbert Renoux/FVW Golf Gti[-]07:57,74003:58,4703. gr. A
38. 118Henri Vuillermoz/FBMW 323[-]07:58,01003:58,3901. gr. N
39. 75Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635 Csi[15882/83]08:00,40003:59,6004. gr. A
40. 70Jean Michel Bonnet/FTalbot Samba[-]08:01,66003:59,9308. gr. B
41. 56Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911[118206/76/1977]08:04,35004:01,8709. gr. B
42. 94Michel Vallon/FVW Golf Gti[-]08:10,04000:40,5595. gr. A
43. 120Jean Paul Grohens/FBMW 323[-]08:15,37004:07,4102. gr. N
44. 62René Senechal/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]08:15,97004:06,76010. gr. B
45. 76Jean Pierre Clerc/FBMW 635 Csi[-]08:16,55004:06,7806. gr. A
46. 124Jean Claude Brazey/FBMW 323[-]08:18,44004:08,4603. gr. N
47. 109Etienne Casubolo/FTalbot Samba[-]08:19,76004:08,4507. gr. A
48. 122Hartmut Böhme/DBMW 323[-]08:21,51004:10,7304. gr. N
49. 97Luc Chassigneux/FVW Golf Gti[-]08:23,15004:11,4908. gr. A
50. 127Gerard Faure/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]08:23,81004:11,4005. gr. N
51. 134Giacomo Botti/IFiat 130 Ritmo[-]08:23,99004:11,3806. gr. N
52. 93Rene Tosello/FVW Golf Gti[-]08:26,72004:13,0909. gr. A
53. 143Marc Burle/FRenault[-]08:27,81004:13,4107. gr. N
54. 119Jean Pierre Segura/FBMW 323[-]08:27,90004:12,5208. gr. N
55. 133 "Gordon"/IFiat 130[-]08:28,81004:14,3609. gr. N
56. 80J.Claude Accabbo/FBMW 323[-]08:29,30004:14,16010. gr. A
57. 151Christian Arnaud/FVW Golf Gti[-]08:29,98004:14,96010. gr. N
58. 85Marcel Viard/FFiat 130[-]08:30,62004:02,50011. gr. A

Others (Classified)

KL André Millet/FBMW 323i[-]0----- N


? Fernando Gomez/ETOJ[79-08-206-S]0----- Gr.6


André Millet/FBMW 323i[-]NKL
1Christian Debias/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]EKL
2Anne Baverey/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]PrimagazEKL
3Robert Simonetti/FAGS BMW[-]EKL
4St. Quentin/FMaurer[-]EKL
5Marcel Tarrés/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]PrimagazEKL
8Patrick Gasquet/FMartini MK39[-]EKL
9Alain Jegot/FChevron[-]EKL
11Gerard Dilmann/FAGS BMW[-]EKL
14Christian Barre/FRalt[-]EKL
16Alain Ruggeri/FMartini[-]EKL
17Christian Bremond/FMartini[-]EKL
19Pascal Malateste/FMartini[-]EKL
22Philippe Bernadat/FMartini MK9[-]EKL
23J. Charles Lovarco/FChevron[-]EKL
24Alain Schick/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]Gr.6KL
28Deszö Kiss/HOsella[PA3/5-019/027/1978]VolanGr.6KL
30Henri Paul Magnan/FLola T298[T298/HU94]Gr.6KL
31Gerard Xiberras/FOsella[-]Gr.6KL
32Mauro Nesti/IOsella[PA9-129/84]Gr.6KL
33Claudio Callela/ILola T298[T298/Italy]Gr.6KL
34Roberto Curatolo/IOsella[PA9-111/82]BorkGr.6KL
35Fredy Baer/CHOsella[PA9-105/81]FRCGr.6KL
36Alain Castellana/FLola T298[T298/France]Gr.6KL
39Rolf Köppel/DSauber Ford[C03.002]Gr.6KL
40Daniel Boccard/FMartini MK 43 BMW[-]EKL
43Patrick Gibelli/FGeri[-]Gr.6KL
46Michel Bruynaud/FSib[-]Gr.6KL
50Rolf Göring/DBMW M1[4301041/79]Bauerle FarbenBKL
51Giovanni Rossi/FBMW M1[-]BKL
52Guy Deybach/FPorsche 930 Turbo[-]BKL
53Nicolas Claude Bührer/CHPorsche 930 Turbo[660/82]BKL
56Wilhelm Rinne/DPorsche 911[118206/76/1977]BKL
57Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHAudi Quattro[-]BKL
62René Senechal/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]BKL
64Jacques Selmi/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]BKL
68Jean-Christian Duby/FFord RS 2000[-]BKL
70Jean Michel Bonnet/FTalbot Samba[-]BKL
75Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 635 Csi[15882/83]KülkerAKL
76Jean Pierre Clerc/FBMW 635 Csi[-]AKL
77Francis Dosieres/FBMW 635 CSi[-]AKL
79Anton Fischhaber/DAlfa Romeo GTV[-]AKL
80J.Claude Accabbo/FBMW 323[-]AKL
83Gilbert Renoux/FVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
85Marcel Viard/FFiat 130[-]AKL
93Rene Tosello/FVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
94Michel Vallon/FVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
97Luc Chassigneux/FVW Golf Gti[-]AKL
109Etienne Casubolo/FTalbot Samba[-]AKL
118Henri Vuillermoz/FBMW 323[-]NKL
119Jean Pierre Segura/FBMW 323[-]NKL
120Jean Paul Grohens/FBMW 323[-]NKL
122Hartmut Böhme/DBMW 323[-]NKL
124Jean Claude Brazey/FBMW 323[-]NKL
127Gerard Faure/FRenault 5 Turbo[-]NKL
133 "Gordon"/IFiat 130[-]AtenoNKL
134Giacomo Botti/IFiat 130 Ritmo[-]NKL
143Marc Burle/FRenault[-]NKL
151Christian Arnaud/FVW Golf Gti[-]NKL

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