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Archívy Euromontagna





1. 3Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW 320 Turbo[_Opp-320t]1932:12,070- Gr.5photo
2. 1Martino Finotto/IFord Escort 2000[-]1932:18,611- photo
2. 1Carlo Facetti/IFord Escort 2000[-]1932:18,611- photo
3. 18Franz Convalexius/AFord Atomic Escort BDJ[-]19---
4. 4Bernd Siller/DFord Capri 3000[-]19--- photo
5. 103Ryszard Kopczyk/PLPorsche Carrera[-]18--- photo
6. 5Wolfgang Löffelmann/AFord Escort RS 2000[-]18--- photo
7. 25Zdeněk Halada/CSBMW 2000[-]18--- Gr.5photo
8. 17Walter Niessner/AFiat 128[-]16---
9. 19Franz Zeh/AAlfa Romeo[-]16--- photo



AB14Erwin Warislowich/ABMW 2002[2002_warislowich]- Gr.5photo
AB2Carlo Facetti/IFerrari 3000[-]- photo
AB2Martino Finotto/IFerrari 3000[-]- photo
P11Nick Redly/ABMW 2000[-]-
P10 - BMW 2000[-]-
P9Wolfgang Schrauf/AMcLaren Chevrolet[-]-
P8G. J. Schiedelbauer/AMazda RX-2 Wankel[-]-
P6Karl Hurler/DBMW 3.0 CSL[-]-
P7Lillo Casella/IBMW 3000[-]-
ST12Bernd Eisele/DFord Escort 2000[-]-
ST126Václav st. Bervid/CZLada[-]- photo
ST22 Kort/Lada[-]-
ST21Siegfried Sonntag/DDRLada[-]-
ST20Alexander Trimmel/ASimca 1300[-]- photo
T3Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW 2002[2002-Schnitzer-01_]- photo

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