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Euromontagna Archives


Montseny - EHC/E

Lenght: 12 km


1. 83Michel Pignard/FTOJ 206S[79-08-206-S]06:19,5301. gr. Gr6
2. 84Jean-Louis Bos/FLola-BMW[T298/HU100]06:29,8802. gr. Gr6
3. 85Mauro Nesti/ILola-BMW[T298/HU98]06:36,8003. gr. Gr6
4. 82Juan Alfonso Fernandez/ELola-BMW[T296/HU83?]06:40,1204. gr. Gr6
5. 81Jean-Claude Doret/Lola T298[T297/HU89]06:43,6205. gr. Gr6
6. 75Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935 Silhouette[-]06:53,3301. gr. Gr5
7. 77Pietro Raddi/ELola[T292/HU41]06:59,4006. gr. Gr6
8. 78Carlos Arenzana/EOsella-BMW[-]07:06,3807. gr. Gr6
9. 66Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Turbo[-]07:16,7201. gr. Gr4
10. 73Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW 320[-]07:18,2902. gr. Gr5
11. 57Yves Evrard/FBMW 320[-]07:28,6801. gr. Gr2
12. 90Jose Luis Gomez/ESelex 1800[-]07:31,8401. gr. Gr8
13. 56Edgar Grund/DBMW 320[-]07:33,8602. gr. Gr2
14. 61Roland Biancone/FPorsche Turbo[-]07:35,3801. gr. Gr3
15. 80Deszö Kiss/HOsella-BMW[PA3/5-019/027/1978]07:42,2208. gr. Gr6
16. 65Jacques Guillot/FPorsche 911 SC[-]07:45,2202. gr. Gr4
17. 70Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 320[Interag78-01]07:46,6103. gr. Gr5
18. 44 "Roke"/Simca Rallye[-]07:46,9303. gr. Gr2
19. 58Horst Schoene/DBMW 2002[-]07:47,4804. gr. Gr2
20. 45Andres Vilariňo/ESimca Rallye[-]07:47,7305. gr. Gr2
21. 35Gérard Pradelle/FFord Escort RS[-]07:49,2801. gr. Gr1
22. 63Rolf Göring/DPorsche Turbo[9114609094]07:53,7002. gr. Gr3
23. 34Hartmut Böhme/DFord Escort RS[-]08:00,0102. gr. Gr1
24. 55Joan Arnella/Seat 124/1800[-]08:00,4006. gr. Gr2
25. 51Joaquin Reyes/ETalbot 180[-]08:01,3507. gr. Gr2
26. 39Miguell Brunells/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]08:02,7508. gr. Gr2
27. 92Alfonso Tormez/ESelex 1800[-]08:04,5502. gr. Gr8
28. 59Jacques Vernay/FPorsche 911 SC[-]08:05,2503. gr. Gr3
29. 54Xavier Riera/ESeat 124/2000[-]08:07,1209. gr. Gr2
30. 40Rodolfo Tesone/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]08:10,57010. gr. Gr2
31. 62Karl-Heinz Linnig/DPorsche Turbo[-]08:11,3504. gr. Gr3
32. 69André Millet/FFiat X 1.9[-]08:12,1004. gr. Gr5
33. 64R. Cabarrocas/ERenault-Alpine[-]08:12,2003. gr. Gr4
34. 76Ramon Rossines/ELola T297[T297/Rossines]08:13,5909. gr. Gr6
