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Archívy Euromontagna


Výsledky hledání

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1989-03-26Loton ParkCaterham Super 7 Rob Stevens/GB[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Philippe Dermagne/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Hubert De Suduiraut/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Daniel Bourguignon/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Pascal Devidet/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Michel Pouteau/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Tonino Panetta/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Jean Martin/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Xavier Tourliere/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham Pascal Dro/F[-]
1990-09-02TurckheimCaterham José Rosinski/F[-]
1993-07-03Castle CombeCaterham 7 Paul Milligan/GB[-]
1993-08-30Castle CombeCaterham 7 Guy Parry/GB[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreCaterham HPC Patrick Bourguignon/F[-]
1995-09-17Castle CombeCaterham Vauxhall Guy Parry/GB[-]
1997-05-17Lhergy FrisselCaterham Super 7 Paul Parker/GB[-]
1997-08-25Castle CombeCaterham Chris Farrell/GB[-]
1998-03-28Castle CombeCaterham 7 -[-]
1998-03-28Castle CombeCaterham JPE Chris Farrell/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Newland/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham B. McLoughlin/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Newland/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Newaland/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Simon Bartholomey/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Super Agary Furst/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Martin Raybould/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Tidy/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Furby/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Philpott/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Parker/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham David Garrett/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Hill/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Rob Turnbull/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Jeff Orford/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Lanyon/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Rimmer/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 David Harris/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Atkinson/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Julian Lay/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Romboutshowitt/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Breakwell/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Gareth Pitts/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Breakwell/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Entwistle/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Richard Hassall/Gb[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Cooper/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Mark Weir/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham Peter Clark/GB[-]
1998-04-26SnettertonCaterham 7 Claude Partridge/GB[-]
1998-05-03RechbergCaterham S7 Walter Terler/A[-]
1998-05-04Castle CombeCaterham JPE Chris Farrell/GB[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimCaterham Christophe Lenys/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimCaterham Romain Lenys/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimCaterham Nicolas Armindo/F[-]
2001-02-18NogaroCatérham Yvon Tapie/F[-]
2002-08-11Mont DoreCaterham Super Seven Vincent Huot/F[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimCaterham Romain Lenys/F[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimCaterham Jean-Louis Herbeth/F[-]
2002-09-06TurckheimCaterham Christophe Baillet/F[-]
2003-04-27Col St. PierreCaterham Francois Salhien/F[-]
2003-04-27Col St. PierreCaterham Seven Olivier Amblard/F[-]
2003-08-17St. UrsanneCaterham Super 7 Christian Balmer/CH[-]
2003-09-21LimonestCaterham Super 7 Rudy Ginard/F[-]
2005-08-07Mont DoreCaterham Super 7 Rudy Ginard/F[-]
2006-08-13Mont DoreCaterham Super Seven Frédéric Rossel/F[-]
2008-05-18EstrelaCaterham André Marques/P[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreCaterham Super7 Jonathan Armand/[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreCaterham R300 Frédéric Rossel/F[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreCaterham R300 Cyril Mallemanche/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreCaterham R300 Leo Rossel/[-]
2016-04-17Col St. PierreCaterham R300 Cyril Mallemanche/[-]
2016-10-09Šternberk IICaterham 7-Ford David Warburton/GB[-]
2017-04-01Brno Autodrom ZAVCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-04-02Brno Autodrom ZAVCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-05-06Náměšť nad OslavouCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-05-07Náměšť nad OslavouCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-05-27Ústí nad OrlicíCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-05-28Ústí nad OrlicíCaterham 7 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-06-04ŠternberkCaterham 485 Petr Lisa/CZ[-]
2017-09-21BrnoCaterham 1998 ccm Ondřej Kočka/CZ[-]
2017-09-21BrnoCaterham 1998 ccm Ondřej Kočka/CZ[-]


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