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1000km de Spa Francorchamps




1. 31Jacques Nicolet/FLola T298[T298/HU99]2301:00:13,941- photo
2. 80Michel Quiniou/FLola T280[T280/HU4]2301:00:37,023- photo
3. 16Corentine Quiniou/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-20]2301:02:57,927- photo
4. 32Guy Lacroix/FChevron B16[-]2201:01:21,244- photo
5. 60Christian Traber/CHBMW M1[-]2201:02:20,746- photo
6. 19Stephan Schrauwen/BChevron B8[-]2201:02:23,511- photo
7. 22Marc Devis/BBMW M1[-]2201:02:56,404- photo
8. 54Philip Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]2101:00:27,720- photo
8. 54Siegfried Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]2101:00:27,720- photo
9. 38Sean McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]2101:01:19,398- photo
10. 94Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]2101:01:40,382- photo
11. 76Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40[-]2001:00:14,421- photo
12. 23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]2001:00:33,267- photo
12. 23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]2001:00:33,267- photo
13. 40Bernard Moreau/FPorsche 911 RS2.7L[-]2001:01:05,218- photo
14. 75Mauro Borella/IPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]2001:01:06,269- photo
14. 75John Starkey/USAPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]2001:01:06,269- photo
15. 26Claude Le Jean/FChevron B36[B36-76-07]2001:01:12,560- photo
15. 26Yves Junne/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]2001:01:12,560- photo
15. 26Benoit Bourgoin/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]2001:01:12,560- photo
16. 93Jean Paul Roy/FPorsche 911 SC[-]1901:00:23,150- photo
16. 93Jean Claude Andruet/FPorsche 911 SC[-]1901:00:23,150- photo
17. 20Anthony Schrauwen/BLotus Elan[-]1801:01:17,293- photo
18. 45Olivier Cazalieres/FChevron B36[B36-76-04]1701:03:04,134- photo
19. 88Ian Gijzen/NLFerrari 275 GTB4[-]1601:01:46,238- photo
20. 77Jean Francois Favre/FMG C[-]1601:03:01,267- photo



AB48Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]- photo
AB64David Ferrer/FLola T70 Spider[-]- photo
AB33Dominique Guenat/FLola T70 MK III[-]- photo
AB61Didier Miquee/FChevrolet Corvette[-]- photo
AB17Claude Boissy/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]- photo
AB17Alain Miran/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]- photo
AB10Pierre Alain France/FFord GT40[P1073]- photo
AB62Richard Mille/FLola T212[T212-29]- photo
AB30Patrice Lafargue/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-22]- photo
AB42Louis Zurstrassen/BGRD 73S[S73-073-21]- photo
AB52Christophe Terriou/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]- photo
AB52Philippe Peauger/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]- photo
AB48Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]- photo
AB1Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 936[-]- photo
NS18Bernard Thurner/CHLola T70 MKIII[SL73-110]- photo
NS36Michael McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]- photo
NS39Sylvain Stepak/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]- photo
NS7Marc Devis/BGulf Mirage[-]- photo

