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Archívy Euromontagna

Coppa Citta di Asiago


Lenght: 4.14 km
Photo update: 2021-11-26


1. 266Gianni Varese/IOsella PA5/6[PA4-044]04:58,6601. gr. B6photo
2. 262Ettore Bogani/IChevron B36 Hart[-]05:09,3292. gr. B6photo
3. Helmuth Stuffer/IOsella PA3[PA3-Stuffer_]05:11,6493. gr. B6
4. Ferio/IOsella PA5[-]05:17,6504. gr. B6
5. 265Stefano Bettoni/IOsella BMW[PA6-071]05:20,4405. gr. B6photo
6. 254Giuseppe Savoldi/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-061]05:20,5306. gr. B6photo
7. Ruggero Parpinelli/IOsella PA5[PA6-066]05:21,0397. gr. B6
8. "Pardo"/IOsella PA3/5[-]05:21,6798. gr. B6
9. Ivo Pinton/IOsella PA6[-]05:30,0809. gr. B6
10. 255Leonardo Cavallo/IChevron B23[-]05:34,90010. gr. B6photo

Další (Klasifikováni)

KL Roberto Biasioli/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]006:20,669--- Gr.2
KL167Luigi Pellanda/IBMW[-]006:06,750--- Gr.2photo
KL Carlo Marchi/IBMW Turbo[-]006:35,760--- Gr.2
KL194Giancarlo Ronchi/ILancia Beta[-]006:11,520--- Gr.4photo
KL221Dante Gargan/IFiat X 1/9[-]005:51,340--1. gr. Gr.5photo
KL Filippini/IFiat X 1/9[-]005:53,409--2. gr. Gr.5
KL227Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW[-]005:55,169--3. gr. Gr.5photo
KL224Romano Bellina/IAlfa Romeo[-]006:02,450--4. gr. Gr.5photo
KL232Mario Ruosso/IBMW[-]006:07,340--5. gr. Gr.5photo
KL230Massimo Saccomanno/ILancia Stratos[-]006:11,929--6. gr. Gr.5photo
KL231Arrigo Fabris/IPorsche[-]006:17,479--7. gr. Gr.5photo
KL Pietro Balestra/IPorsche[-]006:37,929--8. gr. Gr.5
KL Boschieri/IFiat 124 Abarth[-]006:45,650--9. gr. Gr.5
KL Harald/IFord Escort[-]006:46,960--10. gr. Gr.5
KL "Pipino"/IInnocenti Mini[-]006:48,590--11. gr. Gr.5
KL235Bruno Sitran/IDallara[-]005:53,349--12. gr. B6photo
KL Madra/IOpel Ascona[-]006:49,280--12. gr. Gr.5
KL233Sandro Cipolat/IFerraris[-]005:55,520--13. gr. B6photo
KL Botti/IFiat 128[-]006:51,380--13. gr. Gr.5
KL248 "R.D."/IOsella PA5 Ford[-]005:89,859--14. gr. B6photo
KL L. Laschi/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]006:52,840--14. gr. Gr.5
KL "Maximilian"/ILancia HF[-]007:00,590--15. gr. Gr.5
KL Franco Breschi/IAMS[-]006:04,929--15. gr. B6photo
KL Bizzotto/IAlfa GTA[-]007:20,390--16. gr. Gr.5
KL Rossotto/I?[-]006:07,989--16. gr. B6
KL Mauro Stigliano/IGiannini[-]007:58,450--17. gr. Gr.5
KL242 "Bloody Black Tiger"/ILola[-]006:11,940--17. gr. B6photo
KL Filippini/Chevron[-]006:14,210--18. gr. B6
KL Maurizio Degano/IDallara Sport 1300[-]006:25,719--19. gr. B6photo
KL Manuero/IRaid[-]006:30,710--20. gr. B6
KL253Franco Stefanelli/IOsella PA3[-]006:32,090--21. gr. B6photo
KL294Giuseppe Basso/IAMS[-]006:39,960--22. gr. B6photo
KL Guido Sanetti/ISanetti[-]006:45,830--23. gr. B6
KL252Enrico Gagliotto/IChevron B26[-]008:04,200--24. gr. B6photo
KL260Fabio Siliprandi/IChevron Armarolli[-]005:49,669--11. gr. B6photo


