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Archívy Euromontagna







ST216Rodolfo Aguzzoni/IOsella[-]- Gr.6photo
ST157P. Egidio Gasparini/IFord Escort[-]- photo
ST213 "Giani"/Osella[-]- Gr.6photo
ST188 "Kabibo"/ILancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo[-]- photo
ST194Piersanto Mussi/I[-]- photo
ST149Claudio Nerini/IFiat Ritmo[-]- photo
ST95 Pellizzari/IOpel Manta[-]- photo
ST142Francesco Pera/I[-]- photo
ST207Giulio Regosa/IChevron B36[-]- Gr.6photo
ST179Rodolfo Romagnoli/IFiat[-]- photo
ST176 Ronchi/De Tomasso Panthera[-]- photo
ST198Antonio Rossetto/ILola[-]- Gr.6photo
ST156 Tibolla/I[-]- photo
ST154 Trappolin/I[-]- photo
ST152Giuseppe Zarpellon/IFiat 131[-]- photo
ST215 Gasparella/IOsella[-]- Gr.6photo
ST187Paolo Friso/IFiat X1/9[-]- photo
ST125Romeo Armellini/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]- photo
ST217Ezio Baribbi/IOsella[PA9-118/83]- Gr.6photo
ST203 Bettin/I[-]- Gr.6photo
ST208Roberto Biasioli/IChevron B36[-]- Gr.6photo
ST196Francesco Bortolami/IAMS[-]- Gr.6photo
ST211Romano Casasola/IOsella[-]- Gr.6photo
ST174 Ceccato/IFiat 131[-]- photo
ST199 Crestani/IDallara[-]- Gr.6photo
ST195Maurizio Degano/IDallara[-]- Gr.6photo
ST173 Denale/IPorsche[-]- photo
ST209 "Domingo"/IOsella[-]- Gr.6photo
ST164Mario Facca/IPorsche[-]- photo
ST155 Fanti/IRenault R5[-]- photo
ST151Harald Freitag/IOpel Kadett GTE[-]- photo
ST127Antonella Zotta/IAlfa Romeo Alfasud[-]- photo

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