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Euromontagna Archives

Michel Lamiscarre/F

Images from races:

1990-08-12Mont Dore221BMW 635CSi[-]
1991-08-11Mont Dore173BMW 635CSi[-]
2000-04-30Rechberg137BMW M3[-]
2000-09-10Turckheim172BMW M3[-]
2002-08-11Mont Dore108BMW M3[-]
2003-09-07Turckheim100BMW Z3[-]
2010-08-08Mont Dore164Porsche Cayman Cup[WP0ZZZ98Z8U772288]
2014-04-13Col St. Pierre164Porsche Cayman Cup[-]

Race results:


37. place

9Simca Rallye 2[]12:02,580

6. gr. Gr.1



Ford Escort RS2000[]--

1. gr. Gr.1

1977-07-31Coll de la Botella

27. place

25Ford Escort RS[]03:50,270

6. gr. Gr.1

1977-08-07Mont Dore

75. place

Ford Escort RS2000[]06:48,390

12. gr. Gr.1

1980-08-10Mont Dore

77. place

Simca Rallye 3[]06:22,260

11. gr. Gr.2

1989-08-06Mont Dore

104. place

127BMW 325i[]06:43,150

17. gr. N

1990-08-12Mont Dore

71. place

221BMW 635CSi[]06:07,260

7. gr. A

1990-09-23Al Fito

16. place

62BMW 635CSi[]06:00,890

4. gr. A



BMW 635CSi[]--

7. gr. A

1991-05-19Rampa da Falperra


22BMW 635CSi[]--

- A

1991-08-11Mont Dore

70. place

173BMW 635CSi[]06:07,130

9. gr. A

1993-05-09Rampa da Falperra

14. place

34BMW M3[]05:19,872

5. gr. N


28. place

12BMW M3[]06:39,119

7. gr. N

1993-05-30Vall´s D´Andorra

50. place

86BMW M3[]08:04,677

9. gr. N

1993-08-08Mont Dore

96. place

102BMW M3[]06:27,114

15. gr. N

1993-08-22St. Ursanne

147. place

263BMW M3[]05:12,710

8. gr. N


90. place

131BMW M3[]06:58,676

12. gr. N

1993-10-03Al Fito

28. place

24BMW M3[]06:25,385

7. gr. N

1994-05-15Rampa da Falperra


BMW M3[]--

4. gr. N


26. place

14BMW M3[]06:36,309

6. gr. N

1994-06-05Vall´s D´Andorra

45. place

61BMW M3[]07:58,216

7. gr. N

1994-08-07Mont Dore

84. place

109BMW M3[]06:34,150

11. gr. N

1994-08-21St. Ursanne

119. place

243BMW M3[]05:07,619

5. gr. N



BMW M3[]--

- N

1994-09-25Al Fito

10. place

BMW M3[]06:41,220

8. gr. A


21. place

19BMW M3[]06:34,440

4. gr. N

1995-05-21Rampa da Falperra

14. place

27BMW M3[]05:13,979

2. gr. N


58. place

158BMW M3[]10:16,770

15. gr. N

1995-08-06Mont Dore

76. place

141BMW M3[]06:39,094

14. gr. N

1995-08-20St. Ursanne

110. place

188BMW M3[]05:04,670

3. gr. N


80. place

160BMW M3[]07:17,715

14. gr. N

1995-09-24Al Fito


BMW M3[]06:40,098

3. gr. N


86. place

137BMW M3[]05:44,447

20. gr. N


31. place

69BMW M3[]06:16,558

7. gr. N

2000-05-21Rampa da Falperra

17. place

36BMW M3[]05:08,801

4. gr. N



BMW M3[]--

4. gr.

2000-08-13Mont Dore

110. place

154BMW M3[]06:10,900

10. gr. N

2000-08-20St. Ursanne


BMW M3[]--



61. place

172BMW M3[]06:53,700

9. gr. N

2000-10-01Al Fito

23. place

38BMW M3 Lavak[]07:21,118

- N

2001-08-12Mont Dore

92. place

108BMW M3[]06:06,491

4. gr. N


60. place

108BMW M3[]06:49,081

6. gr. N

2001-09-30Al Fito

16. place

40BMW M3[]06:26,446

5. gr. N

2002-04-07Bagnols Sabran

46. place

108BMW M3[]03:43,348

4. gr. N

2002-05-19Al Fito

34. place

41BMW M3[]06:32,825

9. gr. N

2002-08-11Mont Dore

107. place

108BMW M3[]06:10,528

10. gr. N


69. place

108BMW M3[]06:44,666

9. gr. N

2003-04-06Bagnols Sabran

92. place

100B.M.W. Z3[]01:44,206

- GT

2003-04-27Col St. Pierre

102. place

100BMW Z3[]03:24,474

- GT


63. place

100BMW Z3[]01:17,910

- GT

2003-06-15Mont Ventoux

57. place

100Bmw Z3[]05:18,534

- GT

2003-08-10Mont Dore

128. place

100BMW Z3 M[]06:18,153

7. gr. GT


77. place

100BMW Z3[]02:54,573

- GT


78. place

100BMW Z3[]06:55,760

4. gr. GT

2005-08-07Mont Dore

120. place

107BMW Z3M[]06:19,945

4. gr. GT

2006-08-13Mont Dore

102. place

107BMW Z 3 M[]06:19,810

7. gr. GT

2010-08-08Mont Dore


164Porsche Cayman Cup[WP0ZZZ98Z8U772288]03:03,153

3. gr. GT

2011-04-16Col St. Pierre

107. place

164Porsche Cayman Cup[]06:46,228

8. gr. GT

2011-08-06Mont Dore

111. place

164Porsche Cayman Cup[]06:10,847

2. gr. GT

2012-04-15Col St. Pierre

115. place

64Porsche Cayman Cup[]03:16,656

11. gr. GT

2013-04-14Col St. Pierre


64Porsche Cayma[]03:18,857

- GT/2

2014-04-13Col St. Pierre

107. place

164Porsche Cayman Cup[]--

- GT

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