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Porsche Carrera RS

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1973-05-07BourbachPorsche Carrera RS Dominique Thiry/F[-]
1973-05-14LodevePorsche Carrera RS Jacques Alméras/F[-]
1973-05-27SchauinslandPorsche Carrera RS Rolf Göring/D[9113600760]
1973-07-01Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Eugenio Bonomelli/I[-]
1973-07-08BeaujolaisPorsche Carrera RS Jacques Alméras/F[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Peter Ditzler/CH[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Erhard von Känel/CH[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Martin Brühweiler/CH[-]
1973-08-19St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1973-09-08ŠternberkPorsche Carrera RS Eberhard Sindel/D[-]
1973-09-08ŠternberkPorsche Carrera RS Horst Rack/D[-]
1973-09-09Mont VentouxPorsche Carrera RS Claude Haldi/CH[-]
1973-09-09Mont VentouxPorsche Carrera RS Averos/F[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Gerhard Maurer/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Patrick Meschia/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Max Welti/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Peter Bernhard/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Edy Kofel/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Müller/[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Edy Brandenberger/CH[-]
1974-04-14ÖsterreichringPorsche Carrera RS Fritz Straumann/CH[-]
1974-08-18St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Edy Kofel/CH[-]
1975-07-06Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Silvano Pittini/I[9114609090]
1975-07-06Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Dieter Schmid/D[-]
1975-09-17ToruòPorsche Carrera RS Adam Smorawinski/PL[9114609046]
1976-05-24MontsenyPorsche Carrera RS J. Aleix/[-]
1976-07-04ŠternberkPorsche Carrera RS Adam Smorawinski/PL[9114609046]
1976-08-08Mont DorePorsche Carrera RS Jean-Francois Mas/[-]
1976-08-08Mont DorePorsche Carrera RS J. Barbier/[-]
1977-03-27AmpusPorsche Carrera RS Jean-Francois Mas/[-]
1977-05-22MontsenyPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldPorsche Carrera RS Richard Weber/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-06-12RossfeldPorsche Carrera RS Alfred Späh/D[-]
1977-07-03Bolzano MendolaPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Flavio Vigano/I[-]
1977-07-17DobratschPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-07-31Coll de la BotellaPorsche Carrera RS Carles Santacreu/[-]
1977-08-07Mont DorePorsche Carrera RS Jean Pierre Beltoise/F[-]
1977-08-21St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Jean Krucher/CH[-]
1977-08-28MacerataPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1977-09-04PotenzaPorsche Carrera RS Anton Fischhaber/D[-]
1978-08-20St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Max Leuenberger/CH[-]
1979-05-27EstrelaPorsche Carrera RS André Martinho/P[-]
1979-07-01Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Flavio Vigano/I[-]
1981-07-05Trento BondonePorsche Carrera RS Paolo Cantelli/I[-]
1986-05-11HockenheimPorsche Carrera RS Constantin/[-]
1986-09-28HembergPorsche Carrera RS ? Rauch/[-]
1988-05-15HockenheimPorsche Carrera RS Josef Sacher/CH[-]
1988-06-19DijonPorsche Carrera RS Josef Sacher/CH[-]
1989-08-20St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Michel Pfefferle/CH[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Nicolas Claude Bührer/CH[-]
1995-08-20St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Bruno Kueng/CH[-]
1996-08-18St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Nicolas Claude Bührer/CH[-]
1997-08-24St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Nicolas Claude Bührer/CH[-]
1998-08-23St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Nicolas Claude Bührer/CH[-]
1999-08-22St. UrsannePorsche Carrera RS Nicolas Claude Bührer/CH[-]
2000-07-02SchirmeckPorsche Carrera RS Laurent Gremmel/F[-]
2002-07-28DunieresPorsche Carrera RS Dominique Vuillaume/F[-]
2003-06-01BeaujolaisPorsche Carrera RS Dominique Vuillaume/F[-]
2003-08-24ChamroussePorsche Carrera Rs Frederic Santarelli/F[-]
2012-06-03ŠternberkPorsche Carrera RS Josef Michl/CZ[-]
2015-04-26RechbergPorsche Carrera Rs Guido Vivalda/I[-]
2015-06-07ŠternberkPorsche Carrera Rs Guido Vivalda/I[-]
2017-04-23RechbergPorsche Carrera RS Giuliano Palmieri/I[-]
2017-09-03Ilirska BistricaPorsche Carrera RS Andrea Baroni/I[-]


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