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Archívy Euromontagna





1. 99Christian Debias/FMartini MK28[-]00:47,9401. gr. Gr.8photo


KL66John Lagodny/LPorsche 935[-]1. gr. Gr.5photo
KL Walter Pedrazza/AMarch 76S[75S-4]1. gr. Gr.6photo


ST227Mill Dieschbourg/Ford Escort[-]- photo
ST78Ruedi Jauslin/CHLola T286[-]- Gr.6photo
ST62Eckhard Schimpf/DBMW 320[-]- Gr.5photo
ST Theo Frick/DBMW 320[-]- photo
ST16Gérard Forotti/Opel[-]- photo
ST501André Bastin/BMW 2002[-]- photo
ST58Horst Klauke/DAlpine Renault[-]- photo
ST - Ford Escort[-]- photo
ST77Paul Riss/DLola T290[T290/HU02]- Gr.6photo
ST - Ford Escort[-]- photo
ST30Werner Bares/Ford Capri[-]- photo
ST21Marc De Coster/Ford Escort[-]- photo
ST64Pit Weirig/LPorsche[-]- Gr.5photo
ST98Kurt Buess/CHRalt RT1[-]- Gr.8photo
ST46Roland Reicher/BMW 2002[-]- photo
ST Jean Welkenbach/Porsche[-]- photo
ST Jean Paul Johanns/[-]- Gr.6photo
ST24Pit Weirig/LFord Escort[-]- photo
ST Tony Gillet/[-]- Gr.8photo
ST Eddy D´Hoe/[-]- Gr.8photo
ST W. Wierscher/GRD[-]-

Seznam přihlášených

W. Wierscher/GRD[-]
Jean Paul Johanns/[-]Gr.6
Eddy D´Hoe/[-]Gr.8
Jean Welkenbach/Porsche[-]
- Ford Escort[-]
Theo Frick/DBMW 320[-]
Walter Pedrazza/AMarch 76S[75S-4]Gr.6
- Ford Escort[-]
Tony Gillet/[-]Gr.8
16Gérard Forotti/Opel[-]
21Marc De Coster/Ford Escort[-]
24Pit Weirig/LFord Escort[-]
30Werner Bares/Ford Capri[-]
46Roland Reicher/BMW 2002[-]
58Horst Klauke/DAlpine Renault[-]
62Eckhard Schimpf/DBMW 320[-]Gr.5
64Pit Weirig/LPorsche[-]Gr.5
66John Lagodny/LPorsche 935[-]Gr.5
77Paul Riss/DLola T290[T290/HU02]Gr.6
78Ruedi Jauslin/CHLola T286[-]Gr.6
98Kurt Buess/CHRalt RT1[-]Gr.8
99Christian Debias/FMartini MK28[-]Gr.8
227Mill Dieschbourg/Ford Escort[-]
501André Bastin/BMW 2002[-]

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