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Macchia-S. Angelo

Macchia-S. Angelo/


1. Paolo Gargano/IOsella[-]05:31,099- Gr.6
2. Attilio D´Apolito/IOsella[-]05:45,099- Gr.6
3. Germano Nataloni/I?[-]05:55,700- Gr.5
4. Bruno Ottomano/IOsella[-]05:58,400- Gr.6
5. Renato Arfé/I?[PA6-075]05:58,700- Gr.6
6. Michele Di Gioia/IOsella PA7[-]06:00,200- Gr.6
7. Enzo De Vito/IFiat 131 Abarth[-]06:11,099- Gr.4
8. Teodoro Perugini/ILancia Stratos[-]06:14,000- Gr.4
9. Giovanni Miranda/IBMW[-]06:20,000- Gr.2
10. Gennaro Di Tonno/IFord[-]06:21,400- Gr.5

Others (Classified)

KL Rocco Aragona/ISimca R 2[-]007:12,099--- Gr.1
KL Luigi Santandrea/IFiat X 1/9[-]006:30,599--- Gr.2
KL Leonardo Prencipe/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]006:45,000--- Gr.2
KL Luigi Alfano/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]006:37,900--- Gr.2
KL Antonio Valentini/IFiat X 1/9[-]007:02,900--- Gr.4
KL Antonio Del Nobile/ILancia Fulvia[-]006:39,200--- Gr.4
KL "Tiger"/IFiat Giannini[-]007:15,700--- Gr.5
KL Armando Turano/IFiat 128[-]006:49,000--- Gr.5
KL Carlo Loffredo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]006:54,099--- Gr.5
KL Carlo D´Astolfa/IAMS[-]006:43,700--- Gr.6
KL Domenico De Santis/I?[-]006:28,099--- Gr.6
KL Nicola Risi/IA 112[-]007:10,400--- Gr.2
KL Luigi Magdalone/IGiannini[-]007:00,099--- Gr.2
KL Giovanni Tagliaferri/IVW Golf[-]007:08,799--- Gr.1
KL Angelo Tagliente/IOpel[-]006:57,299--- Gr.1
KL Vito Veneziano/I?[-]006:48,500--- Gr.6
KL Nicola Capriati/IFiat X 1/9[-]007:29,099--- Gr.3
KL Saverio Di Benedetto/IAlpine[-]006:58,400--- Gr.3
KL Dino Manara/IAlpine[-]006:45,500--- Gr.3
KL Camiio De Luca/IGiannini[-]007:09,500--- Gr.2
KL Matteo Impegniatiello/IPorsche[-]006:43,700--- Gr.3
KL Fabio Alberici/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]006:35,099--- Gr.3
KL Oronzo Pezzolla/IFiat[-]007:28,099--- Gr.2
KL Sessa/IFiat Giannini[-]007:43,900--- Gr.5
KL Francesco Lodeserto/I?[-]006:48,200--- Gr.6
KL Franco Pezzolla/IFiat[-]007:33,900--- Gr.2
KL A. Romano/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]007:35,000--- Gr.5
KL Manzone/I?[-]006:52,200--- Gr.5
KL Simone/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]007:00,700--- Gr.5
KL Luigi Bianco/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]007:13,900--- Gr.5
KL Taidi/I?[-]007:41,700--- Gr.6
KL L. Pescatore/IFiat Giannini[-]007:47,200--- Gr.5
KL Natti/I?[-]006:33,200--- Gr.6
KL Iovino/I?[-]007:43,599--- Gr.6
KL A. Tommasi/I?[-]006:45,200--- Gr.6
KL Cosimo Nisi/I?[-]007:48,900--- Gr.6


Vito Veneziano/I?[-]Gr.6KL
Carlo D´Astolfa/IAMS[-]Gr.6KL
Germano Nataloni/I?[-]Gr.5KL
A. Romano/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]Gr.5KL
Gennaro Di Tonno/IFord[-]Gr.5KL
Luigi Bianco/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.5KL
Simone/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.5KL
Carlo Loffredo/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.5KL
Armando Turano/IFiat 128[-]Gr.5KL
Francesco Lodeserto/I?[-]Gr.6KL
Michele Di Gioia/IOsella PA7[-]Gr.6KL
Bruno Ottomano/IOsella[-]Gr.6KL
Paolo Gargano/IOsella[-]Gr.6KL
A. Tommasi/I?[-]Gr.6KL
Renato Arfé/I?[PA6-075]Gr.6KL
Attilio D´Apolito/IOsella[-]Gr.6KL
Domenico De Santis/I?[-]Gr.6KL
Cosimo Nisi/I?[-]Gr.6KL
L. Pescatore/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.5KL
Sessa/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.5KL
Franco Pezzolla/IFiat[-]Gr.2KL
Oronzo Pezzolla/IFiat[-]Gr.2KL
Fabio Alberici/IDe Tomaso Pantera[-]Gr.3KL
Matteo Impegniatiello/IPorsche[-]Gr.3KL
Dino Manara/IAlpine[-]Gr.3KL
Saverio Di Benedetto/IAlpine[-]Gr.3KL
Nicola Capriati/IFiat X 1/9[-]Gr.3KL
Angelo Tagliente/IOpel[-]Gr.1KL
Giovanni Tagliaferri/IVW Golf[-]Gr.1KL
Camiio De Luca/IGiannini[-]Gr.2KL
Luigi Magdalone/IGiannini[-]Gr.2KL
Nicola Risi/IA 112[-]Gr.2KL
"Tiger"/IFiat Giannini[-]Gr.5KL
Teodoro Perugini/ILancia Stratos[-]Gr.4KL
Enzo De Vito/IFiat 131 Abarth[-]Gr.4KL
Antonio Del Nobile/ILancia Fulvia[-]Gr.4KL
Antonio Valentini/IFiat X 1/9[-]Gr.4KL
Giovanni Miranda/IBMW[-]Gr.2KL
Luigi Alfano/IAlfa Romeo GTV[-]Gr.2KL
Leonardo Prencipe/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]Gr.2KL
Luigi Santandrea/IFiat X 1/9[-]Gr.2KL
Rocco Aragona/ISimca R 2[-]Gr.1KL

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