35. 43Bernardino Hevia/Talbot Rallye[-]08:15,47011. gr. Gr2
36. 60Claude Nogue/FPorsche 911[-]08:15,9505. gr. Gr3
37. 33Mauro Biamonti/EOpel Kadett GTE[-]08:20,8903. gr. Gr1
38. 47Ramon Crosas/ESeat Ritmo 75[-]08:32,69012. gr. Gr2
39. 38Carlos Miro/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]08:32,85013. gr. Gr2
40. 86Ramon Ferres/Selex ST5[-]08:33,0003. gr. Gr8
41. 30Juan Garcia/ESeat 124/1800[-]08:36,8104. gr. Gr1
42. 25Joan Moncau/ESeat 124/1800[-]08:42,0605. gr. Gr1
43. 31J.-L. Giralt/Seat 124/1800[-]08:42,1806. gr. Gr1
44. 68J. Moreno/Seat 124/1600[-]08:44,3005. gr. Gr5
45. 28Marci Ambros/ESeat 124/1800[-]08:48,1307. gr. Gr1
46. 32Francisco Gutierrez/EFord Escort RS[-]08:52,5108. gr. Gr1
47. 27Juan Murria/Seat 124/1800[-]08:54,8309. gr. Gr1
48. 26C. Codina/ESeat 124/1800[-]08:55,83010. gr. Gr1
49. 21J.-M. Segura/ESeat 124/1800[-]08:58,09011. gr. Gr1
50. 46Jose M. Borrell/ERenault 5 Alpine[-]09:01,69014. gr. Gr2
51. 23Aman Barfull/ESeat 124/1800[-]09:04,45012. gr. Gr1
52. 20J. Cmaps/Seat 124/1800[-]09:05,91013. gr. Gr1
53. 49A. Morey/ESeat 124/1800[-]09:10,84015. gr. Gr2
54. 52Francisco Gallart/ESeat 124/2000[-]09:11,68016. gr. Gr2
55. 50Manuel Navarro/ESeat 124/1800[-]09:12,63017. gr. Gr2
56. 15Joan Maria Trius/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]09:14,58014. gr. Gr1
57. 9Antonio-F. Garcia/Renault 5 TS[-]09:15,70015. gr. Gr1
58. 16Miguel Cairo/ETalbot 1200 TI[-]09:17,82016. gr. Gr1
59. 36F. Espanol/Simca Rallye[-]09:20,07018. gr. Gr2
60. 11J.-F. Daudi/Ford Fiesta 1.3[-]09:21,19017. gr. Gr1
61. 12M. Gisbert/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]09:21,20018. gr. Gr1
62. 19F. Piccoli/Seat 124/1800[-]09:21,89019. gr. Gr1
63. 24J.-A. Blanes/Seat 124/1800[-]09:23,98020. gr. Gr1
64. 14V. Jonama/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]09:25,01021. gr. Gr1
65. 22M. Bronsoms/Seat 124/1800[-]09:25,28022. gr. Gr1
66. 6R. Soldevila/Seat 127 E[-]09:26,14023. gr. Gr1
67. 5Josep M. Galadies/ESeat 127 E[-]09:27,09024. gr. Gr1
68. 17N. Tort/Seat 124/1800[-]09:31,31025. gr. Gr1
69. 8Daniel Roses/EFord Fiesta 1.1[-]09:32,11026. gr. Gr1
70. 67Juan Gea/Talbot 1200[-]09:42,7306. gr. Gr5
71. 10A. Garcia/Talbot 1200 S[-]09:45,51027. gr. Gr1
72. 1J. Guixeras/Seat 127[-]10:05,72028. gr. Gr1
73. 88Jaime Pou/Selex ST3[-]13:00,1904. gr. Gr8

