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Archívy Euromontagna


Výsledky hledání

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1930-08-10KlausenChrysler Zuriel/[-]
1930-09-29FéléacChrysler Gheorghe Nadu/[-]
1930-09-29FéléacChrysler Iorgu Ghika/[-]
1931-08-16TatraChrysler Jiří Kristián Lobkowic/CS[-]
1932-06-12KesselbergChrysler Hans Gübelin/CH[-]
1932-08-07KlausenChrysler Kuderli/[-]
1932-08-07KlausenChrysler Hans Gübelin/CH[-]
1933-09-24Monte CeneriChrysler Ortelli/[-]
1933-09-24Monte CeneriChrysler O. Zwimpfer/[-]
1933-09-24Monte CeneriChrysler R. Iten/[-]
1961-06-04Col de la FaucilleChrysler Tomas Losinger/CH[-]
1961-08-27Klosters DavosChrysler 300E v8 6767cc Tomas Losinger/CH[-]
1961-09-10GaisbergChrysler 300E Tomas Losinger/CH[-]
1970-06-21Mont VentouxChrysler Barracuda (6000 cm3) Irene Sadron/F[-]
1970-08-09Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1971-08-08Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-03-19AmpusChrysler Barracuda J.C. Gerald/F[-]
1972-05-01Monts Du JuraChrysler Hemicuda J.C. Geral/[-]
1972-06-11EcheletteChrysler Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1972-06-18Mont VentouxChrysler Barracuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-06-18Mont VentouxChrysler Barracuda J.C. Geral/[-]
1972-06-18Mont VentouxChrysler Barracuda Sarazzin/F[-]
1972-06-18Mont VentouxChrysler Barracuda Marie Laurent/F[-]
1972-07-09BeaujolaisChrysler Hemicuda J.C. Geral/[-]
1972-07-09BeaujolaisChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-07-23MalvalChrysler Hemicuda Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1972-07-30ChamrousseChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-07-30ChamrousseChrysler Hemicuda J.C. Geral/[-]
1972-08-06Haut CantalChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-08-13Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda J.C. Geral/[-]
1972-08-13Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1972-08-13Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Henri Chemin/F[-]
1972-08-13Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Marie Laurent/F[-]
1972-08-13Mont DoreChrysler Hemicuda Avril/[-]
1973-04-01AmpusChrysler Hemicuda Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1973-06-24La Foret AuvrayChrysler Barracuda Avril/[-]
1973-07-08PoillyChrysler Hemicuda Jean-Francois Mas/[-]
1973-07-15PouilleChrysler Barracuda Avril/[-]
1973-08-05Haut CantalChrysler Barracuda Avril/[-]
1973-09-09Mont VentouxChrysler Hemicuda Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1973-09-23LimonestChrysler Morel/[-]
1974-03-31AmpusChrysler Hemicuda Gerard Sarrazin/F[-]
1975-07-27Mont DoreChrysler 180 Bernard Pissis/F[-]
1975-09-21ŠternberkChrysler 180 Falco Jansen/D[-]
1976-07-04ŠternberkChrysler Karl- Heinz Schötter/D[-]
1977-03-27AmpusChrysler Avenger Paul Condriller/F[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaChrysler Avenger Fernand Weber/L[-]
1978-07-09DobratschChrysler Rallye Karl Fuchsberger/A[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandChrysler Martin Kleiner/D[-]
1982-08-29SchauinslandChrysler Michael Fuss/[-]
1983-09-18PradesChrysler 180 Pierre Casagne/[-]
1990-04-29RechbergChrysler Sunbeam Lotus Johannes Klestil/A[-]
2004-07-04RietiChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2005-05-01BrnoChrysler Viper Miroslav Konopka/SK[C14]
2006-07-02Trento BondoneChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2006-07-09RietiChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2007-04-15Monte EriceChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2007-07-01Trento BondoneChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2007-07-08RietiChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2009-06-28RietiChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]
2009-08-23GubbioChrysler Viper GTS Marco Gramenzi/I[-]


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