ST261Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Bottura78-81]0----- photo
ST142Luigi Bormolini/IFiat 128[-]0----- photo
ST264Achille Soria/IOsella PA4[-]0----- photo
ST251 - Osella[-]0----- photo
ST249 - Chevron[-]0----- photo
ST240Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]0----- photo
ST212 "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[5855]0----- photo
ST208Aldo Longhi/ILancia Stratos[-]0----- photo
ST205Guido Tribbia/ILancia Stratos[-]0----- photo
ST204Francesco Capuzzo/ILancia Stratos[-]0----- photo
ST189Massimo Siena/IAlpine Renault[-]0----- photo
ST Paolo Bozzetto/IFormel[-]0----- photo

Seznam přihlášených

Roberto Biasioli/IAlfa Romeo GTA[-]Gr.2KL
Madra/IOpel Ascona[-]Gr.5KL
Ivo Pinton/IOsella PA6[-]B6KL
Pietro Balestra/IPorsche[-]Gr.5KL
Paolo Bozzetto/IFormel[-]ST
Ferio/IOsella PA5[-]B6KL
Franco Breschi/IAMS[-]B6KL
Maurizio Degano/IDallara Sport 1300[-]B6KL
Helmuth Stuffer/IOsella PA3[PA3-Stuffer_]B6KL
"Pardo"/IOsella PA3/5[-]B6KL
Ruggero Parpinelli/IOsella PA5[PA6-066]B6KL
Harald/IFord Escort[-]Gr.5KL
Boschieri/IFiat 124 Abarth[-]Gr.5KL
Carlo Marchi/IBMW Turbo[-]Gr.2KL
Mauro Stigliano/IGiannini[-]Gr.5KL
"Pipino"/IInnocenti Mini[-]Gr.5KL
Botti/IFiat 128[-]Gr.5KL
"Maximilian"/ILancia HF[-]Gr.5KL
Bizzotto/IAlfa GTA[-]Gr.5KL
Filippini/IFiat X 1/9[-]Gr.5KL
L. Laschi/IAlfa Romeo GT[-]Gr.5KL
Guido Sanetti/ISanetti[-]boturaB6KL
142Luigi Bormolini/IFiat 128[-]luigi bormoliniST
167Luigi Pellanda/IBMW[-]Gr.2KL
189Massimo Siena/IAlpine Renault[-]ST
194Giancarlo Ronchi/ILancia Beta[-]Gr.4KL
204Francesco Capuzzo/ILancia Stratos[-]ST
205Guido Tribbia/ILancia Stratos[-]ST
208Aldo Longhi/ILancia Stratos[-]ST
212 "Kabibo"/IDe Tomaso Pantera[5855]kukniST
221Dante Gargan/IFiat X 1/9[-]Gr.5KL
224Romano Bellina/IAlfa Romeo[-]Gr.5KL
227Ricciardo Ricci/IBMW[-]Gr.5KL
230Massimo Saccomanno/ILancia Stratos[-]Gr.5KL
231Arrigo Fabris/IPorsche[-]Gr.5KL
232Mario Ruosso/IBMW[-]Gr.5KL
233Sandro Cipolat/IFerraris[-]B6KL
235Bruno Sitran/IDallara[-]B6KL
240Antonio Rossetto/IAMS[-]ST
242 "Bloody Black Tiger"/ILola[-]B6KL
248 "R.D."/IOsella PA5 Ford[-]B6KL
249 - Chevron[-]ST
251 - Osella[-]blueST
252Enrico Gagliotto/IChevron B26[-]B6KL
253Franco Stefanelli/IOsella PA3[-]B6KL
254Giuseppe Savoldi/IOsella PA5 BMW[PA5-061]B6KL
255Leonardo Cavallo/IChevron B23[-]B6KL
260Fabio Siliprandi/IChevron Armarolli[-]B6KL
261Pierugo Prati/IMarch 75S[75S-Bottura78-81]boturaST
262Ettore Bogani/IChevron B36 Hart[-]B6KL
264Achille Soria/IOsella PA4[-]ST
265Stefano Bettoni/IOsella BMW[PA6-071]B6KL
266Gianni Varese/IOsella PA5/6[PA4-044]B6KL
294Giuseppe Basso/IAMS[-]B6KL

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