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Archívy Euromontagna

Grac MT20

Výsledky hledání

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1974Simca CoupeGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974Simca CoupeGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974Simca CoupeGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974Simca CoupeGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974Simca CoupeGrac MT20 "Pat Shadock"/F[-]
1974-03-31AlbiGrac MT20  Pierre Marie Painvin/F[-]
1974-03-31AlbiGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-03-31AlbiGrac MT20  Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20 Pierre Marie Painvin/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20 "Pat Shadock"/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-04-07Le CastelletGrac MT20  Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-04-15NogaroGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-04-15NogaroGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-04-15NogaroGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-05-01Magny CoursGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-05-01Magny CoursGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-05-01Magny CoursGrac MT20  Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-05-01Magny CoursGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-05-05PauGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-05-05PauGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-05-05PauGrac MT20 Pierre Marie Painvin/F[-]
1974-05-05PauGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-05-12MontlhéryGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-05-12MontlhéryGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-05-12MontlhéryGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-05-12MontlhéryGrac MT20  Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-05-12MontlhéryGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-05-26Croix en TernoisGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-06-23CharadesGrac MT20 Bernard Beguin/F[-]
1974-06-23CharadesGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-06-23CharadesGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-06-23CharadesGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-06-23CharadesGrac MT20 Pierre Marie Painvin/F[-]
1974-06-30Foret AuvrayGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-06-30Foret AuvrayGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-06-30Foret AuvrayGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-07-14Magny CoursGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-07-14Magny CoursGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-07-14Magny CoursGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-07-14Magny CoursGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-07-21EymoutiersGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-07-21EymoutiersGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-07-21EymoutiersGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-07-21EymoutiersGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-07-28ChamrousseGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-07-28ChamrousseGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-07-28ChamrousseGrac MT20 Alain Levie/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandGrac MT20 Pierre Marie Painvin/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandGrac MT20 Bernard Chevanne/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandGrac MT20  Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-08-11KarlandGrac MT20 Pat Shadock/F[-]
1974-08-15Le CastelletGrac MT20 Xavier Lapeyre/F[-]
1974-08-15Le CastelletGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1974-09-01UrcyGrac MT20 Patrick Teillet/F[-]
1975-07-27Mont DoreGrac MT20 C. Ferriere/[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaGrac MT20 Jean Michel Coll/F[-]
1977-08-07Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean Michel Coll/F[-]
1978-08-13Mont DoreGrac MT20 G. Trainoir/[-]
1979-08-05Mont DoreGrac MT20 Robert Lambert/F[-]
1986-08-10Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1986-09-07TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1987-08-09Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1989-09-03TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1991-08-11Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1993-05-02AbreschvillerGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1993-05-09La PommerayeGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1993-05-16AvernesGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1993-08-08Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreGrac MT20 Pierre Gavard/F[-]
1994-08-07Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreGrac MT20 Pierre Gavard/F[-]
1995-09-03TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1996-08-11Mont DoreGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimGrac MT20 Jean-Pierre Mathieu/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreGrac MT20 Pierre Gavard/F[-]
1999-07-04BeaujolaisGrac MT20 Pierre Gavard/F[-]
1999-08-08Mont DoreGrac MT20 Pierre Gavard/F[-]
2001-08-12Mont DoreGrac MT20 Dominique Mouton/F[-]
2002-06-09La PommerayeGrac MT20 Dominique Mouton/F[-]
2003-04-27Col St. PierreGrac MT20 Dominique Mouton/F[-]
2007-05-06ValenciaGrac MT20 Jean Michel Coll/F[-]
2008-04-05CatalunyaGrac MT20 Jean Michel Coll/F[-]
2009-04-04BarceloneGrac MT20 Jean Michel Coll/F[-]


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