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Archívy Euromontagna





1. 22Rainer Fink/DPRC C3 BMW[M92-03]04:38,7501. gr. C3photo
2. Erich Öppinger/DOsella C3 BMW[PA9-119/83]04:46,5592. gr. C3
3. 20Harald Ulmen/DLola C3 BMW[T297/HU89]04:48,0003. gr. C3photo
4. Arnold Wagner/DJAK F3 BMW[-]04:53,1401. gr. D
5. Peter Rössler/DReynard F3 VW[-]04:53,2992. gr. D
6. Erich Rostek/DReynard F3 VW[-]04:53,8803. gr. Dphoto
7. Gebhard Zeller/DOsella C3 BMW[PRCM812/1976]04:55,3804. gr. C3
8. Franz Hilger/DReynard Toyota[-]04:55,6004. gr. D
9. Frank Taubert/DRalt F3[-]04:58,7505. gr. D
10. Herbert Stolz/APorsche Carrera RSR[911468068-1973]05:03,0791. gr. H



? Heinz Kilp/DOpel Calibra[-]- LG3
? Dieter Rottenberger/DBMW M3[-]- A
? Rainer Dauber/DOpel Corsa[-]- LG5
? Horst Scholz/DOpel Calibra[-]- LG2
? Rainer Krug/DBMW 318[-]- LG3
? Norbert Brenner/DMercedes 190 Evo[-]- H
? Peter Ertmer/DMercedes 190[-]- LG4
? Thorsten Löber/DOpel Manta[-]- LG4
? Joan Santos/DCitroën AX[-]- N
? Werner Bölke/DFord Cosworth[-]- N
?278Theo Frick/DBMW 318[01443251]- Hphoto
? Theo Leutner/DVW Polo Sorg[-]- H
? Franz Weissdorn/DVW Polo Hohenester[-]- H
? Thomas Stingel/DVW Golf Hohenester[-]- H
? Manfred Riedl/ABMW[-]- H
? Martin Behr/DBMW[-]- H
? Wolfgang Jaspers/DBMW[-]- H
? Jürgen Schneider/DVW Golf[-]- H
? Siegfried Rost/DVW Golf[-]- H
AB24Martin Krisam jr./DURD[C03-89-891]- C3photo
AB Herbert Stenger/DStenger[ES921]- C3
ST40Horst Fendrich/DMartini MK69[MK69-02]- photo
ST Klaus Koch/DMarch 862[-]- photo

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