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Havířov-Šenov, A2-5/CS

All results from this Race-Weekend:

1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, B6-1300
1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, A2-5
1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, A2-1300
1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Easter MEZ
1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, Formule Škoda
1978-05-21 Havířov-Šenov, Zastava Cup

Atandance: 30000
Lenght: 4.32 km
Last update: 2008-01-01
Results update: 2021-11-10


1. 30Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 3000 Turbo[2002-Schnitzer-01_]2035:35,78001:33,1301. gr. Gr.5photo
2. 21Josef Michl/CZŠkoda 130RS[5032490/75]1936:27,080--- photo
3. 1Wolfgang Löffelmann/AFord Escort RS Castrol[-]1936:51,530--- photo
4. 37Maurice Dantinne/BFerrari 308[22711]1937:11,670--- photo
5. 130Václav Bervid/CZFiat 128[-]1937:18,610--- photo
6. 10Walter Niessner/AFiat 128 Coupé[-]1836:57,740--- photo
7. 6Zdeněk Válek/CZBMW[-]1837:33,150--- photo
8. 20Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/ILancia 1600[-]1735:51,000--- photo
9. 16Franz Zeh/AAlfa Romeo Sud[-]1735:53,950--- Gr.5photo
10. 96Siegfried Sonntag/DDRWartburg 353[-]1636:50,360--- photo

Did not classified

AB3Erwin Warislowich/ABMW 2002[-]11----- photo
AB32Toni Spiegelsberger/DFord Capri RS[-]10----- photo
AB4Werner Hohl/ABMW 2002[-]7----- photo
AB33Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW 2002[_Opp-d]7----- Gr.5photo
AB2Bernd Siller/DBMW 2002[-]5----- photo

Did not start

NS5Franz Sahl/A,Luc Zimmermann/CHFord Castrol[-]0-----


G. J. Schiedelbauer/AAlfa Romeo[-]P
1Wolfgang Löffelmann/AFord Escort RS Castrol[-]KL
2Bernd Siller/DBMW 2002[-]orange,whiteAB
3Erwin Warislowich/ABMW 2002[-]Weisert ???redAB
4Werner Hohl/ABMW 2002[-]Mineral Racing,red/yellow/blueAB
5Franz Sahl/A,Luc Zimmermann/CHFord Castrol[-]NS
6Zdeněk Válek/CZBMW[-]BMWlight/darkKL
10Walter Niessner/AFiat 128 Coupé[-]KL
11Hans Dieter Kromer/AAlfa Romeo Sud[-]P
12Renato Benusiglio/IAlfa Romeo[-]P
14Saro Grasso/IAlfa Romeo[-]P
16Franz Zeh/AAlfa Romeo Sud[-]whiteGr.5KL
20Aldo Pariseti Frisiani/ILancia 1600[-]white/green/redKL
21Josef Michl/CZŠkoda 130RS[5032490/75]KL
30Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 3000 Turbo[2002-Schnitzer-01_]MEMPHIS/SCHNITZERGr.5KL
32Toni Spiegelsberger/DFord Capri RS[-]AB
32Bernd Siller/DFord Capri RS[-]P
33Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW 2002[_Opp-d]ALBERT,RodenstockGr.5AB
34Franz Albert/ABMW Turbo[2002-Schnitzer-02_]Gr.5P
35Adam Smorawinski/PLPorsche Carrera[9114609046]P
36Wolfgang Schrauf/AChevrolet Camaro[-]P
37Maurice Dantinne/BFerrari 308[22711]KL
96Siegfried Sonntag/DDRWartburg 353[-]blueKL
130Václav Bervid/CZFiat 128[-]white/red/violetKL

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