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Archívy Euromontagna

FRC Hockenheim




1. 2Marcel Steiner/CHMartini MK77-BMW[MK77-01]817:53,201- photo
2. 7Josef Robl/DOsella PA 20S-BMW[PA20S-44/97]818:15,221- photo
3. 6Martin Krisam sen./DURD WSC-BMW[04/04]818:15,889- photo
4. 4Gerd Beisel/DPRC-BMW[SC97/99]818:16,411- photo
5. 5Alexander Seibold/APRC-BMW[S96et95-01]818:16,972- photo
6. 13Robert Treichler/CHPRC-BMW[S96-01/S94-004]818:24,702- photo
7. 14Martin Krisam jr./DURD SR2 BMW[C03-89-891]818:37,257- photo
8. 3Hermann Ehrat/CHPRC-BMW[SC98-Ehrat_]818:54,790- photo
9. 37Josef Pfyl/CHCentenari Mac3-Alfa[MAC3-02]819:09,149- photo
10. 11Adolf Gärtner/CHArgo-Alfa 24V[JM21-139-C3]819:26,670- photo
11. 30Ralph Baumann/DPRC-Alfa 12V[S94-01]819:44,958- photo
12. 31Walter Novotny/AArgo-Alfa 12V[JM21-133-C3]819:51,692- photo
13. 42Conny Friman/SRadical-Suzuki[-]819:58,408- photo
14. 40Heiko Budczinski/DTiga-Alfa 12V[SC93-SCC_]819:59,658- photo
15. 35Wolfgang Payr/FPRC-Opel[S2000-Payr]7--- photo
16. 10Frank Schneider/DPRC-BMW[S94-02]7--- photo
17. 34Norman Hürdler/DOsella - Alfa 12V[PA16-01/92]7--- photo
18. 41Jonas Ingre/SRadical-Suzuki[-]6--- photo



NS1Emanuel Pedrazza/ANorma Alfa Romeo[M11-SCC_]- photo
ST39Peter Hartmann/DOsella PA21-Alfa[PA21-11/01-S]- photo
ST36Burkhard Stricker/CHPRC-Opel[S2000-Stricker]- photo
ST38Patrick Zajelsnik/DOsella - Alfa 12V[PA18-16/93]- photo
ST12Ruedi Jauslin/CHBreda - Alfa 24V[-]- photo

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