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Euromontagna Archives

Bad Mühllacken Bergrennen 1976




1. 60Kurt Rieder/ABrabham BT40[BT40-20]02:54,210- photo
2. 55Hans Peter Plöderl/AKMW Porsche[-]02:54,390- photo
3. 49Janos Kiss/ABrabham F2[BT30-25]02:55,050- photo
4. 63Otto Stuppacher/AGRD F2 Ford[-]02:55,960- photo
5. 39Willi Rabl/APorsche Carrera[9115609117]03:00,230- photo
6. Hans Royer/AKaimann SV[-]03:04,170-
7. Dieter Karl Anton/AKaimann SV[-]03:05,710-
8. 29Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 2002 Memphis[-]03:06,030- photo
9. 38Horst Felbermayr/APorsche Carrera[-]03:07,280- photo
10. 53Walter Pedrazza/AAPR[-]03:08,270- photo


Did not classified

AB48Jo Gartner/AKaimann[-]- photo
AB51Ernst Hamberger/ALotus 69 Wankel[69F3-Albert2]- photo
NT57Lothar Schörg/ADeutsch Special 908/02 018[908/02-018]-
ST18Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo GTA[-]-
ST50Armin Stengele/DPorsche 9/76 F2[-]- photo
ST58Herbert Jerich/ALola T292[-]- photo
ST64Willy Siller/ABMW 2002[-]- photo
ST62 - F2[-]- photo
ST40Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW[-]- photo


Hans Royer/AKaimann SV[-]
Dieter Karl Anton/AKaimann SV[-]
18Walter Kritzinger/AAlfa Romeo GTA[-]
29Sepp Manhalter/ABMW 2002 Memphis[-]
38Horst Felbermayr/APorsche Carrera[-]
39Willi Rabl/APorsche Carrera[9115609117]
40Karl Oppitzhauser/ABMW[-]
48Jo Gartner/AKaimann[-]
49Janos Kiss/ABrabham F2[BT30-25]
50Armin Stengele/DPorsche 9/76 F2[-]
51Ernst Hamberger/ALotus 69 Wankel[69F3-Albert2]Autohaus Rainer Wels
53Walter Pedrazza/AAPR[-]
55Hans Peter Plöderl/AKMW Porsche[-]Egermann Sports Team of Austria
57Lothar Schörg/ADeutsch Special 908/02 018[908/02-018]
58Herbert Jerich/ALola T292[-]
60Kurt Rieder/ABrabham BT40[BT40-20]Wittwer
62 - F2[-]
63Otto Stuppacher/AGRD F2 Ford[-]
64Willy Siller/ABMW 2002[-]

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