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1970-08-23St. UrsanneRoyale RP3 Fraser/[-]
1971?Royale RP6 -[-]
1972-05-28HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1972-06-18HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1972-08-06BoméreéRoyale Wanske/[-]
1972-08-20St. UrsanneRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-05-06SembachRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-05-20HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-05-27PayerneRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-06-03DijonRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-06-17RomontRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-07-01EggbergRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-07-15ReisdorfRoyale SV Wanske/[-]
1973-07-22HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-08-26HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-10-07HembergRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1973-10-14DijonRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1974-05-05HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1974-07-21HockenheimRoyale RP6 Georges Morand/CH[-]
1975-08-10OsnabrückRoyale BDA Hans Peter Richrath/[-]
1975-09-21NeuffenRoyale Bert Schuster/D[-]
1975-09-28KaufbeurenRoyale LTS Bert Schuster/D[-]
1975-10-12OberallgäuRoyale LTD Bert Schuster/D[-]
1976-04-25DünsbergRoyale Walter Pedrazza/A[-]
1976-05-02KrähbergrennenRoyale Walter Pedrazza/A[-]
1977-07-17DobratschRoyale Hammerschmid Helmut Goessinger/A[-]
1977-07-24GubbioRoyale Alberto Bagnoli/I[-]
1978-08-20St. UrsanneRoyale Bernhard Brack/D[-]
1979-08-19St. UrsanneRoyale RP6 Bonvallat/[-]
1983-05-01MonzaRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1983-05-15DijonRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1983-07-03HockenheimRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1983-07-31Ayent-AnzereRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1983-08-28OberhallauRoyale Gianni Bianchi/CH[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkRoyale FF Willy Sippel/D[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkRoyale RP24 Hans Halbauer/D[-]
1986-05-11Havíøov-ŠenovRoyale RP24 Hans Halbauer/D[-]
1986-06-15ŠternberkRoyale FF Willy Sippel/D[-]
1986-06-15ŠternberkRoyale RP24 Hans Halbauer/D[-]
1986-06-22Ostrava-VítkoviceRoyale RP24 Hans Halbauer/D[-]
1987-06-28ŠternberkRoyale RP29 Uwe Fiedler/D[-]
1987-07-19HockenheimRoyale Hanspeter Boppart/CH[-]
1987-10-11OberjochRoyale K.-H. Heigl/[-]
1987-10-11OberjochRoyale Peter Wiender/[-]
1987-10-11OberjochRoyale Josef Wölfl/D[-]
1988-03-13HockenheimRoyale Zwolsmann/NL[-]
1988-04-03MonzaRoyale Hanspeter Boppart/CH[-]
1988-07-03HockenheimRoyale Hanspeter Boppart/CH[-]
1988-08-21St. UrsanneRoyale Hanspeter Boppart/CH[-]
1989-03-26MonzaRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1989-05-21MisanoRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1989-07-09HockenheimRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreRoyale Michael Boht/D[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsanneRoyale RP35 Silvia Bart/CH[-]
1989-09-10GurnigelRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRoyale Detlef Heinze/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRoyale Ralph Baumann/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRoyale RP31 Uwe Lang/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRoyale RP31 Eberhard Wahl/D[-]
1989-10-15OberjochRoyale RP Michael Boht/D[-]
1990ReichweilerRoyale Herbert Leibach/D[-]
1990-08-19St. UrsanneRoyale RP35 Silvia Bart/CH[-]
1991-09-08La Roche-La BerraRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1992?Royale Alf Eng/N[-]
1992-07-26OsnabrückRoyale Herbert Leibach/D[-]
1992-07-26Ayent-AnzereRoyale 82 Marco Gehrig/CH[-]
1994?Royale Alf Eng/N[-]
1994-06-19ŠternberkRoyale PRC M88 Alfred Pehr/A[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneRoyale Emanuel Pedrazza/A[-]
1994-10-16MostRoyale -[PRCM88]
1995?Royale RP42 Paul Parker/GB[-]
1995?Royale RP38 John Richardson/GB[-]
1995-03-25Castle CombeRoyale RP37 Tony Sheppy/GB[-]
1995-04-30RechbergRoyale PRC M88 Roland Ruprechter/A[-]
1995-05-06Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-05-07Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-06-03AnderstorpRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-06-04AnderstorpRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-07-23KnutstorpRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-08-26Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-08-27Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1995-08-28Castle CombeRoyale RP37 Tony Sheppy/GB[-]
1996?Royale Alf Eng/N[-]
1996-05-18Lhergy FrisselRoyale RP42 Paul Parker/GB[-]
1996-07-13AnderstorpRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1996-07-21KnutstorpRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1996-08-24Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1996-08-25Mantorp ParkRoyale Alf Eng/N[-]
1997-04-27RechbergRoyale PRC M88 Harald Matzold/A[-]
1997-06-08ŠternberkRoyale PRC M88 Harald Matzold/A[-]
1997-06-08AnderstorpRoyale André Westbye/N[-]
1997-06-15TrierRoyale FF Michal Gräfling/D[-]
1997-06-15TrierRoyale RP29 Andreas Walz/D[-]
1997-07-07HockenheimRoyale PRC M88 Harald Mazolt/A[-]
1997-10-30Mantorp ParkRoyale André Westbye/N[-]
1997-10-31Mantorp ParkRoyale André Westbye/N[-]
1998-03-21SilverstoneRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-04-13SnettertonRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-05-10Brands HatchRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-05-31Mallory ParkRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-06-14TrierRoyale FF Michal Gräfling/D[-]
1998-06-28Cadwell ParkRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-07-18PembreyRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1998-08-02SnettertonRoyale RP27 Michael Dodd/GB[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsanneRoyale SV Roger Rey/CH[-]
1999-09-19UnterfrankenRoyale FF Michal Gräfling/D[-]
2014-04-13Col St. PierreRoyale MP 24 Jean-Marc Debeaune/[-]
2016-09-04Ilirska BistricaRoyale RP18 SV Igor Cossetto/HR[-]
2016-09-18BuzetRoyale RP 18 Igor Cossetto/HR[-]


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