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Alfa Romeo Sprint

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1962-06-17Mont VentouxAlfa Romeo Sprint Marie-Louise Mermod/CH[-]
1965-09-19GaisbergAlfa Romeo Sprint "Rasch"/I[-]
1977-07-10Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Sprint Enrico Carlini/I[-]
1983-08-21St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo Sprint Bernhard Hedinger/CH[-]
1983-10-02OberjochAlfa Romeo Sprint Tussilo Lehner/CH[-]
1983-10-02OberjochAlfa Romeo Sprint Christoph Hanke/D[-]
1985-06-09RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Herbert Schenzel/A[-]
1985-06-16ŠternberkAlfa Romeo Sprint Hans-Dieter Melzer/D[-]
1985-07-21AscoliAlfa Romeo Sprint Alessandro Cocchetti/I[-]
1986-06-22Ostrava-VítkoviceAlfa Romeo Sprint Hans-Dieter Melzer/D[-]
1987-07-19AscoliAlfa Romeo Sprint Renzo Pellegrini/I[-]
1988-05-29RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Herbert Schenzel/A[-]
1988-05-29RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Franz jr. Maitz/A[-]
1989-04-30RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Franz jr. Maitz/A[-]
1989-07-16Cesana-SestriereAlfa Romeo Sprint Gualtiero Fogliatti/I[-]
1989-07-23AscoliAlfa Romeo Sprint Carlo D´Astolfa/I[-]
1989-07-23AscoliAlfa Romeo Sprint Massimo Pennesi/I[-]
1989-09-17CefaluAlfa Romeo Sprint "Meteora"/I[-]
1989-09-17CefaluAlfa Romeo Sprint Salvatore Corrado/I[-]
1990-07-01RietiAlfa Romeo Sprint Amedeo Pancotti/I[-]
1990-07-01RietiAlfa Romeo Sprint Alberto Pruni/I[-]
1990-07-01RietiAlfa Romeo Sprint Vincenzo Pulzella/I[-]
1990-07-01RietiAlfa Romeo Sprint Massimo Pennesi/I[-]
1993-04-25RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Franz jr. Maitz/A[-]
1993-08-22St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo Sprint Tussilo Lehner/CH[-]
1993-09-05TurckheimAlfa Romeo Sprint Dominique Boillat/F[-]
1994-08-21St. UrsanneAlfa Romeo Sprint Tussilo Lehner/CH[-]
1997-04-27RechbergAlfa Romeo Sprint Johann Krammer/A[-]
2007-06-03ŠternberkAlfa Romeo Sprint Josef Obermoser/A[05072507/1979]
2009-06-07ŠternberkAlfa Romeo Sprint Josef Obermoser/A[-]
2010-06-06ŠternberkAlfa Romeo Sprint Josef Obermoser/A[-]
2011-07-03Trento BondoneAlfa Romeo Sprint Matteo Armellini/I[-]


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