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Porsche RSR

Výsledky hledání

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1974-03-31HockenheimPorsche RSR Harry Blumer/CH[9114609053]
1976-04-24SaanenPorsche RSR Edy Kofel/CH[-]
1976-04-24SaanenPorsche RSR Peter/CH[-]
1976-05-09DobratschPorsche RSR Hermann Neureuther/D[-]
1976-06-27SchauinslandPorsche RSR Hermann Neureuther/D[-]
1976-08-29Coll de la BotellaPorsche RSR J. Aleix/[-]
1976-09-12GurnigelPorsche RSR Peter/CH[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaPorsche RSR Jean-Marie Alméras/F[-]
1978-05-14EstrelaPorsche RSR Uwe Thomas Köhler/D[-]
1978-08-13Mont DorePorsche RSR Jean-Francois Mas/[-]
1978-08-13Mont DorePorsche RSR D. Limousin/[-]
1984-08-26St. UrsannePorsche RSR Hansruedi Hugentobler/CH[9113600871]
1985-04-07DijonPorsche RSR Hansruedi Hugentobler/CH[9113600837]
1985-05-12HockenheimPorsche RSR Hansruedi Hugentobler/CH[9113600837]
1985-06-23Magny CoursPorsche RSR Hansruedi Hugentobler/CH[9113600837]
1985-07-07HockenheimPorsche RSR Hansruedi Hugentobler/CH[9113600837]
1985-07-07HockenheimPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1985-08-11Ayent-AnzerePorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1985-09-01La Roche-La BerraPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1986-05-11HockenheimPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1986-07-13HockenheimPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1986-09-07La Roche-La BerraPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1986-09-28HembergPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1988-05-22ÖsterreichringPorsche RSR Alain Pfefferle/CH[-]
1989-10-15OberjochPorsche RSR Heinz Dorr/B[-]
1989-10-29HockenheimPorsche RSR Beilke/[-]
1989-10-29HockenheimPorsche RSR Prosten/[-]
1994?Porsche RSR Wolfgang Schrey/D[-]
1995DaytonaPorsche RSR James Ladwig/[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaPorsche RSR Eric Bretzel/USA[-]
1996-07-21Road AmericaPorsche RSR James Oppenheimer/USA[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaPorsche RSR T. Vargo/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaPorsche RSR J. Vargo/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaPorsche RSR S. Eal/[-]
1997-10-05DaytonaPorsche RSR Hurley Haywood/USA[-]
1999-05-16Rampa da FalperraPorsche RSR Carlos Rodrigues/P[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2001-08-12Mont DorePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2001-09-09TurckheimPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-06-09La PommerayePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-06-16Mont VentouxPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-06-23La Broque SchirmeckPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-07-07VuillafansPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-07-21BeaujolaisPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-07-28DunieresPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-08-11Mont DorePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-08-25ChamroussePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2002-09-01KyffhäuserPorsche RSR Herbert Stolz/A[9114609068]
2002-09-06TurckheimPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-05-18PommerayePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-06-15Mont VentouxPorsche Rsr Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-07-13VuillafansPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-07-27DunieresPorsche Rsr Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-08-10Mont DorePorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-09-07TurckheimPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2003-09-21LimonestPorsche RSR Jean-Pierre Prevot/F[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche RSR Jochen Richrath/[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche RSR Richrath/[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche RSR Christian Traber/CH[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche RSR Marc Devis/B[-]
2005-04-17SpaPorsche RSR Yah-Man/I[-]
2006-08-26MostPorsche RSR Philipp Zumstein/CH[WPOZZZ99ZYS692105]
2006-08-27MostPorsche RSR Philipp Zumstein/CH[WPOZZZ99ZYS692105]
2006-09-23BrnoPorsche RSR Philipp Zumstein/CH[WPOZZZ99ZYS692105]
2007-05-06ValenciaPorsche RSR "Mr John of B"/F[-]


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