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Renault R8

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1965-08-29Ollon VillarsRenault R8 Adolf Poeltinger/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergRenault R8 Adolf Pöltinger/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergRenault R8 Peter Exenberger/A[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Robert Grillerer/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Hommel/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Gaston Ferrier/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Marquerite Accarie/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Irene Sadron/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Franck Alesi/F[-]
1966-06-26Mont VentouxRenault R8 Irene Sadron/F[-]
1966-08-28Sierre Montana CransRenault R8 Serge Kaelin/CH[-]
1967-06-04RossfeldRenault R8 Ekkehard Ruland/D[-]
1967-09-03GaisbergRenault R8 Adolf Pöltinger/CH[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyRenault R8 Marc Etchebers/F[-]
1968-06-02MontsenyRenault R8 Jose Maria Fernandez/E[-]
1969-05-11TěrlickoRenault R8 Rudolf Kryza/CS[-]
1969-06-22Mont VentouxRenault R8 Albisson/F[-]
1969-09-07GaisbergRenault R8 Georg Auer/A[-]
1970-08-09Mont DoreRenault R8 J. Dolhem/F[-]
1971-05-02VyskeřRenault R8 Josef Řeřicha/CZ[-]
1971-07-11Cesana-SestriereRenault R8 Grandini/[-]
1971-07-11Cesana-SestriereRenault R8 Enrico Re/[-]
1971-07-11Cesana-SestriereRenault R8 Lorenzelli/[-]
1971-08-22St. UrsanneRenault R8 Dieter Kern/D[-]
1971-10-03HronovRenault R8 Miroslav Májek/CS[-]
1971-10-03HronovRenault R8 Jan Bican/CZ[-]
1971-10-03HronovRenault R8 Ivan Dačev/CZ[-]
1971-10-03HronovRenault R8 Jaroslav Štumar/CS[-]
1971-10-03HronovRenault R8 Josef Novotný/CS[-]
1971-11-14ZbečnoRenault R8 Petr Čemus/CS[-]
1973-06-17Ústí nad OrlicíRenault R8 Zdeněk Ošťádal/CZ[-]
1975-03-16AmpusRenault R8 Rene Romagnoli/[-]
1975-08-31Rožnov pod RadhoštěmRenault R8 Jaroslav Zbranek/CS[-]
1975-08-31Mladá BoleslavRenault R8 Zdeněk Faltín/CS[-]
1975-09-06Ústí nad OrlicíRenault R8 Jan Bican/CZ[-]
1975-09-21ŠternberkRenault R8 Jan Bican/CZ[-]
1976-04-04AmpusRenault R8 "Romano"/[-]
1976-10-02FrýdlantRenault R8 Miroslav Hejduk/CS[-]
1991-05-26Ústí nad OrlicíRenault R8 Jiří Stýblo/CS[-]
1996-09-08Šternberk HARenault R8 Jaromír Šárka/CZ[-]
1997-09-21Šternberk HARenault R8 Giuseppe De Carli/I[-]
2000-07-23HomburgRenault R8 Hans-Peter Wiebe/D[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreRenault R8 Gonzague Corbin/F[-]
2003-08-24ChamrousseRenault R8 Nicolas Beguin/F[-]
2003-08-24ChamrousseRenault R8 Nicolas Vernaz/[-]
2005-06-12TrierRenault R8 Hans-Peter Wiebe/D[-]
2009-06-14TrierRenault R8 Hans-Peter Wiebe/D[-]


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