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Archívy Euromontagna

Martini MK45

Výsledky hledání

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1986-04-27AmpusMartini MK45 Marcel Tarrés/F[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jakob Bordoli/CH[-]
1986-08-17St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Pierre Hirschi/CH[-]
1987-08-09Mont DoreMartini MK45 Marcel Tarrés/F[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jakob Bordoli/CH[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Pierre Hirschi/CH[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Romeo Nüssli/CH[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Bernard Thurner/CH[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Marcel Tarrés/F[-]
1987-09-06TurckheimMartini MK45 Daniel Boccard/F[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hans-Ruedi Debrunner/CH[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hansueli Christen/CH[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK45 Dominique Bouete/F[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK45 Alain Colomeda/F[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK45 Francis Millard/F[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hansueli Christen/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Romeo Nüssli/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jean-Claude Antille/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Dominique Salamin/CH[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hansueli Christen/CH[-]
1991-08-11Mont DoreMartini MK45 Daniel Barnier/F[-]
1991-08-11Mont DoreMartini MK45 Alain Colomeda/F[-]
1991-08-18St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hansueli Christen/CH[-]
1993-04-25RechbergMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1993-06-13ŠternberkMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1993-08-08Mont DoreMartini MK45 Alain Colomeda/F[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Robert Vetter/CH[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Blaise Fischer/CH[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Hans Ulrich Aeschbacher/CH[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimMartini MK45 Alain Colomeda/F[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1993-10-10AmpusMartini MK45 Gérald Antiochia/F[-]
1994Les PaccotsMartini MK45 Blaise Fischer/CH[-]
1994-06-19ŠternberkMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1994-08-07Mont DoreMartini MK45 Daniel Barnier/F[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Blaise Fischer/CH[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jean-Claude Antille/CH[-]
1995-06-18ŠternberkMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1995-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK45 Gérald Antiochia/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK45 Dominique Bouete/F[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Blaise Fischer/CH[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jürg Anliker/CH[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Othmar Oswald/CH[MK45-17]
1995-08-20St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1996-08-18St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1996-08-18St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Blaise Fischer/CH[-]
1997-06-08ŠternberkMartini MK45 Urs Bereuter/CH[MK45-16]
1998-04-25Brno Autodrom ZAVMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-04-25Brno Autodrom ZAVMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-05-09Náměšť nad OslavouMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-05-10Náměšť nad OslavouMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-06-07ŠternberkMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-08-15Ústí nad OrlicíMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1998-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Daniel Savare/CH[-]
1998-09-06TurckheimMartini MK45 Guy Poinsignon/F[-]
1999-04-17Brno Autodrom ZAVMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-04-17Brno Autodrom ZAVMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-05-08Náměšť nad OslavouMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-05-09Náměšť nad OslavouMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-05-29Ústí nad OrlicíMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-05-30Ústí nad OrlicíMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-06-06ŠternberkMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-07-10KohoutoviceMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-07-11KohoutoviceMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-07-11Banská BystricaMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-08-14LaudonMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-08-15LaudonMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Jean-Claude Antille/CH[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Daniel Savare/CH[-]
1999-08-29BeneckoMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
1999-08-30BeneckoMartini MK45 Jiří Mičánek/CZ[MK45-08]
2003-04-06Bagnols SabranMartini MK45 Philippe Ardissone/F[-]
2010-08-15St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Roger Rey/CH[-]
2012-08-19St. UrsanneMartini MK45 Roger Rey/CH[-]


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