Did not classified

AB7Josep Mora/ESeat 127[-]0----- Gr1
AB18Carlos Borras/ESeat 124/1800[-]0----- Gr1
AB29Santi Marcenaro/ESeat 124/1800[-]0----- Gr1
AB41Ramon Argues/ETalbot Rallye[-]0----- Gr2
AB42J. Arbella/Simca Rallye[-]0----- Gr2
AB53H. De Rodriguez/Seat 124/1800[-]0----- Gr2
AB71Juan Navarro/EPorsche 911[-]0----- Gr5
AB93Juan Tomas/EMartini Mk15[-]0----- Gr8


1J. Guixeras/Seat 127[-]Gr1KL
5Josep M. Galadies/ESeat 127 E[-]Gr1KL
6R. Soldevila/Seat 127 E[-]Gr1KL
7Josep Mora/ESeat 127[-]Gr1AB
8Daniel Roses/EFord Fiesta 1.1[-]Gr1KL
9Antonio-F. Garcia/Renault 5 TS[-]Gr1KL
10A. Garcia/Talbot 1200 S[-]Gr1KL
11J.-F. Daudi/Ford Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr1KL
12M. Gisbert/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr1KL
14V. Jonama/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr1KL
15Joan Maria Trius/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr1KL
16Miguel Cairo/ETalbot 1200 TI[-]Gr1KL
17N. Tort/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
18Carlos Borras/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1AB
19F. Piccoli/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
20J. Cmaps/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
21J.-M. Segura/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
22M. Bronsoms/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
23Aman Barfull/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
24J.-A. Blanes/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
25Joan Moncau/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
26C. Codina/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
27Juan Murria/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
28Marci Ambros/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
29Santi Marcenaro/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1AB
30Juan Garcia/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
31J.-L. Giralt/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr1KL
32Francisco Gutierrez/EFord Escort RS[-]Gr1KL
33Mauro Biamonti/EOpel Kadett GTE[-]Gr1KL
34Hartmut Böhme/DFord Escort RS[-]Gr1KL
35Gérard Pradelle/FFord Escort RS[-]Gr1KL
36F. Espanol/Simca Rallye[-]Gr2KL
38Carlos Miro/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr2KL
39Miguell Brunells/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr2KL
40Rodolfo Tesone/EFord Fiesta 1.3[-]Gr2KL
41Ramon Argues/ETalbot Rallye[-]Gr2AB
42J. Arbella/Simca Rallye[-]Gr2AB
43Bernardino Hevia/Talbot Rallye[-]Gr2KL
44 "Roke"/Simca Rallye[-]Gr2KL
45Andres Vilariňo/ESimca Rallye[-]Gr2KL
46Jose M. Borrell/ERenault 5 Alpine[-]Gr2KL
47Ramon Crosas/ESeat Ritmo 75[-]Gr2KL
49A. Morey/ESeat 124/1800[-]Gr2KL
50Manuel Navarro/ESeat 124/1800[-]M.N.Gr2KL
51Joaquin Reyes/ETalbot 180[-]Gr2KL
52Francisco Gallart/ESeat 124/2000[-]Gr2KL
53H. De Rodriguez/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr2AB
54Xavier Riera/ESeat 124/2000[-]Gr2KL
55Joan Arnella/Seat 124/1800[-]Gr2KL
56Edgar Grund/DBMW 320[-]Gr2KL
57Yves Evrard/FBMW 320[-]Gr2KL
58Horst Schoene/DBMW 2002[-]Gr2KL
59Jacques Vernay/FPorsche 911 SC[-]Gr3KL
60Claude Nogue/FPorsche 911[-]Gr3KL
61Roland Biancone/FPorsche Turbo[-]Gr3KL
62Karl-Heinz Linnig/DPorsche Turbo[-]Gr3KL
63Rolf Göring/DPorsche Turbo[9114609094]Gr3KL
64R. Cabarrocas/ERenault-Alpine[-]Gr4KL
65Jacques Guillot/FPorsche 911 SC[-]Gr4KL
66Jacques Alméras/FPorsche Turbo[-]Gr4KL
67Juan Gea/Talbot 1200[-]Gr5KL
68J. Moreno/Seat 124/1600[-]Gr5KL
69André Millet/FFiat X 1.9[-]Gr5KL
70Jozsef Cserkuti/HBMW 320[Interag78-01]Gr5KL
71Juan Navarro/EPorsche 911[-]Gr5AB
73Claude Francois Jeanneret/CHBMW 320[-]Gr5KL
75Jean-Marie Alméras/FPorsche 935 Silhouette[-]Gr5KL
76Ramon Rossines/ELola T297[T297/Rossines]R.R.Gr6KL
77Pietro Raddi/ELola[T292/HU41]Gr6KL
78Carlos Arenzana/EOsella-BMW[-]Gr6KL
80Deszö Kiss/HOsella-BMW[PA3/5-019/027/1978]Gr6KL
81Jean-Claude Doret/Lola T298[T297/HU89]Gr6KL
82Juan Alfonso Fernandez/ELola-BMW[T296/HU83?]Gr6KL
83Michel Pignard/FTOJ 206S[79-08-206-S]Gr6KL
84Jean-Louis Bos/FLola-BMW[T298/HU100]Gr6KL
85Mauro Nesti/ILola-BMW[T298/HU98]Gr6KL
86Ramon Ferres/Selex ST5[-]Gr8KL
88Jaime Pou/Selex ST3[-]Gr8KL
90Jose Luis Gomez/ESelex 1800[-]Gr8KL
92Alfonso Tormez/ESelex 1800[-]Gr8KL
93Juan Tomas/EMartini Mk15[-]Gr8AB

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