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Martini MK42

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1985-08-18St. UrsanneMartini MK42 Franz Hunkeler/CH[-]
1985-09-01TurckheimMartini MK42 Christian Debias/F[-]
1986-08-10Mont DoreMartini MK42 Pascal Malateste/F[-]
1987-08-23St. UrsanneMartini MK42 Fredy Amweg/CH[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK42 Jean-Marc Duranteau/F[-]
1989-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK42 Robert Tourillon/F[-]
1990DudelangeMartini MK42 Christian Hauser/L[-]
1990-06-17TrierMartini MK42 Karl-Heinz Kerschensteiner/D[-]
1991HoltzMartini MK42 Christian Hauser/L[-]
1991-08-11Mont DoreMartini MK42 Jean-Jacques Vallet/F[-]
1991-08-18St. UrsanneMartini MK42 Jürg Anliker/CH[-]
1991-08-25Maine BratagneMartini MK42 Jean-Jacques Vallet/F[-]
1992HoltzMartini MK42 Christian Hauser/L[-]
1992-09-06TurckheimMartini MK42 Daniel Eyler/F[-]
1992-09-06TurckheimMartini MK42 Christian Boullenger/F[-]
1993-05-02AbreschvillerMartini MK42 Christian Boullenger/F[-]
1993-05-30Vall´s D´AndorraMartini MK42 Nany Nerguti/F[-]
1993-07-25DunieresMartini MK42 Goutarel/F[-]
1993-08-08Mont DoreMartini MK42 Nany Nerguti/F[-]
1993-08-08Mont DoreMartini MK42 Benoit Chaillou/F[-]
1993-08-08Mont DoreMartini MK42 Jean-Jacques Vallet/F[-]
1995-08-06Mont DoreMartini MK42 Benoit Chaillou/F[-]
1995-09-03TurckheimMartini MK42 Daniel Eyler/F[-]
1996-06-30FouchyMartini MK42 Fabrice Marchal/F[-]
1996-09-09TurckheimMartini MK42 Fabrice Marchal/F[-]
1998-08-09Mont DoreMartini MK42 Alain Vazeille/F[-]
2000-06-11BeaujolaisMartini MK42 Yves Gatto/F[-]
2000-07-02SchirmeckMartini MK42 Daniel Eyler/F[-]
2000-08-13Mont DoreMartini MK42 Alain Vazeille/F[-]
2000-09-10TurckheimMartini MK42 Daniel Eyler/F[-]
2002-05-01EschdorfMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2002-05-20WolsfeldMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2002-06-15TrierMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2002-08-18HauensteinMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2002-09-15EichenbühlMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-05-04EschdorfMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-06-09WolsfeldMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-06-15TrierMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-06-29IbergMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-08-10HauensteinMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-08-24OsnabrückMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-08-31KyffhäuserMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2003-10-05MickhausenMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2004-05-29Ústí nad OrlicíMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2004-05-30Ústí nad OrlicíMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2004-06-13TrierMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2004-08-08Mont DoreMartini MK42 Bernard Penilla/F[-]
2007-06-10TrierMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2007-10-07MickhausenMartini MK42 Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2008-06-08TrierMartini MK42  Rolf Köppel/D[-]
2010-05-02Rampa da FalperraMartini Mk42 Silvio Malvar Fernandez/E[-]
2011-05-22Rampa da FalperraMartini MK42 Silvio Malvar Fernandez/E[-]
2012-05-20Rampa da FalperraMartini MK42 Silvio Malvar Fernandez/E[-]


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