Výsledky tréninku

1.31Jacques Nicolet/FLola T298[T298/HU99]02:27,691
2.1Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 936[-]02:27,938
3.45Olivier Cazalieres/FChevron B36[B36-76-04]02:29,675
4.80Michel Quiniou/FLola T280[T280/HU4]02:31,193
5.64David Ferrer/FLola T70 Spider[-]02:31,848
6.42Louis Zurstrassen/BGRD 73S[S73-073-21]02:32,822
7.39Sylvain Stepak/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]02:32,854
8.16Corentine Quiniou/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-20]02:33,587
9.38Sean McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]02:34,606
10.18Bernard Thurner/CHLola T70 MKIII[SL73-110]02:35,807
11.7Marc Devis/BGulf Mirage[-]02:37,078
12.60Christian Traber/CHBMW M1[-]02:38,376
13.32Guy Lacroix/FChevron B16[-]02:39,350
14.36Michael McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]02:39,824
15.30Patrice Lafargue/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-22]02:40,824
16.19Stephan Schrauwen/BChevron B8[-]02:42,426
17.33Dominique Guenat/FLola T70 MK III[-]02:42,803
18.54Siegfried Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]02:43,877
19.54Philip Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]02:43,877
20.22Marc Devis/BBMW M1[-]02:46,471
21.62Richard Mille/FLola T212[T212-29]02:47,400
22.61Didier Miquee/FChevrolet Corvette[-]02:48,236
23.17Claude Boissy/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]02:48,977
24.17Alain Miran/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]02:48,977
25.76Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40[-]02:49,987
26.75Mauro Borella/IPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]02:51,162
27.75John Starkey/USAPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]02:51,162
28.93Jean Claude Andruet/FPorsche 911 SC[-]02:52,495
29.93Jean Paul Roy/FPorsche 911 SC[-]02:52,495
30.26Claude Le Jean/FChevron B36[B36-76-07]02:52,749
31.26Benoit Bourgoin/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]02:52,749
32.26Yves Junne/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]02:52,749
33.23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]02:52,845
34.23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]02:52,845
35.10Pierre Alain France/FFord GT40[P1073]02:54,283
36.48Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]02:54,371
37.48Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]02:54,371
38.94Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]02:54,531
39.40Bernard Moreau/FPorsche 911 RS2.7L[-]02:55,337
40.52Christophe Terriou/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]02:57,515
41.52Philippe Peauger/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]02:57,515
42.20Anthony Schrauwen/BLotus Elan[-]03:01,748
43.77Jean Francois Favre/FMG C[-]03:25,788
44.88Ian Gijzen/NLFerrari 275 GTB4[-]03:39,611

Seznam přihlášených

1Jean-Marc Luco/CHPorsche 936[-]
7Marc Devis/BGulf Mirage[-]
10Pierre Alain France/FFord GT40[P1073]
16Corentine Quiniou/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-20]
17Alain Miran/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]
17Claude Boissy/FFord Escort 1600 RS[-]
18Bernard Thurner/CHLola T70 MKIII[SL73-110]
19Stephan Schrauwen/BChevron B8[-]
20Anthony Schrauwen/BLotus Elan[-]
22Marc Devis/BBMW M1[-]
23Gilles Boyer/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]
23Charles Rupp/FPorsche 911 RS3L[-]
26Benoit Bourgoin/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]
26Claude Le Jean/FChevron B36[B36-76-07]
26Yves Junne/Chevron B36[B36-76-07]
30Patrice Lafargue/FChevron B16[B16-DBE-22]
31Jacques Nicolet/FLola T298[T298/HU99]
32Guy Lacroix/FChevron B16[-]
33Dominique Guenat/FLola T70 MK III[-]
36Michael McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]
38Sean McInerney/GBBMW M1[-]
39Sylvain Stepak/FLola T298[T298/HU93_]
40Bernard Moreau/FPorsche 911 RS2.7L[-]
42Louis Zurstrassen/BGRD 73S[S73-073-21]
45Olivier Cazalieres/FChevron B36[B36-76-04]
48Claude Nahum/CHFord GT40[-]
48Bernard Thurner/CHFord GT40[-]
52Christophe Terriou/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]
52Philippe Peauger/FPorsche 911 ST2.5L[-]
54Siegfried Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]
54Philip Brunn/DPorsche 911 RS3L[-]
60Christian Traber/CHBMW M1[-]
61Didier Miquee/FChevrolet Corvette[-]
62Richard Mille/FLola T212[T212-29]
64David Ferrer/FLola T70 Spider[-]
75John Starkey/USAPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]
75Mauro Borella/IPorsche 911 RSR 3L[-]
76Jean-Pierre Lecou/Ford GT40[-]
77Jean Francois Favre/FMG C[-]
80Michel Quiniou/FLola T280[T280/HU4]
88Ian Gijzen/NLFerrari 275 GTB4[-]
93Jean Claude Andruet/FPorsche 911 SC[-]
93Jean Paul Roy/FPorsche 911 SC[-]
94Ferdinand De Lesseps/FPorsche 911 RSR 2.8L[-]

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